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Parent's Speak

Dear Teacher,

It was a great show. Your management and effort of the students looked amazing. I am also in the same profession and personally believe that if we want our children physically fit and disciplined then this type of program should be running on regular basis. When I had admitted my daughters in this school than I was worried. But now I can say that my daughters are in the safe hands. Again congratulations to the Principal ma’am, all organisers and all staff members for organising such a great and memorable program.

Dr.Arvind Kumar Yadav

Dear Teacher,

While I am abroad, I wasn't the first hand witness of the programme organised. I had innumerable feedback from my wife and the cheering faces of my kids to their creme de la creme expressions on what they did and how they enjoyed indeed made me feel happy. I have been assessing The Manthan School ever since it had mere few kids, including my son and daughter, enrolled. The way you are making education 'fun while learn' speaks volumes about the efforts you do. Furthermore, the Principal has been taking and incorporating innovative ideas to nourish the budding minds. It is truly appreciable and laudable. As a responsible parent and as being an academician myself teaching university students at global platforms, I can keenly observe your efforts - which are simply great. Please accept our heartiest congratulations on this successful sports programme that not only develop confidence in kids but also make them feel that they are being groomed by the visionary teachers.

Mr.Asif Anwar

Dear Team,

I would like to congratulate and thank all the staff members, principal ma’am and lovely kids for a very delightful and wonderful experience. It was a terrific show which showcased the abilities of our little ones thereby making them more confident as a person. In short it was a grand success.

Mr. Vishal Sharma

Dear Teacher,

Congratulations to all the teachers and the entire team who organised such a fabulous function. It was great to see all the kids perform so well with lot of confidence. We are proud to be a part of the Manthan School.

Mrs.Rekha Birla

Dear Manthan Family

"My experience with The Manthan School is since last 2 years and it has been very satisfying as the School is very progressive and growing. I am very happy to see my child evolve, grow and blossom into the person he truly is. The way of nurturing the children through performances and different activities has overwhelmed us."

Ms. Monal Sinha

Dear Manthan Team

"It's been one year my daughter is in Manthan and am very happy and satisfied the way my daughter is learning and growing up.My daughter really enjoys going to school.Teachers are very loving and affectionate. Different activities organised by Manthan has given an opportunity for my daughter to develop.Manthan is a very nice Institute for the children to come and study."

Mr. Vaibhav Sharma

Dear Ma’am

"My child is studying in school from past one year. I am very satisfied by seeing improvement and remarkable confidence level in my child's overall personality development, speaking skills and physical activity. I like the teaching system of The Manthan School where focus is given on less child student teacher ratio. I would like to extend my gratitude towards School and also wish and hope that these extended efforts would continue."

Ms. Sonal Saxena

Dear Ma’am

"My both the children are studying in The Manthan school and have grown up progressively.They have shown an immense confidence level in speaking skills.They love to participate in almost all the activities conducted by the school.They got ample opportunity to explore through different concept and theme based activities. Manthan is a wonderful school where teachers teach children sincerely.I am proud to be associated with Manthan."

Ms.Sunrita Prakash

Dear Manthan Team,

The Best way to pay for a lovely Moment is to Enjoy it and really it was a very enjoyable and proud moment to attend Khel Chakra as a Parent. We can't even imagine how tough it would have been to manage and let such small kid prepare and present such beautiful performances.

The whole Annual Sport event was so good and so well managed, Active participation of all the teachers was adding so much confidence to the performances. It was really a very proud moment to see our kid performing and learning with such wonderful team of teachers.

Looking forward for more sports events they really add so much to a kids personality.

Abhishek Gupta.

Dear Mam,

A big thank you and a big congratulation to you and your entire Team for having such a Grand Celebration. Name “KHEL CHAKRA” which you chosen is inclusive of culture, sports and spirit. Energy and positive aspirant flows inside just hearing your program name.

Organising Program with teen age and program with child of age 3-5 years have day night difference and thus efforts which you all put in is commendable. The way Program moves on with time was sequential and kept audience intact. We enjoyed a lot with cheerful emotions.

For all parents, moment when child arrives at ground was one of the best moment in her parental time. Position which was taken by child in ground before performance shows discipline coming inside, performance shows confidence coming inside, looking at each other while performance shows Co-ordination and Team Spirit and many more..... and it happens because of efforts made by you and your team.

Thank you once again with best wishes for coming events.

Thanks & Regards
Dharmendra Kumar and Anshu Kumari

Dear Ma’am

Good Day!

As we have experienced the very first event for our child Tiara (Nestlings) at Manthan, here i would like to share our take away from the event.

Firstly i would appreciate the idea to engage almost all the students someway or other, surely this engagement will bring more to them rather sitting as spectators.

School management deserve the applaud for smooth execution and rigorous participation.

“Time management” is something i would’nt miss to highlight, Being on time to start/finsh shows mere discipline and respect for others time as well.

Sitting was well defined, just entry or passage points could have been little better.

I look forward for upcoming events, wishing all the very best to Manthan family.

Vivek Gupta

Hi Ma'am,

It was an immense pleasure to see my son participating in Gymnast. The arrangement were really good and atmosphere was highly motivating for the kids. The best part was the coordination among teachers, students and other supporters.

The theme was awesome. I really like the creativity of the school.

Well done and highly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks & Regards
Iti Srivastava

Dear Manthan School Team

Congratulations for organising such a nice Annual sports day at school campus.It was well planned and executed event. We enjoyed all beautiful performances of little champions.

Rupesh Prashar & Sushma Prashar

Respected Mam,

The event was exciting and we enjoyed to the fullest. All the performances were excellent and well conducted.

All the staff and teachers were vigilant and were present wherever needed.

The event was very well organized.

Vishwas Kapoor

Hello Ma’am,

The sports day was a wonderful, well co-ordinated event & we just wanted to thank you for inviting us. We would like to thanks the all facility members for bringing the best in our daughter. We are very happy to see her performing with full confidence. We enjoyed alot all the function. Hats off to the hard work of the teachers have put in the little ones.

Thanks & Warm Regards
Sharad & Kamakshi

Dear Ma'am,

Khel Chakra 2018, awesome and well executed event.

The wonderful part was that all the kids irrespective of their age got opportunity to participate and at least do something in front of crowd .I think all credit goes to The Manthan School and teachers , their efforts were highly visible during event.

Best Regards,
Vikas Ratn

Dear Team Manthan,

I wish to share my great experience of 'Khelchakra' sports event - 1st ever for my daughter Nayra.

The event was properly planned. What I like the most was participation of majority students. Each and every students were given opportunity to exhibit their diverse sport skills. It was never like that they are being compelled to perform rather they were enjoying it like my daughter did.

In any sporting event perfect planning, time management, team management, crowd/spectator's management and security/safety is key to success. Kudos to Manthan management for handling the all aspects in wonderful manner.

Shailja & Sumeet

Dear Manthan Family

A big Thank you for putting up such a great show.We were awestruck by the performance and connection kid shared with you all.Hats off to the hard work the teachers have put in with little ones. I would like to thank Ms Juhi Chakroborty and other Taekwondo teachers for bringing the best in my son Shivansh Sood, Nursery F.I was thrilled to see him perform brilliantly.

Kudos to the entire Manthan team.

Priyanka Sood.

Dear Ma’am,

The event was a great success and we enjoyed every bit of it. Little kids were looking awesome and amazing and made me feel like joining them in every act they prepared be it dance,sports, gymnastics.Kudos to the team. Very well done.


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