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Teacher’s Training Programme

CBSE Capacity building program on Health and Mental Wellness

Today, we as a community need to find a simpler but different approach to understanding the complicated lives of students, especially during their adolescence. A two-day CBSE Capacity building program on ‘Health and Mental Wellness’ was conducted in the school premises aiming at creating awareness in teachers and sensitizing them about the physical, emotional, and health and mental wellness of students. The Principal, Mrs. Poonam Kumar Mendiratta felicitated and welcomed the distinguished resource people, Ms. Smita Mishra, Principal, of Karl Huber School (ranked as the number one resource person under COE Noida), and Ms. Kanika Vig from Indirapuram Public School (Certified Master Trainer in association with NCERT and Ministry of Health and Wellness). The workshop included various case studies, role plays, personal experiences, brainstorming sessions, facts, and interesting activities about 11 thematic areas of Health and Wellness inclusive of Growing up Healthy, Emotional and Mental Well Being, Interpersonal Relationships, Values and Citizenship, Gender Equality, Nutrition Health & Sanitation, HIV Prevention, Prevention of substance Misuse, Safety & Security, Voicing against Violence, and Safe use of the Internet to transform the school into a healthy and happy learning environment. The teachers learned many innovative strategies to help the students overcome negative emotions and aggressive behavior. They focused on the importance of building a harmonious relationship through effective communication and understanding, observing, planning and working with each and every student for their betterment. It was an insightful learning experience for all the teachers.

CBSE Capacity building program on Health and Mental Wellness-1
CBSE Capacity building program on Health and Mental Wellness-2

Workshop organized on Problem-Solving with Creative and Critical Thinking

A workshop was organized on ‘Problem-Solving with Creative and Critical Thinking’ in collaboration with Edunet, IBM as a part of the teachers' training program. The aim of the workshop was to enhance problem-solving abilities by incorporating creative and critical thinking techniques. The workshop highlighted ways to foster creative and critical thinking skills in problem-solving scenarios and explore various problem-solving techniques and their applications. The session was a perfect blend of activities that encouraged all to think beyond conventional solutions. The group activities generated diverse ideas and explored different individual perspectives. Overall the workshop proved to be a valuable learning experience, enabling teacher educators to develop essential skills for tackling complex problems. Continued emphasis on these skills will empower educators to become adaptable problem solvers in an ever-changing world.

Problem-Solving with Creative and Critical Thinking-1
Problem-Solving with Creative and Critical Thinking-2

Happy Classroom

Ms. Sanu Gupta, Senior Mistress attended a workshop under Capacity Building Program on Happy Classroom at Scholars Home International School, Noida. This was the first workshop conducted under the banner of Centre of Excellence, Noida. It was presided by Dr. Sandeep Singh, Joint Secretary Academics, CBSE and Prof. Rishipal Anand. The workshop aimed to develop Happy Students which can only be possible if the teachers have a positive and happy mindset.


The Times NIE Principals Seminar

Ms. Poonam Kumar Mendiratta, Principal attended the Times NIE principals seminar on 06th February 2020 at Bhikaji Cama Palace, New Delhi. The seminar had different dignitaries from various fields of health, education, IT, etc. The environment was the theme of this Seminar and an interactive session with experts on the environment and other related issues were the highlight of the event. Top 15 shortlisted young school ambassadors from the 'Young Change Leaders Competition' also shared their views at the seminar about the looming climate crisis.


First Aid in Emergency

Ms. Pallavi Saxena, School Counsellor attended a workshop on First Aid in Common Emergency (FACE) on 28th January 2020 at Sardar Patel Vidyalaya. It was organised by CBSE under the capacity building program. The workshop was conducted by 5 doctors from AIIMS (Dr Manish Singhal, Dr Rakesh Garg, Dr Piyush Ranjan, Dr Biswaroop Chakraborty, Dr Bichitra Patra). The workshop aimed to acquaint the faculty members to be ready for any eventuality in school by providing First Aid.


