Greater Noida West, Affiliated to CBSE

Greater Noida West, Affiliated to CBSE

Art Exhibition 10th February, 2024

We are thrilled to share the success of our recent art exhibition, where the school was transformed into a vibrant canvas showcasing the artistic brilliance of our students.

From intricate sketches to mesmerizing bottle art, the exhibition featured a diverse range of artistic expressions. The inclusion of traditional Warli art and the delicate beauty of origami captivated the audience, offering a rich cultural experience.

One of the highlights was the tattoo and mehndi corners, where students showcased their skills in temporary body art. These corners became instant hits, drawing a crowd eager to explore the fusion of modern and traditional art forms.

The event not only celebrated creativity but also fostered a sense of community and appreciation for the artistic talents within our school. We extend our gratitude to the students, teachers, and parents whose collective efforts made this exhibition a resounding success.

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