School Traditions during Online Learning ?>

School Traditions during Online Learning

Due to the advent of online learning, schools have shifted to become digital spaces rather than a combination of physical spaces – classrooms, cafeterias, auditoriums and offices. More often than not, this digital space consists of only one room – the room where the student attends these online classes. This restriction to one space hinders the mobile interaction and social development of the students – the portion of school life that occurs in the corridors, auditoriums, cafeterias and other public…

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Praise & Punishment – Striking the right balance ?>

Praise & Punishment – Striking the right balance

As parents and as teachers, we intend to help our children towards the right direction in life with every activity that we conduct with them, be it as small as sharing a meal or as big as sending them to the right school. And with each of these activities, we expect our children’s participation and performance to exceed our expectations, for them to give their 100% since we, as parents, gave our 100%. Sometimes, exceeded expectations lead to extensive praise…

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Identifying your child’s progress ?>

Identifying your child’s progress

As parents, your children’s progress in all walks of life is definitely of utmost importance to you, be it in academics, in social interactions, physical development or mental health progress. More often than not, we tend to judge this progress by means of standardized questionnaires and testing, which means we ask our children generic questions, get them to fulfil regulated activities and perform actions based on what everyone else might be doing at that age. Truth be told, these generalized…

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3 Smart Tips To Improve Your Child’s Academic Performance ?>

3 Smart Tips To Improve Your Child’s Academic Performance

Your role as a parent is crucial for your child’s academic success. The reality is that too many parents wait for their children to tell them when they need help or have concerns about their school performance.   Parents are typically the first to know if there is an issue, but they are often not involved enough with their children’s education to the point where it can make a difference. This lack of involvement hinders your child’s ability to reach…

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10 Things Parents and Educators must do to foster children’s Imaginative and Creative Thinking ?>

10 Things Parents and Educators must do to foster children’s Imaginative and Creative Thinking

Parents and educators are always concerned about their children’s all-round development, be it physical, social or emotional. One of the most important facets that draw a lot of attention and influence is the development of the child’s imaginative and creative thinking. Although creative thinking cannot be taught as an ability, parents and educators can help in the creation of mentally and physically interactive spaces. This allows children to explore their imaginative ideas and creative thinking capabilities. Children have a general…

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Emotional Health Support in Schools ?>

Emotional Health Support in Schools

Emotional health is an aspect of mental health. Having good emotional health is the foremost and fundamental aspect of self-awareness. Good emotional well-being doesn’t necessarily mean that people always remain happy or away from negative emotions. Instead, it’s about having the relevant skills and resources to manage different situations in your life with patience and motivation. Especially in today’s stressful and highly competitive environment, the emotional needs of students must be taken into consideration. Good emotional health allows children to…

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Ways of being a good listener ?>

Ways of being a good listener

Have you ever felt zoned out while listening to someone else speak or witnessed the other person get distracted while you were making a point? The art of listening has somewhat lost its charm as conversations have become more fast, chaotic and largely digital. “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.” – Ernest Hemingway Listening is often considered as something more important than speaking itself. It is seen as an…

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What is An Interactive Classroom? ?>

What is An Interactive Classroom?

An interactive classroom is an approach for creating an environment that supports interactive and active learning. It is designed to stimulate creativity and is much more analytical as opposed to traditional rote learning methods. Classrooms these days are turning into places of free discourse as they are focusing more on the discussion part that includes critical thinking and liberal questioning. In a world that is constantly evolving, it is the high time where new learning methods are included in classroom…

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Teaching Kids About Cyber Security ?>

Teaching Kids About Cyber Security

As we all know, modern times like today demand high knowledge of new-age technologies in order to keep up with the dynamic pace of a competitive society. Technology And Internet Are Complementary Goods For A Human Life We’ve become so reliant on technology to execute all kinds of tasks. Be it minor or major, it has become nearly impossible to do any sort of work without it. People can’t even keep in touch with each other without using social media…

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A Greener Today is A Better Tomorrow ?>

A Greener Today is A Better Tomorrow

Environment plays a significant role in impacting our eating habits, shopping preferences, and even where we choose to go on holiday. However, the current age of industrialization and globalization has brought a great deal of convenience and luxury to human existence. It has also led to a distressing condition of massive environmental deterioration resulting due to the involvement of humans in all kinds of activities. The schools in Greater Noida West help nurture the significance of the environment in its…

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