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Manthan Family Profile

The Manthan School strives to provide an atmosphere to create the capacity for lifelong learning by building its Vision on the four pillars of education, viz.,

  • learning to know
  • learning to do
  • learning to live together
  • learning to be

Our Family of staff, students and parents subscribe to this concept and work together to achieve the best learning outcome.

THE MANTHANITES grow up to be individuals with thinking and analytical abilities, laced with high value system and skills to excel in any situation, anywhere in the world. In addition to academic, aesthetic and sporting excellence, they imbibe life skills and strong character building with the ability and willingness to apply their learning to the real world situations and become contributing members of the society.

THE MANTHAN PARENT is an equal partner in the process of development of children. They subscribe to the School Vision and support the School in its endeavour by adhering to and reinforcing the School Value System in the everyday growing up of the children in general and not limiting the inputs from School only in their academic pursuit.

EVERY MANTHAN STAFF IS A TEACHER – whether teaching the subject or supervising lunch, we ensure that this transaction between the staff and the students, in the classroom, in the laboratory, on the sports field, in the library, at play and the exhibition, in the corridor and the dining hall, everywhere at all times, is meaningful and purposeful from the perspective of the students.

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