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Every Child is an Artist ?>

Every Child is an Artist

Art is the most significant and magical component of education to reinforce the power of imagination, innovation, and creativity in a student. The role of art is very essential in the early development of a student and that’s why the schools of this generation need to teach and encourage the students to engage in the art form as it has countless benefits. Besides art is fun, students learn to observe, interpret, see different perspectives, analyze, and synthesize.  At The Manthan…

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Skill Based Curriculum for the Young Minds ?>

Skill Based Curriculum for the Young Minds

School education plays a major role in any country’s journey. A good education system leads to the development of learned citizens who are aware of their rights and responsibilities, and would want to proactively contribute to the growth of a nation and that contribution to the nation largely depends upon quality education. Apart from a subtle defined curriculum, there is a huge need for skill-based learning in schools. Slowly and gradually schools of this era are integrating the skill-based learning…

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Why STEAM learning should be an integral part of educational program? ?>

Why STEAM learning should be an integral part of educational program?

Living in an ever-evolving age with technology, environment, and even systems advancing and changing rapidly; getting our kids ready for tomorrow has become a necessary yet difficult task. While education and learning are slowly shifting towards digital and comprehensive formats for better understanding of the children, a 360-degree approach for holistic learning and development becomes the need of the hour as technology, innovation, creativity, and academics converge today demanding higher abilities and skills amongst the children. Addressing this convergence and…

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Teaching via Online Classes ?>

Teaching via Online Classes

The Corona pandemic has made a global impact in the past weeks and continues to hit most of the sectors, with education being one of the most affected ones. Students across the world are losing valuable time in their education during the imposed lockdown amidst fears of a pandemic. The situation has forced the schools to shut down and the students to stay at home. At such a time, the extended lockdown period is forcing the education sector in India…

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The Value of Time Management ?>

The Value of Time Management

Knowing the art of managing your time well has been linked to success in the later stages of life. In fact, many researchers have pointed out that kids who value time are able to cope up with the pressures of life in a much more effective way. On the other hand, kids who lack the ability to follow a schedule face a hard time as responsibilities start to mount with age. Luckily, time management is a skill that can be…

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The power of Collaborative Learning ?>

The power of Collaborative Learning

In our ever-evolving world, the ability to develop creative and critical thinking skills is becoming more important than any other skill or knowledge. Now a days, it is very essential for schools to educate students with a certain set of skills for a bright future. One of the most important sets of skills in life is collaborative learning. When students collaborate they are exposed to new possibilities and these interactions serve as catalysts, inspiring them to work on self-expression and…

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Read to Lead the world ?>

Read to Lead the world

There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all!”- Jacqueline Kennedy  Books are a handy resource packed with information, insights into a happy life, life lessons, love, prayer, fear and lots of advantageous instruction. Books open doors to a world of ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness. Stories are an integral part of our lives, they talk about our history, our mythology, our beliefs, our aspirations, possibilities of our future, and the list…

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Improve Creative Writing Skill in Children ?>

Improve Creative Writing Skill in Children

In today’s digitalized and technologically advanced world, our society and the industry has progressed at a phenomenal rate. However, reading a traditional book and writing creative content has still not lost its importance in the gathering of knowledge and exploring new ideas and imagination. Though the modes of engaging in such activity are progressing rapidly with an adaptation of new technology, it has never gone completely out of date due to the immense importance it subtly holds in our life….

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Foreign language study is all about learning how to truly communicate and connect with others—an incredibly important life skill that can only be cultivated by interacting with people. Learning a new language also demonstrates that you have a host of other skills. According to studies, multilingual is better at problem-solving, more creative and are better multitaskers. We, at The Manthan School, the best primary schools in Noida extension believe that education impartation in today’s time should not be limited to scholastic…

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Creating a revolution in education ?>

Creating a revolution in education

Digital education is now more of a rule than an exception, given the increased access to technology. Almost every good school in the country now likes to be regarded as a technologically advanced school. Digital education has made this possible. Digital Education solves some very pressing problems facing the Indian education system today. The Manthan School is among the best primary schools in Noida Extension which is equipped with digital classrooms and learning methods to make academics more effective and…

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