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Guest Speaker Programme


“Storytelling has earned its place as the most important tradition humans possess”.

The most important reason for the stories to be an integral part of human life is that it contains a lesson to be learnt. Stories not only help engage children but are the single most important tool which helps to instill values, enhance verbal proficiency and improve listening skills. Taking this thought forward two story telling sessions were conducted by the co-founder of Kathashaala and renowned story teller

Ms. Simi Srivastava for kids and their mothers, where she vividly narrated stories. The children not only enjoyed the lively presentation and enactment thoroughly but also actively participated in the discussion which followed it.

Kathashala 1
Kathashala 2

History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children

As children spend a lot of time at school it is foremost to provide safe and secure environment to students of all ages.

Mr. Rodney D. Ryder, a renowned Lawyer and Author was invited to conduct an interactive session for students, teachers and non-teaching staff of the school sensitizing them about child sexual abuse and the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. The workshop was an eye-opener and sought to dispel notions and incorrect information about ways to handle sexual abuse cases. He educated the students that in addition to knowing what child abuse is and when it happens, it is equally important to recognise a potential sexual abuser and take necessary precaution when you can.

All the participants felt more energetic and happy and more confident in ensuring that they will be able to protect children from the sexual predators in society.

guest speaker

Dance Workshop by Parent

Inviting guest instructors at school is always an enriching and motivating experience for dancers of all ages. One of our parents, Ms. Shefali Gupta volunteered for teaching dance to our Nestlings students and the workshop was organised on December 22nd, Thursday in the dance studio. She was amazing in fully engaging each child as a host. Children enjoyed dancing on the peppy Christmas songs and were able to follow the steps throughout the session. Ms. Gupta also made them do Om chanting for relaxing at the end of the session. Team Manthan extend our heartiest thanks to her for taking out time for our kids.

Dance workshop 1
Dance workshop 2

Meditation workshop

A friendly Meditation session was conducted by a meditation expert, Mr. NischalKapoor from IBM for students at the Manthan School Campus .The session was intended to build students’ attentiveness, respect for fellow classmates, forgiveness, self-control and empathy, all the while reducing stress and hyperactive behavior.

Students were given an understanding the relaxation body techniques through deep cleansing breaths while sitting in quiet, calm and peace.

meditation workshop 1

Earth Day by Parent

The second day of Earth Week Observation had a guest speaker Mrs. Paroma Singh who is an esteemed parent of The ManthanSchool. She took an interactive session with the students outlining the need to save water, electricity and energy. She talked about children being the future generation, the caretakers of a beautiful dream world.

The session ended with students promising to take instant action against any practice which deters the serenity and scenic beauty of the Earth. Students were taken to gain firsthand knowledge on farming within the schools vicinity where they were given an opportunity to sow seeds, add manure and water to small plants . Students also gained knowledge on the content and composition of the manure which is used for farming.

Students of Fledglings participated in a Poetry Recitation Competition on Save the Earth. They were judged on the content, presentation and expression by their teachers. The participation and response was overwhelming.

Earth Day 1
Earth Day 2
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