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Parent's Speak

Medhavi Chagar - Nestlings

I am very pleased to say that even in this pandemic my kid is growing not only academically but also in other areas like dance, music, craft etc. The school is providing her enough opportunities to showcase her talent in Class as well as in Inter-School competition. Her online Class starts with Morning Prayer and then interactive session with her Class Teacher, Ms.Bhumika Bajaj, which is helping her in making a bond with her teacher. My kid always looks forward for her online Class. I am fully satisfied with the Great efforts by her teacher.

Student: Medhavi Chagar
Class: Nestlings
Parents: Harshpal singh and Neha Chagar

Medhavi Chagar

Navisha Kaushal –Fledglings

The Manthan School focuses on the overall development of the child. There are extracurricular activities like dance, music and Karadi Kaksha. My daughter enjoys all and especially the craft activities, online birthday celebrations and parties. Sangeeta Dhir ma'am is very positive and motivating. She makes learning a fun for kids. She encourages them to learn new words by asking them to make sentences on their own. This activity has helped my daughter in developing her language skills. Recently she made a clay model on solar system under the guidance of Sangeeta Dhir ma'am and she really enjoyed doing it. There was a 'Joy of giving week' in which kids were asked to donate something to less fortunate people. Such activities inculcate the quality of caring and sharing among kids. I would like to thank Sangeeta ma'am for providing such a positive and inspiring environment for kids to learn.

Student: Navisha Kaushal
Class: Fledglings
Parents: Ayush Kaushal and Megha Manhas

Navisha Kaushal

Myra Awasthi - Fledglings

Myra secured First position in Inter school Fancy dress competition. She is a very confident, competitive girl with an ability to connect with audience. In the whole process of preparing for this online competition, Sangeeta Dhir ma'am was in a constant touch with her to give feedback and encouragement. She provided Myra with insight about the theme and fostered healthy competitive spirit in her. Myra made a jingle on her own based on the content, enjoyed decorating her own costume and gave her best at the time of event. Thank you ma'am for bringing the Best out of her.

Student: Myra Awasthi
Class: Fledglings
Parents: Avinash Awasthi and Etika Sharma

Myra Awasthi

Jijivisha Gautam - Nestlings

"I would like to thank all the teachers from The Manthan School Noida- 78, especially Manjari Ma’am for putting immense effort into the online classes. She has been very co-operative and responsive.

My child had just started school, initially, we thought, it is hard to tackle kids in online sessions but they did tremendous work with great patience and diligence.

Daily homework, monthly learning theme, Question-Answer session, monthly competition made the child more engaging and rewarding. My child has improved a lot on her oratory skills. Thanks for being so supportive!"

Student: Jijivisha Gautam
Class: Nestlings
Parents: Mithlesh Kumar and Pushpa Lata

Jijivisha Gautam

Shanaya Gupta - Fledglings

I want to take a moment to thank Ms. Ishika Khandelwal for all her hard work she has been putting with the kids and the way online teaching is going on is commendable. The work assigned is fun filled, engaging and quite entertaining to which our child enjoys a lot. My daughter Shanaya's knowledge to basic concept is improving on daily basis. Also, she feels very comfortable during her interaction with the teacher. She is always eager to showcase the workdone and meet her friends.

Kudos to all the faculty members of The Manthan School who are managing both their personal and professional life in such a situation.

Student: Shanaya Gupta
Class: Fledglings
Parents: Vikke Gupta and Parul Gupta

Shanaya Gupta

Prasit Maheshwari - Nestlings

First of all a sincere Thanks to the Class Teacher (Manjari Ma'am) and The Manthan School for such a fabulous competition. It was great to see my kid performing so well and with a lot of confidence.

We can't even imagine how tough it would have been to manage in a short time and let such small kid prepare and present such a beautiful performance. We are very proud for his discipline during performance which shows co-ordination and much more. We are also very happy for the class teacher who helped us and guided us till the end with every possible effort which helped our kid motivating during the activity as per the current pandemic situation.

At last it is truly appreciable and commendable efforts done by the School. As a parent I keenly observe the efforts taken by all for such a great event. Thanks Manthan School!!!

Student: Prasit Maheshwari
Class: Nestlings
Parents: Prashant Maheshwari and Prachi Maheshwari

Prasit Maheshwari

Avelyn Lakra - Nestlings

First of all a big thanks to The Manthan School for managing this year’s academics through e-platform in this pandemic situation. Initially it was tough for our child to participate in virtual classes as the whole concept was new to her; her new classmates, her class teacher, Vandana Ma’am and new way of schooling. However the immense efforts and encouragement by her class teacher has nurtured her a lot. She is able to learn and take part in every activity enthusiastically. We think this comprehensive online learning program has not stopped the flow of learning. She has developed focus, independence and confidence indeed. Once again thanks to all the hardworking teachers. We appreciate your dedication to our kids.

Student: Avelyn Lakra
Class: Nestlings
Parents: Samir Lakra and Anila Lakra

Avelyn Lakra

Tanisha Sajwan - Nestlings

In this pandemic where the physical school is not an option. Thanks to The ManthanSchool and Ms.Vandana ma’am to make online classes successful. My daughter never felt board in the class . She is always super excited to meet her teacher and friends. Teaching Pattern for the kids is always exciting and new. School celebrates every festival with great enthusiasm even online. I am so glad that we choose The Manthan School for my daughter. I am very happy to see my daughter’s growth in a fun way.

Student: Tanisha Sajwan
Class: Nestlings
Parents:Tanuj Sajwan and Krishna Sajwan

Tanisha Sajwan

Debansh Das - Grade 1

COVID-19 could not stop or affect my child from learning because even though no physical class but online classes organized by the school helped in keeping in touch with the learning of my child.

