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Teacher Training Programme

Workshop by Oxford University Press

"Learning never exhausts the mind.

Learning is an intricate part of a teacher's life. One is a good teacher if they are good learners. Our Centre head Ms. Nishima Arya Hans attended a workshop organized by Oxford University press held at hotel The Park, New Delhi, conducted by Ms. Gayatri Khanna who harped on the importance of English Language Teaching in today's changing scenario. The workshop also focused on the assessment strategies laid by CBSE and NCERT to help teachers assess students in a more comprehensive manner.

Oxford University Press

Workshop by Oxford University Press

"Good teachers become great teachers by going beyond the call of duty and beyond the textbook.

This was the value that was inculcated into each of the participants of the workshop. Our Pre-Primary Coordinator Ms. Rupali attended a workshop organized by Oxford University press held at LPS Global School, Noida, conducted by Dr. Jesudoss Jayapal. His dynamic session packed with innovative teaching methodologies transformed many a heart and minds. He shared his own personal experiences quoting the methods to be implemented to enhance the quality, and create positive, motivational sessions in the classroom. The do’s and dont’s of classroom management were also discussed, implementation of which would definitely rejuvenate the young minds to cope up with the day to day challenges in school. The session ended on a musical note wherein all the teachers sang to a tune which brought in so much of positivity and energy.

Workshop by Oxford University

Story Telling Workshop

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.

Trickling down messages to younger generations through tales is an age old practice that helps in imparting morals of high order to children in an effective and interesting way that is easy to connect to and leaves the learning engraved in the hearts of the listeners forever. Keeping in mind the significance of this culture, a workshop on Storytelling was organized by the Oxford Publications under their program ‘Train to Transform’ which was preceded over by Ms. Mala Palani and attended by the teachers of The Manthan School. Through this session she discussed about various vital elements of storytelling as well as the role of narratives in children’s cognitive and emotional development. The interactive session was laced with many interesting and innovative activities for the teachers that left them involved and provided them some food for their thoughts.

Story Telling Workshop

Invoking Inspiration Workshop

Chinmaya Mission Noida organized a workshop on “Invoking Inspiration” for the Heads of institutions at the Ahlcon International School. The session was conducted by Dr.Chand Kiran Saluja, Academic Director, Sanskrit promotion foundation and Swami Chidrupananda . Our Centre Head Ms. Nishima Arya Hans attended the session. The main goal of the session was to Inspire leaders and therby motivating them to inspire their teachers. As per the session it was learnt that Inspiration is something that you feel on the inner side of your being and two major ingredients of inspiring leadership are Ability & Inspiration. Measures to Invoke Inspiration were taught through the workshop like to be patient, disciplined, creative and always open to learning

Invoking Inspiration workshop

The Oxford University Press English Workshop

Experience is gained through years of hard work and insight comes by years of working hard.

The Manthan School endeavors to update its teachers so that they perform and deliver to the best of their capacity, which in turn assists the students and adds to their knowledge. Recently an informative session was attended by a few members of the teaching staff organised by The Oxford University Press held at Sarvottam International School preceded over by Ms. Gayatri Khanna, a renowned educationist and curriculum developer at the NCERT. The workshop covered some key aspects of teaching English at school level such as language skills, grammar and vocabulary, poetry and prose handling enriched with basics of testing and evaluation techniques developed in the recent years. The session proved to be engaging, enlightening and of-course enriching

The Oxford University Press English Workshop

Workshop On Sustainable Development

Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.

A workshop on “Sustainable Development Goals” was conducted by Ms. Dimple Puri, Head Mistress Middle School, Ahlcon International School. Educators from Moderne as well Mywoods Campus attended this seminar. The key objective of the workshop was to familiarize the faculty members with 17 SDG’s and the vision of the UN to accomplish them by 2030. During the presentation it was made clear that how all the SDG’s can be incorporated in the curriculum to make it more profuse. From the case study; discussed and presented it was clear that it is not at all difficult to incorporate and transform the complete educational program to a value addition in the lives of students.

Workshop On Sustainable Development

Macmillian Workshop

"Collaboration allows us to know more than we are capable of knowing ourselves." - Paul Solarz

A human mind thinks in a particular manner, but the difference lies in dealing with situations differently. We as people tend to follow the same path again and again no matter how crooked it is. To provide teachers of Manthan a new perspective and wider vision, an interactive workshop was organised by the Macmillan Education under the spokesperson-ship of Ms. Kavita Iyer. The session was laced with various innovative ideas to induce blended learning techniques and phonics in daily classroom scenarios. She addressed many issues and grievances experienced by teachers and talked about strategies of handling topics, dealing with doubts, tactics to impart and execute lesson plans in the most effective way and even her experiences of teaching days to enrich and acquaint the young educators with the modern trends and practices in the education industry.

