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Pre-Primary Curriculum

Manthan recognises the critical importance of early years in a child's life as this is the time of laying foundation for future growth and development and our objective is to make this experience a joyous one. Our pre -primary curriculum has been modified, evolved and developed over time according to the needs of children. School follows a way of teaching and learning, where in many areas of the curriculum are connected together and integrated within a theme. The curriculum helps students become lifelong learners and allows efficient coverage and delivery in terms of expertise, resources and time. Students become active learners who research, interpret, communicate and process learning to both others and themselves. Inquiry approaches allow students to construct meaning using their prior knowledge on a theme and new knowledge gained during the learning process.

In what ways Manthan Play School in Noida Sector 78 is different from other schools?

The curriculum is rich with diverse activities where students enhance their social skills through free structured play, develop their gross and fine motor skills through art and craft activities. This experiential learning amongst students creates an awareness and appreciation of their changing world and helps foster positive personal and social attitudes.

We aim to foster a child’s growth in key areas of early development and therefore focus on:

  • Speech & Language Skill
  • Pre- Math Skill
  • Relating to Environment
  • Cognitive Development
  • Sharing and Caring for self and others
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