CBSE Orientation Programme on Examination-2020

In order to ensure timely completion of scheduled tasks of the CBSE in a smooth manner and facilitating the examination activities, an Orientation Programme was conducted by CBSE on 15th January 2020 organized at DPS, Noida. Ms. Poonam Kumar Mendiratta, Principal attended the session. The objective of this session was to minimize the errors in the process of CBSE Exams and Evaluation 2020. Around 300 Nodal examiner trainers (NET) from various schools participated in this program. Renowned speakers from CBSE were Dr. Biswajit Saha, Director training and skill education CBSE, Mrs. Dharini Arun, Joint Secretary CBSE, Mr. Manish Agarwal, Regional Officer CBSE Noida, Ms. Usha Negi, Asst. Secretary, Center of Excellence.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Ms. Monu Sharma, the computer teacher attended a workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning conducted by KIPS publication. The workshop aimed to make the educators understand the four different approaches of A.I - Statistical Approach, Cybernetics & Brain Simulation, Symbolic and Cognitive Simulation. The resource person Mr. Mainak Benerjee explained the advantages, disadvantages and the future of Machine Learning. The earlier the implementation of A.I the better the students are acquainted with the defined level of knowledge in the future was the crux of the meeting.


2nd School Innovation Summit

Ms. Sanu Gupta attended the 2nd School Innovation Summit organized by Edutalk. The eminent speakers for the summit were Mr. Manish Sisodia the Education Minister, Shri Kunwar Shekhar, Dr. K K Agarwal, Prof. M M Pant and Mr. Kamlesh Mishra. The focus was on the need for Innovation in the 21st Century. The panelist discussed on shaping the future, character, habit of working and values among the young generation.


Feel Good at School

Ms.Vimi Mahendra and Ms. Pankaja attended a workshop on Feel Good at School organized by Oxford University Press India. The speaker Mr. Jesudoss Jeyapaul clinical psychologist emphasized on the 3 C's of a teacher- Cooperation, Communication and Clarification. A teacher can maintain a feel-good factor by keeping the energy level of the class and her self esteem high. Touch-Smile-Teach should be the pillars of a teacher which would make the journey joyful.


Phonetics and Language Teaching

Ms. Archana Singh and Ms. Farha Deeba attended a workshop on Phonetics and Language Teaching organized by Eupheus Learning. Ms. Anita Bahadur an ELT Trainer, initiated a unique way of teaching sound vowels. Five elements of a story were explained and the use of them in the classroom was emphasized.


"In learning, you will teach and in teaching, you will learn."

It is always good to address academic issues, challenges and doubts in the dynamic world of education as it supports the teachers and schools to get deeper understanding of subjects and concepts. In connection with the same thought, our School hosted training for teachers of foundation years of 25 schools of Noida and Greater Noida organized by Oxford University Press India. Ms. Sonia Relia conducted an interesting activity-based learning day and guided teachers in finding out a few solutions to overcome with some pedagogical implications. The resource person and teachers discussed collaboratively on objectives and designing of the schedule for interactive and productive classrooms. The workshop was very informative and useful.


"A man's mind, stretched by new ideas, may never return to its original dimensions."

Ms. Vimmi Mahendra and Ms. Pooja Rastogi attended a workshop on the topic "Towards more meaningful learning in a language classroom" organized by Macmillan Education. The session was conducted by Ms. Manisha Dak. The workshop aimed at acquainting the educators with meaningful teaching to a large number of students with mixed abilities. With the help of various activities, the session proceeded towards personalized teaching and its strategies.


Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms: it is about understanding.

This was the aim of the workshop "Prime Mathematics Problem Solving Readers" attended by Ms. Farah Deeba and Ms. Mehak Gulati organized by Scholastic. For the development of literacy and the ability to develop early mathematical ideas, improved communication, and oral language skills is required from a very early age. Ms. Payal Malhotra explained various learning theories and their relationship with the curriculum. It was an excellent opportunity for teachers to learn and plan to develop more engaged classrooms.


Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination.

