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Indian & Western Music

Music serves as an aesthetic and an audio experience. This experience basically involves the mind in an appealing way with the help of sounds. No printed communication, discussion or arithmetical calculation! It is an expression statement by itself. Music is also regarded to be an important part of the curriculum, for the role that it plays in understanding different cultures. Music is a true demonstration of traditions, community culture, aspirations and accomplishments of humankind. We have the Indian and Western Music studios that cater to both, choral and instrumental music.

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We at Manthan School believe that dancing in all its forms must be included in the curriculum of all noble education. Dancing with the feet, with ideas, with words and with expressions sets our education at a pace apart.

Our dance studios are fully equipped for Indian and Western dances. They are spacious enough to allow our staff and students to choreograph works for stage performances and competitions.

Dance 05


Exploration of self in relation to others. It helps the development of critical empathy for fellow humans and towards the natural, physical and social worlds.

Through theatre/street-plays students are given opportunity to create their own dramas and attend plays presented by others also bringing about social awareness through street-plays. Through this medium of learning, students are transported to worlds past, present, and future --- the ultimate in "virtual reality."

“Theatre not only includes acting, it also involves dance, painting, costume designing, stage designing, an understanding of lighting and other things." At Manthan, drama fulfils student's psychological needs of free expression and imagination, builds their characters, and finally through stories leads them to perform for an audience.

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