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A healthy mind in a healthy body

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Physical education is very essential in the life of a student. Now a days with so much competition, it is very important to engage in physical activity to relieve stress and anxiety. It also prepares the student to be physically and mentally active, fit and healthy for life. A physically active student is more likely to be happy and healthy, which makes them a better student in the classroom.

The Manthan School is one of the best school in Delhi NCR which is motivating the students to maintain a balance in life Therefore, it is mandatory for every student to take part in physical education. This education improves the quality of their educational and personal life. Here are 6 reasons why physical education is important in school:


1) Enhances an individual’s ability to concentrate and maintain focus

2) Important for healthy growth and development

3) Prevents sleep deprivation

4) Helps in relieving stress and anxiety

5) Physical education makes an individual flexible and happy

6) Boost confidence and self-esteem

7) Influence moral development, leadership, cooperate with others

The main objective of this education is to maintain a balance between mind and body. The Manthan School is the best school near Gaur City Noda Extension for your child’s life and career. Engaging in physical activities is crucial for the holistic development of a child to nurture their physical, social, emotional and intellectual health.

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