Ms. Sonia Myrtle Gerald attended Penguin Library Meet organized by Penguin Random House India. The seminar aimed at the importance of the School Library and the altering face of libraries with constant changes in digital platforms, strategies, and tools. The reservoir of knowledge plays a more important role in supporting academics to 21st-century learners. Honorable Mr. Manish Sisodia- Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi also spoke on the importance of libraries in school.


MIE- Microsoft Innovative Educator

A workshop of MIE- Microsoft Innovative Educator was conducted for the pre-primary, primary and middle wing teachers by Juana Technologies. Mr. Jatin Vashisht in a very simple and interactive way explained Microsoft Educator Community, 21st Century Learning Design, Microsoft in Education, Criteria for E2, Roles & Responsibilities of MIE Experts, Windows 10 features, Minecraft Implementation in classroom & Code Builder and Imagine Academy. Procedure for MOS Certifications for students and educators was also discussed.


Reimagining the English Classroom

Ms. Chhavi Swarup and Ms. Ashima Hooda attended a workshop "Reimagining the English Classroom" organized by Karadi Path. Ms. Preetika Venkatakrishnan explained the ways and means of enhancing the comprehension skills of the children from a very young age. The language skills can only be developed if the children are exposed to rich vocabulary and immersed in natural pedagogy. This can be achieved by creating an ecosystem as English is the base of all other subjects.


Scouts Master and Guide Captain Training Camp

Ms. Saumya Trivedi attended a seven day Scouts Master and Guide Captain Training Camp at Panchsheel Inter College, Noida. The training aimed to train the teachers so that they can conduct the Scouts and Guides training in their respective schools. The basics of Scouts and Guides were taught and the teachers were trained for symbols that are used in camps and their identification, flags, eight important knots, whistle signals, hand signals and pitching of tents. The camp ended with the oath ceremony of Scouts Master and Guides Captain.


Workshop on Happiness

Happiness is not something readymade, it comes from your own actions.

Emotions play an integral role in education, affecting student motivation, attention, social functioning and ethical decision making. Enjoyment of learning motivates students to apply greater effort, whereas boredom only discourages effort. To discuss the above, a workshop was conducted by Ms. Samridhi Sagar, a resource person from Ratna Sagar for the teachers to realize their emotional quotient. Various strategies were discussed and interactive activities were conducted to keep ourselves happy. This positive energy flows in the classrooms which makes the learning easy for the students.

Teachers' Conclave

Ms. Sukirti Mishra and Ms. Pooja Bajaj attended the Education summit 2019-Teachers Conclave organized by Kidzania India in accordance with The Hindu. A panel of eminent speakers discussed the growing stress on teachers. They focussed on various strategies of handling this stress and the practices that are helpful in today's scenario. Ms. Shashi Banerjee, Principal Shiv Nadar School envisaged on redefining teachers as a valued asset.

Science Film Festival

Ms. Amrita and Ms. Geetu Jolly of the science department attended the Science Exhibition held at Max Muller Bhavan. The aim of the festival was to promote science literacy and facilitate awareness of contemporary scientific, technological and environmental issues through international films with accompanying activities. Various teachers from different schools of the Science Department interacted with each other and exchanged ideas.

Sanskrit Exhibition

Mr. Munesh from the Sanskrit department attended the World Conference of Samskrita Bharti. An expo was conducted during the course of the conference to showcase Sanskrit language's contribution to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science and Technology, Astronomy, Ayurveda, Ancient Heritage, sports, Mind Management, etc. It was a capacity building for teachers and knowledge repository gain for the students.

Workshop on Innovative Pathshala

Ms. Archana Singh attended a workshop on Zero Investment Innovation for Education Initiative (ZIIEI) organized by Ahlcon International School, Mayur Vihar Delhi. The aim was to include innovative ideas in daily lesson plans. A few strategies which can be incorporated are, Theme based Attendance, MCQ, Learning through Pictures, Mid-day Meal Garden, Concept Mapping, Seating Arrangement, Khel Khel me Shiksha, Audiobook and Innovative Climax. Mr. Prashant Rana from Shri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry emphasized the use of simple techniques to make learning fun for the students. It is a good platform for teachers to discuss their views and methodologies.

