Greater Noida West, Affiliated to CBSE

Greater Noida West, Affiliated to CBSE

Prajwalan Ceremony: 10th February 2024

A special Deep Prajwalan Ceremony was organized by the school. The ceremony aimed to instill confidence, calmness, and positivity amongst the students to help them perform their best in the upcoming board exams. It served as a powerful reminder of the collective support and blessings bestowed upon the students as they embark on their academic journey.

It was mesmerizing to see the students participating in the rituals with reverence and sincerity. Special prayers were recited seeking blessings for clarity of mind, concentration, and academic success for the students. Principal ma’am and staff members shared motivational words and encouraged the students to stay focussed and confident during the exams.

Many students expressed gratitude for the opportunity to participate in such a spiritually uplifting event before their exams. It reinforced the school’s commitment to nurturing not only academic excellence but also holistic well-being and spiritual growth among its students.

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