New education of new era ?>

New education of new era

There was a time not long ago, where education in schools was limited to books, notebook, blackboard, etc but now with technological advancement, the education sector is also developing at a great pace. More and more schools are adopting new technologies like smart classrooms, e-learning and much more to provide the best education to their students.


The Manthan School is the school of the 21st century which educate their students to have global perspectives, to be adaptable and open-minded, to have analytical, creative and problem-solving skills, and above all, to be lifelong learners. Earlier, students had to memorize because the resources for getting information were less. There were only books for studying and learning purposes. But now, times have changed now, schools are adopting new technologies and methodologies to educate their students in every aspect of learning.

The Manthan School is in the list of top 10 schools in Delhi NCR and has adopted new methodologies which involve experiential, ‘hands-on’ learning through activities that help learners inquire, discover and deduce. The approach to learning is child-centric and encourages customization, taking into account the various multiple intelligences and learning styles of students in the classroom. Students are encouraged to ask questions and seek clarifications and also to pursue their own lines of inquiry in areas of their interest. The Manthan School is one of the best schools in Greater Noida West which lays emphasis on practical and constructive learning for a better understanding.

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