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Environment Friendly

The Manthan Schoolhas always walked hand in hand with a green and healthy environment, and this vision can be seen with our architectural wonder that has been created for fueling our education system. We have always believed in an enriched habitat that can contribute towards the green revolution and that can invent a much better and brighter future. Being a scholastic institution, it's our utmost responsibility to guide young minds towards the significance of a greener future. There are numerous activities that have been done by the management to make the Manthan School a planet friendly building.

Environment Friendly
  • Rain Water Harvesting : The drain network is designed in such a way that it allows the rain water to accommodate the flow of water in campus and further flow it down into the rain water harvesting pits.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant : For promoting a greener and cleaner vision, the building follows an effective sewage treatment plant which not only channelizes the waste but also is a huge power saving system.
  • Structural Glazing : The classrooms are large and are designed to provide the most nature friendly experience. The windows has double glazed protected clear toughened glasses. As a result, the classroom experiences much lesser noise and heat.
  • Save Energy : For maximum energy saving split air conditioners are used in classrooms allowing their independent control. This allows every classroom to use the air conditioning according to the natural requirement of the environment and therefore saving energy and lowering power consumption.
  • Go Green : The architectural design of The Manthan is designed in a green building concept which allows the 50% area in full landscape planted with fresh, green and adaptive plants.
  • Save Water Save Earth : Low flow & efficient water fixtures use less water per minute than older, traditional models. Low-flow water fixtures conserve water by using a high-pressure technique to produce a strong or equal flow of water with less water than other less-efficient fixtures.
  • Eco Friendly Structure : To practice more improved and advanced quality, the architectural design of the Manthan is made of Ecobricks, which are considered to be more energy and resource efficient bricks and are produced using cleaner production techniques

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