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India x Japan Online Internationl Exchange Program(8th September, 2021)

“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it from you”

The objective of The Manthan school is never to improve abilities for a specific subject. Rather, we focus on the holistic development of children and improving their 21st-century skills that are essential in the current education system. We embark on a joyful journey of experiencing the exuberant Student exchange program, Shin Edupower initiated in our school that teams up with different other schools, worldwide to get students excited and engaged with learning in a different manner.

The goal of an online international exchange program between Japan and India is to stimulate a passion for learning and encourage healthy competition amongst students. The Manthan exchange program with its various enjoyable hands-on activities assured the school in meeting its objective.

The webinar was conducted where children from different countries and different cultures got to interact with each other on one platform and experienced global exposure. Two of our Grade 5 Manthanites participated in the same. There were myriads of engagement activities with a common objective of learning and discipline during the hour.

This Programme is another milestone in our educational journey of knowing each other’s country and people. We wish this exchange program between Japan and India to grow from strength to strength with each passing year.

An excellent experience altogether.

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