PEFI National Awards Ceremony

The teachers from Sports Department Mr. Naresh Kandpal and Mr. Pawan had a great opportunity to attend the 4th PEFI National Awards Ceremony hosted by the Physical Education Foundation of India. They were briefed about the Career in Physical Education and Sports Science by Dr. A.K Uppal, Dr. S.N Singh, Dr. Ajmer Singh who are immensely talented writers in the sports fields. They also had a chance to meet the esteemed Chief Guest of the program, Ms. Sunita Duggal- Member of Parliament. It was very informative and Learning.

Use of ICT

Ms. Akansha Saxena participated in a 3-day workshop oragnised by CBSE on “Use of ICT” conducted by Ms. Duhita Parmar from the Microsoft Education unit in the premises of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Ghaziabad. The key objective of the workshop was to demonstrate the tools of Office 365 and the ways to incorporate them in our teaching routine. The benefits of using it were illustrated to bring the teaching fraternity together on a digital platform.

Robotics- Skill Camp for Teachers

Ms. Akansha Saxena and Ms. Amrita Shishodia attended a workshop on “Robotics-Skill Camp for Teachers” conducted by Mr. Vishal from the Technoplanet Lab Pvt. Ltd. The aim of the workshop was to acquaint the teachers’ about the changes in technology. After a brief introduction about STEM, Robotics and AI, Mr. Vishal explained about Arduino, which is an open-source platform to test and develop electronics and robotics projects. Arduino is a reduced version of C++ & JAVA. Teachers got a first-hand experience of creating codes and programme the robots which were working.

Developing Mindsets on STEM Education

A one day workshop on "Developing Mindsets for STEM Education" was attended by Ms. Poonam Kumar Mendiratta, Principal, The Manthan School. It was discussed in the workshop that STEM education is the need of the hour to hep students make the leap from users of technology to innovators and how can we align STEM Curriculum, its Relevance and its Effectiveness with employability and jobs of the future. It was an interactive and innovative workshop.

Workshop on Leading in Chaos

A two day workshop on “Leading in Chaos: School Leader Transformation Program” was attended by Ms. Poonam Kumar Mendiratta, Principal, The Manthan School. It was an interactive workshop designed to engage the leaders of the schools in crucial aspects of school leadership that they can immediately implement in their schools. Principals from different schools, research workers and eminent speakers also participated in the event. School leaders attending the program learnt to develop positive school cultures that impact student learning and many more areas were covered which will benefit the school as well as the leaders.The workshop was very informative.

Workshop on Global Citizenship

A day long workshop was attended by Ms. Sanu Gupta and Ms. Ashima Hooda where lots of informative topics were covered and eminent speakers like Mr. Ashok Pandey, Mr. Alok Bajpai, Mr. Vijay Ghai and Ms. Lakshmi Annapurna Chintaluri gave their insight on Global Citizenship. Globalization encompasses five realities of the world and a true global citizen should be empathetic, compassionate, willing to share, collaborative, creative, inclusive and non-discriminatory. The real art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. It is very important for educators to teach the students the difference between being puzzle solvers and problem solvers. Ms. Lakshmi Annapurna Chintaluri laid emphasis on social and emotional learning in classrooms. In the end, Mr. Anurag Tripathi Secretary CBSE informed the educators and principals what steps CBSE has taken to bring reforms in Indian Education System.

Workshop on Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment. Virtual reality is a power of being real in the virtual world.

Drishta Technology Private Limited organised a workshop on the topic ‘Virtual reality’ on 13th July, 2019 for the teachers. An introduction on how to use 360o virtual devices was delivered by Mr. Dhirendra Singh Parihar. For effective Teaching-learning experience VR headsets can be used in classroom teaching as well. It will give a platform for experiential learning which will enhance critical thinking and increase retention in students. They gave teachers headset to feel the virtual reality. They asked to explore it as it contained short videos on different topics like travel to space, solar eclipse, virtual jungle safari and underwater experience.

