Educate Children – The Importance of Charity ?>

Educate Children – The Importance of Charity

Teaching kids about giving can be rewarding for both parents and children. Learning about giving and helping others gives kids a feeling of empowerment. We, at The Manthan School, one of the best play schools in noida extension are empowering children with the mindset that ‘we can help and we can make a difference.’ It is not a case of holding lessons in empathy or teaching about charity, but ensuring that these principles are embedded in the education that children receive.


Very young children often don’t realize that other people have feelings, ideas, and emotions of their own. By the time they turn three, children begin to understand and respect the fact that each and every one of us has an inner life. Knowing that other people have feelings, children can begin to develop and hone a sense of empathy; this capacity for empathy is the very basis for charity.

Yet as they get older, their thoughts tend to narrow in on their own needs and wants and it becomes difficult to keep them focused on the importance of helping others.

So, at The Manthan School, one among the best schools in Greater Noida West stimulates students’ intuitional and instinctive knowledge by helping them think and anticipate on a global level from an early age. It is especially important to teach youth that they are part of a larger community and that everyone is responsible for those around them.Standing by the needy in times of emergencies is good, but charity should be a constant endeavour.

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