There has been a new experience for my child as well as for us of online learning.It has helped us to know the teaching process which class teacher adopts and in a way help us to adopt the same teaching methods at home.

To a certain extent, the online classes have been well managed by the teacher and the school inspite of few bottlenecks like technical glitches, network issue, etc. Online classes for extracurricular activities .inter school competition organized by the school has also been a new experience and new approach for the child as well as for us.

Student: Debansh Das
Class : Grade 1
Mother: Ms. Shilpi Das

Debansh Das

Aarna Tiwari - Grade 2

I really want to sincerely thank The Manthan School staff and faculty for their hard work and struggle for my child "Aarna" during this tough time of covid . We all know that it was almost impossible to arrange these kind of session with multiple students and arranging for their education in a seamless manner without any gap or interruption. My daughter didn't face any issue all through this year. I must say no covid or any other pandemic disease can stop study of students if they are a part of Manthan under the guidance of such faculty. I must appreciate their effort throughout, this worst time we faced and even then also my child had 98 % of attendance and enjoyed good time of her study , festival times , inter school competitions & other curricular activities. Thanks Team!

Student: Aarna Tiwari
Class: Grade 2
Mother: Ms. Sheetal Tiwari

Aarna Tiwari

Atharv Saxena - Grade 2B

It had been a very uncertain and unexpected start of the session. The Lockdown and the Pandemic had created panic in the mind of all. We all had been very concerned about our children but we are very grateful to the school for providing Online classes to my child.

These classes had not only helped in continuing the learning process of my child but also engaged him in so many activities. He celebrated so many festivals online, had enjoyed his dancing and craft classes, most of all he also participated in Inter School story telling competition and all virtually from the safety of our home.

I really appreciate the tireless efforts of all the teachers in making this Online Schooling so effective and meaningful.

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers for keeping my child motivated, engaged and cheerful all through this difficult time just by being connected online.

Student: Atharv Saxena
Class: Grade 2
Mother: Ms.Yashasvi Saxena

Atharv Saxena

Naisha Sharma - Nestlings

Naisha Sharma is a student of Nestlings A in The Manthan school, Noida. Naisha has learnt a lot in the online classes during the pandemic be it rhymes, songs, phonics, counting. Online classes are fun as well as learning thing for them. She looks forward to join her class and interact with her ma’am. Class teacher, Ms.Bhumika Bajaj has played a vital role in making online classes a wonderful channel to learn and enjoy. Teacher is always coming up with new games and activities to engage kids. Naisha enjoys doing activities and show it to her ma’am. I really appreciate Manthan School’s effort in making this phase a learning experience for little ones. - Mother of Naisha Sharma, Nestlings A, The Manthan School, Noida.

Student: Naisha Sharma
Class: Nestlings
Parents: Udit Sharma and Sherry Sharma

Naisha Sharma

Ainesh Das - Grade 2

The Manthan School has really exceeded every expectations to ensure overall growth and development of students in each aspect of Studies, Arts & Craft, Music, Dance & Fitness, participation in online inter school competitions like math’s story weaver, fancy dress, GK, Spelling etc. so that students are able to maintain their on-stage experience, participation in Olympiads and various internal events at a regular frequencies which makes an online schooling fun, interesting and absolutely necessary during these tough times.

In an online environment, students can spend as much time as they want thinking about and honing their own ideas. This is leading to greater confidence and more elegant and collective discussions.

Lots of thanks to Pooja Khanna Maa’m, Anupama Saini Maa’m, Richa Maa’m, Chetan Massey Sir and Ankit Sir for their continued support and dedication.

Student: Ainesh Das
Class: Grade 2
Parents: Ellora Das and Abhijit Das

Ainesh Das

Aaditya Rai - Grade 1

I would like to say big Thank you to each and every Teacher at The Manthan School for ensuring that our children’s studies have not been impacted because of Lockdown. It was overwhelming to see how quickly & efficiency the new way of learning was adopted. We know that this transition to online classes has been a challenge for all the teachers but they have exceeded all the expectations. Inter- school competitions kept my child motivated. They engage the children in various activities such as dance, music , art n craft .The Manthan School has done an excellent job of bridging that gap from real to virtual.

Student: Aaditya Rai
Class: Grade 1
Mother: Ms.Ankita Rai

Aaditya Rai

Arnav Gupta - Grade 1

We really appreciate your efforts and the school's online classes to make my ward study even in this kind of situation. Arnav also study very judiciously. We are happy that childrens taking these online classes seriously and participate in all activities and Festive season celebrations that filled happiness in this not so good year 2020. And I hope these classes will help students to get better results in even this kind of situation.

Student: Arnav Gupta
Class: Grade 1
Parents:Vishnu Gupta and Chhavi Gupta

Arnav Gupta

Saumendra Kant Singh - Grade 1

I am very thankful to the school fraternity for the tremendous efforts they have poured out so that the future of the kids is not at a stake in these difficult times. My kid has grown academically as well as in other genres also. May be he doesn't win in competitions but the school provided many platforms to showcase himself. Special thanks to his class teacher Mrs. Sangeeta Chakraborty, she made the teaching learning process very easy for my kid. Though he was new to the academy but he shares a bond with his teacher and is very interactive during the class. He enjoys his online classes. A very special thanks to Anupama ma'am, Ankit Sir and Chetan Sir also. I am fully satisfied with the efforts of the teachers. This academic session was really like coming out of the eggshell and enters a total newer world of e - teaching learning.

Student: Saumendra Kant Singh
Class: Grade 1
Parents: Ritendra Kant Singh And Abhilasha Singh

Saumendra Kant Singh

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