It was a mesmerising experience. The workshop was very interactive and informative.

Workshop on Artifical Intelligence

Ms Akansha Saxena and Ms Pratigya Rana attended a workshop on “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Masterclass for Educators” conducted by Dr Sarvjeet Herald from the Robo Genius Learning Solutions Limited in the premises of Aster Public School, Noida Extension. The main aim was to make the educators aware of the new issues and challenges that students will face in the future in the field of technology, as everything will become machine operated. To thrive in this environment, they must learn to design innovative solutions. Their success and satisfaction will be based on their ability to think and act creatively. Knowledge alone is not enough; they must learn to use their knowledge.

Language is “the infinite use of finite means.”

Teaching a language is always fun if all the four skills: LSRW are integrated into one class. This was the essence of the workshop which was conducted by Ms. Rohini Bhat, a teacher trainer from Orient Black Swan. The workshop aimed to enhance the English Language of the learners, by bringing a lot of liveliness in the classrooms and by involving them in various kinds of engrossing activities. The focus was on the role of a teacher as a facilitator with less of TTT (Teacher Talk Time) and more of STT (Student Talk Time). The English language teachers moved a step ahead in their CPD after attending this workshop.

Workshop On Sustainable Development

Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.

A workshop on “Sustainable Development Goals” was conducted by Ms. Dimple Puri, Head Mistress Middle School, Ahlcon International School. Educators from Moderne as well Mywoods Campus attended this seminar. The key objective of the workshop was to familarise the faculty members with 17 SDG’s and the vision of the UN to accomplish them by 2030. During the presentation it was made clear that how all the SDG’s can be incorporated in the curriculum to make it more profuse. From the case study; discussed and presented it was clear that it is not at all difficult to incorporate and transform the complete educational program to a value addition in the lives of students.

Role of Data in a Futuristic School

Ms. Akansha Saxena, participated in the 2 days’ workshop on “Role of Data in a Futuristic School” conducted by Mr. Arijit Ghosh from the Education Quality Foundation of India (EQFI) in the premises of Ahlcon International School, Mayur Vihar, Delhi. The key objective of the workshop was to learn about the importance of data, identify the various data points that make up a learning environment, analyse and interpret data for deeper insights. There were various thought provoking interactive sessions along with brain storming activities. Each teacher introspected his/her teaching personality through SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis.

Chinmay Mission Workshop

Ms. Satwinder Kaur and Ms. Pankaja Mallick attended a workshop “Empowering the Intellect” organised by Chinmaya Mission. The seminar was conducted by Swami Chidrupannanda who explained the conflict between intellect and intelligence which is the main cause of the downfall of divinity in us. He also shared 12 steps of intellectual growth and 5 steps of Vidhur Neeti as strength and made an appeal to all the teachers to imbibe and then instil these values in students and others around and help in building a better society.

Physics Workshop

Ms. Amrita Shishodia attended a national level physics teachers meeting organised by IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers) in Delhi. An Introductory speech by Prof. V.P.Sriwastava (President IAPT RC-1) was given at the beginning of the event, followed by talk on “The roll of Science Teacher for Communicating Science’’ by Sri Sahasrabuddhe. Ms. Pragya Nopany (former HOD, Birla Vidya Niketan, New Delhi) demonstrated experimental activities in physics. Physics teachers from different schools, colleges, university professors, research workers and science enthusiasts also participated in the event.

Workshop by HT Pace

Ms. Sonia Myrtle Gerald attended an event organized by HT PACE.

The event was hosted by a well-known motivational speaker Sister Shivani who had conducted innumerable courses, seminars and television programs on a gamut of relevant topics. The talk was about, how to inculcate values among the students.

The event ended with a talk by the Ms. Shahnaz Husain- Founder, Chairperson & Managing Director of The Shahnaz Husain Group, India.

Anti Doping Workshop

"I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion."- Billie Jean King

Mr. Naresh Kandpal, Mr. Rajiv and Mr. Pawan, the physical education teachers attended the National Conference on Anti-Doping where all the famous sports personalities were present. The emphasis was laid on the sports condition in India and how the sports persons can protect themselves from drugs. The sports faculties from 26 states participated in this workshop.

