Emotional Health Support in Schools ?>

Emotional Health Support in Schools

Emotional health is an aspect of mental health. Having good emotional health is the foremost and fundamental aspect of self-awareness. Good emotional well-being doesn’t necessarily mean that people always remain happy or away from negative emotions. Instead, it’s about having the relevant skills and resources to manage different situations in your life with patience and motivation.

Especially in today’s stressful and highly competitive environment, the emotional needs of students must be taken into consideration. Good emotional health allows children to be in control of their thoughts, emotions and overall behaviour.

Emotional Health support in schools in Greater Noida West starts with self-awareness. There is a huge need to educate students about the importance of mental and emotional well-being. In most of the schools, emotional health is taught as a subject to students from early classes. So, efforts should be taken by the school teachers and staff to:

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  • Integrate comprehensive support to students with due diligence throughout the session.
  • Building collaborative and healthy relationships between the school and student parents.
  • Making a child understand the need of mental health by conducting the seminars.
  • Emotional Health training programs.
  • Proper education should be provided to students and their parents about emotional health.
  • Create a positive and safe environment at school making it a comfortable place for the students.
  • Mental health clubs should be made as a part of the curriculum.

Thus, schools have an important role to play in supporting the emotional health of their students. All the best schools in Delhi NCR are under the statutory duty to promote the well-being of their students. They stand in a unique position as they can encourage programs and ways of inculcating values among students that help them to cope with life challenges easily. Hence, schools can effectively help students to acknowledge their emotions, be more self-aware and ultimately realize their full potential.

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