Learner knows Best

Each individual is blessed with Multiple Intelligences and various Styles of Learning – that are fairly unique to each individual. Consequently, we accept, recognise and celebrate that each child learns differently – and that given a fair chance, the child discovers and knows how to learn the best.

We at Manthan, present a variety of environment that shall immediately draw children to themselves, and with the right encouragement and guidance, children shall teach themselves through trial and error; with repeated explorations making the learning to be permanent.

This would include the shared understanding that –

  • it is alright to make a mistake
  • it is important that the child is given a time to think
  • it is imperative to know that the child can be different and not necessarily wrong
  • the child is encouraged to participate in activities that he wants to do, and is not necessarily good at
  • interest in a subject and deeper understanding thereof is more important than marks

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