How to improve speaking skills in school ?>

How to improve speaking skills in school

Communication is a cornerstone of human society. It enables us to create bonds, influence decisions, and inspire change. The capacity to advance in life would be almost impossible without communication/speaking skills. Speaking skills is one of the substantial skills of language learning to achieve social as well as academic success. Speaking is one thing that constantly engages pupils in their routine life, making it easier for them to communicate and express their feelings. School is the primary place where an…

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How schools ensure child’s well being ?>

How schools ensure child’s well being

Most times, school is seen as an organization dedicated to providing quality education. However, it is only partly accurate. School is where children learn, play and grow. Therefore, it largely contributes to their well-being. The school’s role in ensuring well-being is true at all levels, right from the early stages. The best play schools in Noida focus on equipping the child with 360-degree development and prepare them for the next step. Parents always want to give what is best for…

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The Birth of Future Leaders: Leadership lessons ?>

The Birth of Future Leaders: Leadership lessons

Leaders are the face of progress as they take people, and the world, forward, inward and upward. Resilience, empathy, adaptability and a strong sense of self are prominent traits of dynamic leaders that make a striking difference in the world. The future is a jungle of uncertainties that can be transformed into a bouquet of opportunities with genuine leadership. History is proof that many iconic leaders achieved success by failing repeatedly and finding strength in their failures. This is why…

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The Center of Excellence in Education ?>

The Center of Excellence in Education

Education is not about learning facts, but the training of the mind to think, imagine and explore. The main purpose of education is to train the minds of young minds in the right direction and enhance their thinking powers. For a parent, it is very important to choose the best school for their child. A school that is not limited to not only academics but every form of learning whether it is sports or extra-curricular. For quality and world-class education,…

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The Education of Personal Development ?>

The Education of Personal Development

Schools play an important role in helping the students to develop & manage their physical and emotional well-being, and to live & work with others in different contexts. There are certain essential skills in life that need to be taught in every school to the young minds from their early years and one of them is personal development. The Manthan School, best play school in Noida, always aims to provide a world-class education with state of the art infrastructure and…

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New Learning for New Gen Learners ?>

New Learning for New Gen Learners

Gaining knowledge and putting it into practice is the first step towards learning, and the most effective way to learn is to build upon what one already knows. Traditionally, education has followed the path to greater knowledge, but as skill gaps emerge, 21st century schools must find new learning approaches to address them. The Manthan School, best primary school in Noida, aims towards building the skills of the students those who have already acquired knowledge through academic and classroom knowledge…

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Importance of educating values ?>

Importance of educating values

In today’s world, where corruption, violence, unrest have become so prevalent in our society, schools have an added responsibility of imparting education of values to produce not just educated but also responsible citizens with insightful minds who believe in giving back to society. Value education starts from home and it continues throughout life, but value education in schools plays a major part in a student’s life so it should be taught in each and every school to add values to…

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Writing Skill – A Skill for Life ?>

Writing Skill – A Skill for Life

Rapidly advancing technology is making communication more accessible, simpler, short, and more convenient than ever before. Young children/students in school are receiving an outside education in the art of modern writing and communication. The problem is that many students are learning habits at a crucial age that may help them pick the perfect emoji or gif for a social situation, but it won’t help them learn the appropriate forms of “your,” “you’re,” and “yours.” Writing is a core skill that…

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Environmental Education for a Better Future ?>

Environmental Education for a Better Future

The attitude of caring for the environment and being aware of our actions towards our mother nature doesn’t develop overnight. This requires adults to create awareness in children right from the early years. Therefore, the concept of understanding our environment and maintaining the balance needs to be driven through the curriculum and activities at school. Mother earth is more than ever alarmed with issues such as an increase in pollution levels, global warming, deforestation, wild fires, floods and draughts, paucity of…

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Discipline – The Key Ingredient of Success ?>

Discipline – The Key Ingredient of Success

Discipline is an important behavior in life and is a character trait that is crucial for expressing many other attributes in life. It refers to orderliness in life, which is essential for success in one’s life. We all know that students are the future assets of the nation and discipline lay a good foundation for being selective, independent, punctual, focused, encouraged & organized in life. Clearly, discipline is the fundamental element to be successful in life and therefore, school is the…

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