The Acoustic Box

An area for the student to speak his heart out. It's a self- help scheme which motivates the student to record his deeper concerns. His/her hearts calling is analysed by the school counsellor in order to help the student solve his problems. The absence of an adult supervision sometimes helps the student to overcome his hesitation, voice his concerns uninterrupted and actually gives them an opportunity to analyse their own feelings. Basically meaning that it's a sound box through which we listen to the vibrations of the child's heart.

Chill-Out Zone

An area dedicated to students to relax and rejuvenate. It is a welcoming space for children to follow their hobbies and unwind themselves. Be it reading, listening to music, playing board games, writing graffities, doodling or simply interacting with the peer group, it is certainly a place loved by students of all age groups.

Sprinkler Park

Little ones are bundles of energy, and on hot days this can become a bit too much to handle. To make such days fun and memorable, there is the Sprinkler Park. Here, the showers in an open space create an ambience of artificial rain and frolic for the kids.

The Green Globe

The Green Globe in the school is built for the purpose to create a microcosm of the natural world. It displays the balance of nature in its flora and fauna existing harmoniously.

The trees, water fall and grass lands with the variety of animals living in and around it, is a perfect example of coexistence and the interdependence of living beings with the nature and its resources.

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