Success at School

Ms. Ashima Hooda, Ms. Farah Deeba, Ms. Gunjan Bisht, Ms. Rupali Gambhir and Ms. Khushboo Bhambay attended a workshop organized by Salvation Tree School. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Urs Wolf- Founder and Managing Partner of the Institute Life Success. The workshop focussed on the distinct learning techniques which are important for success of students, teachers and parents. In today’s world where there are so many distractions for a student it becomes all the more important for teachers to motivate the students by incorporating various strategies. It is also very important for the teachers to incorporate effective memorising techniques (mnemonics) for the students to make the learning easier for them. The workshop was made interactive by various creative and interesting games. The Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule was explained in the academic context.

Oxford Workshop

"Challenge your assumptions and think creatively...."

Ms. Ashima Hooda, Ms. Chhavi Swarup and Ms. Pooja Bajaj witnessed the programme of collaboration and communication based on leadership strategies which was well conducted by Dr. Jesudoss Jeyapaul, teacher trainer and ELT Researcher. The workshop was organised at Pragyan School, Greater Noida by The Oxford University Press. The program apprised with the fresh perspective on leadership challenges and introduced a good range of new ideologies, experiences and a way of thinking, before the anger turns into action.

Cambridge Assessment English Workshop

"Develop a passion for learning;if you do so, you will never cease to grow"

Ms. Chhavi Swroop and Ms. Adeeti Peter attended a workshop organised by Cambridge Assessment English at Ramjas School, RK Puram New Delhi which was conducted by Mr. Kalpesh Amin who harped on the subject of learners motivation and facilitated in building the confidence and overall development of the students. The workshop focused on practical insight of the students by helping them to comprehend communication in a better way. Cambridge English lays a concrete foundation to strengthen the LSWR skills among the students.

Early Childhood Learning

Ms. Smita Kumar and Ms. Smita Sona Dass from Pre-Primary department attended a workshop on "Early Childhood Learning" organised by Rachna Sagar. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Satinder Kaur, an educationist and trainer. The workshop focused on developing clearer understanding of the notion of teaching with purpose, the role of the teacher in an environment of intentional teaching and how their decisions and actions might support improved outcomes for children.

The Librarian Meet Delhi NCR 2018

Mrs. Sonia Myrtle Gerald and Ms. Rajni Negi attended the librarian meet at India International Centre, Lodhi Estate, 40 Max Mueller Marg. The workshop was organised by Penguin Random House India. The talk was conducted by Mrs. Madh Bhargava who explained the upkeep and maintenance of library. She elucidated that the duty of the librarian is to maintain the books and keep updating the library with new books. The ratio of books per student should be appropriate.

Shaping the Young Mind, Heart & Hand

Mrs. Pooja Bajaj and Mrs. Pankaja Mallick attended a workshop on Multiple Intelligence. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Avneet Kaur, a clinical psychologist and career counselor. The workshop empowered educators to help individual learners comprehend, examine, and respond to different types of content. The teachers were also articulated about the importance of assessing the multiple intelligence in all the students in the classroom through simple observation, school records and interaction with parents.

The Art of Teaching English

Dr Sapna Shepherd attended a workshop on ‘The Art of Teaching English’ organised by Orient Black Swan. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Anita Bahadur, a renowned teacher/trainer for the last 25 years, who highlighted effective reading techniques like collaborative reading and suggested various innovative ways of writing a poem and importance of English to integrate the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing for Communicative Language Teaching in the class.

ADHD- Identification and Management

Ms. ChhaviSwarup, Ms. Zunnoor and Ms. Pankaja Mallick attended a workshop conducted by Dr. Ananya Chaudhary and Dr. RushiNaazon identifying signs and symptoms of ADHD in children and adults. The session involved the topics like adolescent problems, classroom situations and learning disorders. It was an eye opening session where different issues were addressed and teachers were made aware of different treatments which are available. The essential treatment for ADHD is only, awareness in parents and teachers.

