5 Fun Tricks for Kids to Use Social Media for Learning ?>

5 Fun Tricks for Kids to Use Social Media for Learning

Social media is a platform that, in today’s time, helps you connect with anyone or anything that is out in the world.

With the presence of this digital service, the amount of information that people have been able to put up on the internet and share with their friends, families, coworkers and acquaintances has been phenomenal.

Although the primary visual of social media may seem superfluous, artificial and overly flashy, if utilized correctly, social media can be used to gain a lot of knowledge and aid learning, especially for school age students.

The Manthan School has come up with five such tricks which will help parents and students to use social media and its vast treasure trove of information for learning and discovering new ideas, concepts and different fields of work and study.

  1. Follow quality influencers

On platforms like Instagram and Facebook, content creators and influencers are a-plenty, but only a few niche creators use their social media presence to put out content that is helpful along with being interesting and informative.

If students are guided towards these accounts by their parents, teachers or mentors, a lot of information that is shared on these accounts can be grasped by the student easily due to Instagram and Facebook posts being engaging in general. Topics like finance, history and business can all be learnt on social media with photos, videos and statistics displayed in a range of colourful, attractive posts.

  1. Visual boards with Pinterest

One factor that is necessary for learning is the audio-video aspect of the information being shared. With the use of platforms like Pinterest, students can create moodboards and visual communication for their projects or ideas, and also collect examples, images and videos to refer back to for particular topics or subjects.

  1. A digital presence is a digital portfolio

Social media has always been a place to showcase yourself, so why not showcase what you do instead? Today, anything that you put on social media becomes a part of your identity. Thus, students can use social media to put up their work – art, writings, photography and so much more.

This platform will allow them to receive immediate reviews for their work, and also become a digital portfolio that will help them in the future.

  1. Discussions are the new discourse

With platforms like Discord and Clubhouse, you can participate in discussions with your peers, juniors, seniors, and almost anyone you would like to. Students can use this opportunity to discuss different subjects, concepts or just talk about a particular teacher – the important factor being their participation.

When you become a part of a discussion, you tend to expand your knowledge with the information you gather, and these platforms can facilitate just that.

  1. Poll it, don’t troll it!

Students usually have projects, assignments, and other such work which require the input of a combination of people, something like a review or a public opinion.

Once again, platforms like Instagram and Facebook can come in handy. Here, students can collect data for their projects, create polls, ask questions and gain opinions on the same, and undertake other such audience-based activities that might aid in the data collection part of their project(s).

This way, the different platforms on social media can become an interesting and fun addition to the process of education, usable by both students and teachers.

The digital world is where everyone is today, and learning should also grow to adapt to new mediums and methods.

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