Tasveer: Annual Day

The Founder’s Day is traditionally a very important day in the Manthan school calendar as the day commemorates and felicitates the contribution of the Chairperson and the founder member, Mr. P. K. Jain who has bequeathed valuable resources to its development. The chief aim is to actively develop the ambition and potential of every student by targeting a 100% attendance on stage .The school believes that a student can achieve anything with focus, perseverance and confidence. The day is celebrated with a beautifully woven cultural programme of fervor, zest and enthusiasm. An extravaganza of activities is conducted on the day designed to contribute an all – round development of young Manthanites.

Mother's Day

The school celebrates Mother's Day to acknowledge the contribution and the role of the mothers who play a pivotal role in the lives of students. Students plan various activities with their teachers wherein the mothers are involved to create something unique and special. Students also put up a cultural show with rhymes, plays and speeches to make this day a memorable experience for mothers. Students gift a token to gratitude to their mothers on this day to honor the spirit of motherhood.

Father's Day

Today, fathers are expected to take on multiple roles. The School believes in fostering relationships and values through involvement and participation in school activities and events which have significant impact on the students’ educational success. Students gift a token of love to fathers as gratitude which depicts their immense love and affection.

Teacher's Day

The school acknowledges the role of teachers in moulding students to become better citizens of tomorrow. Students come dressed to enact as teachers on 5th September. Students take the opportunity to give cards and bouquets to their teachers. They express love and respect for their teachers by singing, presenting cards, memorable write ups and tokens of gratitude. Thereafter to realize the importance of teachers, they take over the academic and administrative working of the school. Teachers are honored by the Management for their commitment and dedication to the cause of Education.

Children's Day

To celebrate childhood and innocence, Children's Day is celebrated by the teachers and students of The Manthan School with great passion and excitement. Children participate in activities like singing songs in Hindi and English, poem recitation, speech and dance to remember Chacha Nehru's great works for the country. Teachers disguise themselves as children and present dramas and dances for their beloved students to make the day memorable.

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