“A language is a different vision of life.”

To bring a difference in the teaching, two teachers from Hindi Department Mrs.Lalita Sharma and Dr.Priyanka Sharma attended a workshop conducted by Prof. P. R Jagannath, organised by Viva Education, who laid emphasis on teaching Hindi Language. The aim of the workshop was to find ways to reinforce and improve the knowledge of Hindi amongst school children. Prof.Jagannath presented ideas that how teachers can motivate children about Hindi and suggested methods of improving their language skills. He said that writing and speaking skills develop early and therefore extra care should be taken to rectify mistakes made by children at the primary level itself so that they do not repeat these mistakes in higher classes. He focused on correct pronunciation and letter formation during the early years. He also spoke about how words are pronounced and written differently, based on rules.

‘Safe and Nutritious Food at School - SNF@SCHOOL’

A kick off workshop for Food safety and Nutrition was organised by FSSAI, a government of India body in collaboration with Macmillan Education on Safe and Nutritious food in schools.

Session started with the Introduction by Ms. Namrata Sharma which include the steps to be followed by schools to be a part of this programme. Under this programme, a number of activities related to healthy food habits will be conducted in school which are mentioned in yellow book provided by fssai. School will receive certification on the successful completion of the programme, which will be valid for a year. The workshop was very interactive and informative.

Classroom Management

A workshop on Classroom Management and Child Development was organised at the Manthan School.Resource person Dr.SapnaZarwal, a renowned psychologist and counsellordiscussed the strategies for effective classroom management. She emphasised on the importance of classroom rules, procedures, consequences and relationships.Teachers participated in group activities.The workshop focused on various ways for enriching the execution of academic sessions.

Effective Parenting

In a very interesting and interactive way the ideas of the best of parenting were put forward. The emphasis was laid on the fact that how in today’s world where parents don’t have time for their children can just by changing their outlook and attitude can bring a lot of difference in the child’s life. The children of today require parents’ time and not materialistic things. It is the responsibility for teachers to ensure that parents can devote ample time to their children. This workshop was on Effective Parenting taken by Prof. S.C Arora on 25th February’ 2017.

English Language Teaching in India present day challenges

Dr. Charu Jhoshi (Educationist) took a workshop on 18th November 2017 on English Language Teaching in India present day challenges.English if taught as a language will always help the students and it can be taught in very innovative way. This was very nicely explained in an interactive session, with small videos where the students could be engaged without being passive listeners. The 21st century methodology should be used for making the students understand the principles in a very interactive way. Meaningful opportunities should be created and learner centered instructions should be provided. English not being the native language if taught as a second language will enhance students’ acceptability and interest to learn it.

9th Annual Itihaas Summit

The workshop was organized to look at transformation in our world today that have made it necessary for us to rethink our educational system and the relationships that form this system.It was to show how educators need to gear up to tackle new challenges in learning, development and security of the child. The need of 21st century is to bring back Guru – Shishya parampara.The 9th Annual Itihaas Summit was conducted by Dr. Poonam Batra (Professor of Education) & Dr. Prachi (Psychologist)

Understanding Children’s Development

A session was conducted by Dr. Sapna Zarwal a child psychologist, special education expert and educationist on 28th June 2018. Dr. Sapna explained that a class can be divided into three categories i.e. average, below average and above average. It is the responsibility of the teacher to work more on these 30% students in the class. Academics is only one aspect of the child’s development but when we talk about holistic development it comprises of behavior, physical, social, general well being emotional, values and skills. It is very important for the teacher to create the bridge and to connect with the students. It is very important to impart skill based knowledge as working on the child’s skills will ultimately lead to improvement in his/her academics. Repetition of the concepts is required as this will only help to imbibe the knowledge not mere imparting.

Inclusive Education

A session was conducted by school counsellor on Inclusive Education by Ms. Zunoor Mir on 27th June 2018. The meaning of inclusion was very well explained where it is the responsibility of all the teachers that without discrimination and prejudice involve all the students from different arenas of society. The early signs of any kind of disability were discussed where it became easy for the teachers to know if there is any problem with the child and early detection may help the child as well as parents. The teachers, counsellor and the parents have to go hand in hand in order to help the child achieve heights.

