5 Common School Admission Myths in India ?>

5 Common School Admission Myths in India

India is a country where primary and secondary education, conducted through schools, is the most important phase of a child’s life. In these formative years, parents always look for the best school to enroll their child in.

To aid in this process of school admission, The Manthan School has put together a list of five of the most common admission myths in Indian schools, and what is the truth behind each of them. These myths are as follows:

MYTH 1: All schools are the same

Each school has a unique and specialized form of the education distribution.

With a varying focus on aspects like physical & mental health, social interaction, and communication, The Manthan School leaves a mark on its alumni, parents, teachers, and everyone else related to the institution. The language of development adopted here is not repeated elsewhere.

MYTH 2: Indian Boards are tougher than International Boards

Although the learning methods for each subject are different, the rigor that is seen in international boards versus Indian boards is both equal. Each board just uses different formats of assignments and course structuring, which seems to be seen as a difference in approaches.

MYTH 3: Students can’t shift boards

Shifting boards in primary and middle school is completely possible for most of the boards provided in India. It is only after Grade 8 that it is difficult to shift from an Indian Board to an International Board, or vice-versa.

MYTH 4: All good private schools are expensive

Schools that value education never looks to make a quick buck through their students. When you search ‘best school near me’, you need not burn a hole in your pocket. Education provided by some of The Manthan School is budget-friendly and hassle-free.

MYTH 5: Entry Interviews are a must

The government of Delhi has started the initiative of scraping school interviews for primary school students, and we hope that other governments follow suit. With this, primary schools in Delhi do not have to conduct interviews for the admission of new students within their schools, nor do the new students or their parents need to worry about the same.

The Manthan School hopes that with this reading, you are more comfortable with the admission process in schools and what your child’s further education holds for them and for you.

We hope that you are able to select the perfect school for your child and they receive all the success n their educational endeavors.

Admissions for 2022-23 are now open.

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