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A Greener Today is A Better Tomorrow ?>

A Greener Today is A Better Tomorrow

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Environment plays a significant role in impacting our eating habits, shopping preferences, and even where we choose to go on holiday. However, the current age of industrialization and globalization has brought a great deal of convenience and luxury to human existence. It has also led to a distressing condition of massive environmental deterioration resulting due to the involvement of humans in all kinds of activities.

The schools in Greater Noida West help nurture the significance of the environment in its learners through various forms. Various ways in which schools involve themselves to promote the environment are as follows:

school in Greater Noida (W)

a) Planning plantation drives for both the students and the teachers once a month

b) Installing or setting up recycling systems in the school premises

c) Taking students on a cleanliness drive to a nearby park or area to inculcate the right kind of behavior in them and advocate for a green and clean environment.

d) Teaching students to be kind to the local wildlife

e) Forming societies and clubs in school which assist in educating children on the significance of greenery in the environment and allowing them to volunteer in various environmental drives.

Schools have an important role in shaping an individual’s personality as well as imparting the right knowledge and discipline to make them better human beings. Students’ learning is not limited to the four walls of a classroom; rather, the entire educational environment is a source of information for them. Maintaining school cleanliness is also an easy method to increase student learning, improve teacher job satisfaction, minimize absences and sick days due to proper hygiene, and encourage academic achievement. The best schools in Delhi NCR do not limit themselves to academic aspects but also various environmental and non-academic aspects, which train the learners for life.

A healthy lifestyle demands a clean environment, and the importance of maintaining a green and clean environment cannot be ignored. In living beings, unhygienic environment acts as a breeding ground for a variety of diseases and health hazards. On the other hand, a clean work environment increases an individuals’ sense of well-being and health which in turn enhances their productivity and helps them to live a better life. Thus, understanding the significance of greener surroundings today can help preserve nature’s goodness for generations to come and schools are places that can impart this learning in the youth of our future.

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