The policies of CBSE were discussed and how the system is changing to help these kinds of students by changing their subjects in senior classes and what changes it could bring in their lives. The teachers were informed about different types of learning disabilities like dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia.

A little empathy towards such children can change their whole life and that is what is needed today.

21st Century Skills

Dr. Samir Parikh a renowned Child psychiatrist spoke on School safety and Healthy Minds. The talk was aimed and linked between a healthy mind (students who feel good and function well), academic attainment in school and psychological strength in terms of resilience and good character.

Mr. S.C Arora an Educationist shared his experience and enlighten the gathering by emphasising on the type of question paper a teacher should prepare and shared beautiful lines ‘ Children of today, Studying in schools of yesterday. Being taught by the teachers of the past, preparing for the Future.’

Ms. Ansari spoke on the Generation Z (today’s generation) and explained how we need to handle the new generation. This was held on 20th January 2018

Evoking Excellence

Excellence is the result of uncontaminated understanding of the vision for the teacher as well as for the student held in the mind of teacher with utmost care and dedication. Leaders are epitomes of excellence.

The workshop’s main aim was to foster inspiring discussions amongst the heads of the institutions and senior teachers from schools across NCR region. The emphasis was on how by adding a special ingredient called sewa bhao at our workplace can take out the fragrance of excellence thereby affecting a non-stop progress to bloom into a full fledged personality. A clean mind, a pure heart, an indomitable will, iron discrimination, awareness of purpose, patience with optimism, timely agility, unchallengeable conscience and all these when soaked in love for children leads you to the portals of excellence. And the main purpose of education is to Make human humane.The workshop was taken by Swami Chidrupanandaji ( Acharya Chinmaya Mission Noida ) on 06th May, 2017.

1 Day Leadership Programme Principals- conclave

Today, the principal of a school is not only meant to be an educator, but he or she is also expected to play the role of a visionary, an efficient administrator, a role model for students, a mentor for teaching and non-teaching staff and a brand ambassador for parents. A principal is expected to foster a positive climate for institutional development. After all, the leadership challenges that principals face in a school are fairly complex and challenging.

It is therefore only essential that principals are introduced to strategic thinking and leadership skills to enable him or her to choose a roadmap for the school, develop relations among all members of the school community (teachers, students, parents, and local community) and to make good use of the resources at hand.

In order to address this critical need, and based on our internal research and expertise,Tata Class Edge developed Conclave - Principals’ Leadership Programme keeping in mind the school eco system taken by Mr. Sanjay Radhakrishnan on 09th December, 2017.The focus of this programme was to build leadership and a culture of excellence in educational institutions.

Objectives of the Programme were to examine the contemporary challenges in the educational landscape and strengthening abilities to respond to the expectations of a wide variety of stakeholders, increasing managerial competencies of planning and prioritizing, Building synergistic teams and adopting a leadership style to create a conducive and enabling work climate.

Understanding and Management of the Hyperactive child and allied behavioral problems in children

The purpose of the workshop was to create awareness among teachers and parents about the behavioral patterns in children and to train them to handle such situations by working as a team for the holistic development of the child.

The workshop began with defining the importance of life skills and value education in school curriculum. The workshop was headed by Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, Dr. Jyoti and Dr. Runjhun on 10th February, 2018.It was discussed that most of the disabilities are acquired disabilities; by parents either owing to their love for their child/lack of time or lack of awareness. So as teachers we need to trace down the root cause of a child’s behavior and deal with it accordingly/ in a customized way as there are no unified rules to treat behavioral issues.

Parental denial of exposing the child to experiential learning and physical activities at home leads to many disabilities in students, like lack of concentration, proper development of motor skills etc. So schools must have parenting workshops on such issues regularly. An issue not addressed timely manifests later in a different way. We as teachers and parents must develop problem solving skills in students to empower them.

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