Greater Noida West, Affiliated to CBSE

Greater Noida West, Affiliated to CBSE

National Sports Day Celebration: 29th August, 2023

National Sports Day is celebrated across India on August 29th every year to honor the birthday of the legendary hockey player Major Dhyan Chand. The day is observed to promote the importance of sports and physical fitness in individuals’ lives. In line with this spirit, the school organized a series of sports events and activities to commemorate National Sports Day.

The day started with the morning prayer, followed by a talk with the Sports teachers. The day’s celebrations included mass PT sessions, Football matches, Badminton, Basketball and Zumba sessions. The synchronized exercises and routines boosted the sense of unity and shared commitment to fitness. The matches were intense and filled with energy, fostering a sense of healthy competition. The most awaited event of the day was the basketball match between the school staff and students. This friendly yet competitive match brought excitement to the spectators. It was heartwarming to witness teachers and students enjoying the spirit of the game.

The active participation showcased the school’s dedication to fostering an environment that values sports and fitness. The winners were awarded certificates. We are inspired to continue embracing an active lifestyle and promoting sports culture within the school community.

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