Teacher Training

In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.

To keep its teachers upbeat, ‘The Manthan School ‘ organizes seminars every now and then to deal with pertinent topics. This time the need of the hour was to get acquainted with the concept of ‘Multiple Intelligences’ by Dr. Howard Gardner. An elaborate workshop was conducted by Ms. Nishima Arya Hans, wherein the different learning patterns of the children were pondered over in detail. The session was not only a food for thought but also very informative and enlightening. It was then concluded with a hope of devising and adopting better teaching strategies in near future by the team.

Understanding Child Psychology

In Keeping up with the tradition of The Manthan School, to update and educate its teachers, a workshop was held on “Understanding Child Psychology” by the special educator Ms. RiyaBabbar. It was an interactive workshop in which a presentation was shown which highlighted the concept of uniqueness in each and every child. The workshop was received well by all present. Teachers along with the management of the school attendedthe workshop aimed at sensitizing them towards accepting and appreciatingthe differences in children.

Learning by doing

Three days workshop was conducted in The Manthan School for teachers with an aim to focus on 'learning by doing' and 'integrating' the various concepts of numeracy, literacy, scientific temper, creativity and enjoyment in day-to-day teaching-learning process.The workshop emphasized on teacher’s role as a facilitator and a guide to provide productive inputs and help children know how to learn for themselves. --

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