Exploring The Activities that Help Improve Your Toddler’s Growth ?>

Exploring The Activities that Help Improve Your Toddler’s Growth

Your toddler will grow up very fast and you need to remember that’s the time when you can build a strong platform for him or her. True, you will always get them enrolled in best schools in Greater Noida West but along with that, you need to make sure to work towards improving their physical and mental growth.

Take on the Town

Make your kid familiar with your town by telling them about the location of the supermarket, fire station, and other places. Whenever you cross each place, talk about the details of these places. This comprises of who works there, the reason for your visit, and what stuff you get there.

Improve Your Toddler’s Growth

Give the Textures a Try

Toddlers are quick learners who like to touch, smell and taste to identify the world around them. Make use of a marker to outline the letters of the alphabet and numbers onto the paper. Ask your little one to adorn the letters with textured items. Soon your kid will start perceiving these letters.

Pin Up Pictures

Place the pictures of your family and friends on a notice board and keep it in your child’s room to build up word relationship. This is a way that also helps in developing memory. Pen down the names of some people on sticky notes like an aunt, uncle, and cousin and place these below each photo. Speak out these words often especially when you attend some family gathering.

Label Your Household

Take any two items to tag in your house like the chairs, tables, refrigerator, and windows and spin the labeled objects after few weeks. This will help them to recognize the objects at home.

Sing Vocabulary Words

Grow this talent by forming hilarious tunes about rhyming words and counting till ten, or hum simple, standard songs like the ‘Alphabet Song.’ Persuade them to sing in the car, while playing at home and bathing. Your child will begin learning from the song as he/she speaks out the numbers, letters, and days of the week and body parts to harmonious tunes.

Of course, the CBSE schools in Greater Noida West have responsibilities to assist the growth of your kid but it would definitely start from you.

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