Macmillian Workshop

Workshop on Cyber Security

Internet is an inevitable part of our daily life. The way we use the internet has gone through a drastic change in recent time. Therefore the knowledge of cyber crime and security has earned an utmost importance in the current scenario. To educate our teachers more about the dangers posed to us by the internet, a workshop on cyber-crime and cyber security was organized by the Kips Publication. The workshop was the first step in the right direction to educate teachers about the importance of accessing the internet in a safe and secure manner. The core agenda of the training was to emphasize on the two way communication i.e. parent-child and teacher - student as one of the ways to educate the young minds about the ethics of internet usage and cyber-crime & security.

Workshop on Cyber Security

Workshop by Orient Black Swan

Ms. Ritika and Ms. Shilpi attended An engaging and interactive workshop conducted by a renowned teacher, trainer and an accomplished author, Ms. Anita Bahadur for the teachers of English language at Hotel Radisson Blu , Noida on the ‘Art of Teaching English’. Ms. Bahadur emphasized on the dynamic role of language teachers in the 21st Century. She said, “The teacher is not merely a guide but a facilitator as well as a mentor too. The language teachers must be adequately laced with 21st Century competencies and innovative language teaching strategies catering to different learning styles of the learners for an everlasting impact on the young and impressionable minds.” She further conducted a few involving activities which created an atmosphere of “Learning By Doing”. Topics of Grammar, right from figures of speech, synonyms, verbs, collocations, phonetics, etc. to skills of skimming and scanning in Literature were undertaken by the spokesperson. The session was extremely fruitful as the educators went back equipped and enriched with ideas of new innovative teaching strategies, activities and tasks.

Workshop at The Ramagya School, Noida

Ms. Shilpi and Ms. Ritika Kakkar attended A unique and captivating session on various kinds of poems that was organised at Ramagya School on November 3rd, 2018. The spokesperson was well equipped with tones of subject knowledge and many totally engaging activities. She very well put forward the different types of poems such as I’m poem, Clerihew, Bio, 5 W’s, Magnetic Words, Recycled, Diamante, Rhyming, Adjectives, Adverbs, Cinquain, Shape, Emotion, Catalogue or List, Haiku, Boring Poem, etc. Minute details related to the composition of these poems were thoroughly discussed, explained and practiced. All in all it proved to be a hands-on learning experience

Shaping up the young Mind Heart and hand

Ms. Anupama and Ms. Rupali attended a workshop on Multiple Intelligence. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Avneet Kaur, a clinical psychologist and career counselor. The workshop empowered educators to help individual learners comprehend, examine, and respond to different types of content. The teachers were also articulated about the importance of assessing the multiple intelligence in all the students in the classroom through simple observation, school records and interaction with parents.

Shaping the Young Mind

Oxford Workshop

Ms. Pooja Khanna and Ms. Rupali attended the workshop on Conflict Management - reduce arguments and find easier solution conducted by Oxford University Press India on 20th December,2018 at Pragyan School, Greater Noida. The speaker was Dr. Jesudoss Jeyapaul( Clinical psychologist from Chennai). He explained about Liaisoning leadership. Further he explained about different types and traits of leadership. For conflict management- he explained about 4 A’s – attitude, acknowledge, apology and action. Effectiveness and importance of collaboration and communication was explained further. After an informative lecture, book launch of Oxford advantage little champs was conducted by Oxford. The book has been introduced for pre primary. It was a very informative workshop.

The Librarian Meet Delhi NCR 2018

Mrs. Sonia Myrtle Gerald and Ms. Rajni Negi attended the librarian meet at India International Centre, Lodhi Estate, 40 Max Mueller Marg. The workshop was organised by Penguin Random House India. The talk was conducted by Mrs. Madh Bhargava who explained the upkeep and maintenance of library. She elucidated that the duty of the librarian is to maintain the books and keep updating the library with new books. The ratio of books per student should be appropriate.

The Librarian Meet

In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.

To keep its teachers upbeat, ‘The Manthan School ‘ organizes seminars every now and then to deal with pertinent topics. This time the need of the hour was to get acquainted with the concept of ‘Multiple Intelligences’ by Dr. Howard Gardner. An elaborate workshop was conducted by Ms. Nishima Arya Hans, wherein the different learning patterns of the children were pondered over in detail. The session was not only a food for thought but also very informative and enlightening. It was then concluded with a hope of devising and adopting better teaching strategies in near future by the team.

Teacher training programme
Teacher training programme 1

Understanding Child Psychology

In Keeping up with the tradition of The Manthan School, to update and educate its teachers, a workshop was held on “Understanding Child Psychology” by the special educator Ms. RiyaBabbar. It was an interactive workshop in which a presentation was shown which highlighted the concept of uniqueness in each and every child. The workshop was received well by all present. Teachers along with the management of the school attendedthe workshop aimed at sensitizing them towards accepting and appreciatingthe differences in children.

Teacher training programme 2
Teacher training programme 3

Learning by doing

Three days workshop was conducted in The Manthan School for teachers with an aim to focus on 'learning by doing' and 'integrating' the various concepts of numeracy, literacy, scientific temper, creativity and enjoyment in day-to-day teaching-learning process.The workshop emphasized on teacher’s role as a facilitator and a guide to provide productive inputs and help children know how to learn for themselves. --

Teacher training programme 4
Teacher training programme 5
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