Top Reading Recommendations for Students – 2022 Edition ?>

Top Reading Recommendations for Students – 2022 Edition

As one month of the New Year vibes past us, The Manthan School has decided to bring together various reading recommendations for students to pursue in 2022.

As one of the top 10 schools in Delhi NCR, we encourage students to read and discover their interests. With a combination of fiction, fantasy and inspiration, this list covers works of literature from across the world.

With authors like Michelle Obama, Stephen Hawking, and JK Rowling, this list houses authors that are the best at what they do – write to inspire!

Wings of Fire

True to the name, this autobiography is a tale of the growth of a boy from a small village in South India to become the Head of the Space Program and the President of the largest democracy in the world – India.

Wings of Fire is the inspiring story of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, written to be as humble and interesting as the man himself.

The Harry Potter Series

One of the most famous book series ever written, the Harry Potter series brings to you a world beyond our own.

With witches, wizards, magical creatures, and a school in a castle, this series by JK Rowling is one of never-ending adventure, fascination, laughter, and friendship.

The Percy Jackson Series

The mystical world of Greek Gods is brought onto earth by the brilliant Rick Riordan, who combines it with the actual world of humans to create a story full of adventure, learning, and fantasy.

With a young-adult cast, this story follows the misshapen escapades of humans versus Gods in intelligently written plotlines.

A Brief History of Time

A beautiful read for middle and high school students alike, A Brief History of Time is a book by famous physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking.

Talking about black holes, the Big Bang, and light cones, among other fascinating aspects of physics, this book can be a beautiful stepping stone for any child looking at a career in science. It can also be read solely for its vivid and interesting writing.

Diary of a young girl

Adapted from the diaries of Anne Frank, this book follows the lives of Jews and the underprivileged during the Second World War. Realistic and hard-hitting, this book is a rare insight into the real, human side of History.

Becoming (adapted for young readers’ edition)

From the former first lady of the USA comes this candid and inspiring memoir. Michelle Obama talks about her life before politics, working on the frontlines, and the hurdles that she and her husband faced as they ascended to the presidency of the most powerful country.

With this list, The Manthan School calls to all students and adults alike to dive into the beautiful world of reading, for ‘A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies – George R.R. Martin’.

 We take huge pride in being one of the best schools in Delhi NCR and strive to educate and inspire young minds with literature.

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