The Joy of Learning ?>

The Joy of Learning

The classroom environment is one of the most important factors affecting student learning. Learning should always be fun, engaging, interactive, and effective. One of the aspects of learning which has created an impact in classrooms is cooperative learning. Cooperative learning is a technique that allows students to learn from each other and gain important interpersonal skills. This learning is a teaching strategy used to promote a variety of activities and skills to small groups of students in order to improve comprehension.

The Manthan School, best play school in Noida Extension, has integrated cooperative learning approach in the school curriculum to boost the learning experience in which students collaborate together in small groups in order to achieve a task or complete a goal given by the educator. Students are given a task or an assignment, and they work together to accomplish the task in which each student has responsibilities and is held accountable for aiding in the completion of the assignment. Therefore, success is dependent on the work of everyone in the group. Some of the benefits of teaching cooperative learning to the students are:

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  • Higher achievement.
  • Increased retention.
  • More positive relationships and a wider circle of friends.
  • Greater intrinsic motivation.
  • Higher self-esteem.
  • Greater social support.
  • More on-task behavior.
  • Better attitude toward teachers.
  • Better attitude toward school.

Cooperative learning is one of the most successful approaches to facilitate learning in the schools. The Manthan School is one of the best schools in Greater Noida West that aims to provide education that focuses on holistic development of a child and foster him/her to become a good human being, a life- long learner and a future leader.

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