Boosting brain power in school ?>

Boosting brain power in school

Research into neuroscience and brain power is among the most fascinating due to its impact on education. And when it comes to young learners, strategies for optimizing brain development are essential for school. Young students up to age 5 are uniquely poised to absorb an incredible amount of information, and while their brains are growing and forming at rapid rates, they also need to feel secure and calm to optimize positive brain development. The Manthan School is one of the best schools in Greater Noida West where the students are engaged in brain boosting activities like sports, dance, art, music, etc right from their early years to help them gain social experience critical to the development of their mind and body.

Activities that stimulate student’s mind can help them not only relax but also become smarter, wiser, confident, energetic and more resilient. Here are some of the brain boosting activities which are in the curriculum of The Manthan School:


Brain boosting activities like sports or creative arts provide opportunities for fun, friendship, and many skill-building skills to students. Also, teachers at The Manthan School are accomplishing this is by having students “exercise” their brains via various classroom activities.  If you are residing in Greater Noida or Noida and search for the best play school near me, then The Manthanschool is in the top list of the best schools. So, make your child enrol in the best school of Greater Noida.

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