A world beyond classroom ?>

A world beyond classroom

Discussing about importance of an ideal schooling for a child would be a never-ending topic as there are numerous learnings that you acquire when you grow. These teaching may be subjective to different techniques and interests which are taught according to the child’s age & curriculum. But the school as a whole, is a part of a bigger goal which comprises of different elements. But, many educational institutes restrict a child’s growth outside the classroom, making it all under the…

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Learning beyond Academics ?>

Learning beyond Academics

Maintaining an ideal educational structure is something we don’t find in common with the schools, we consider for our young ones. Many internationally acclaimed institutes have still been teaching the same routine structure loaded with academics. Thus, resulting less in overall development. Parents who seek something extraordinary for their child must consider an equal growth balance for mental and physical health. Because lessons like sportsmanship & teamwork can’t be taught in class, it becomes extremely important for child to get…

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The journey of a “Manthanite” ?>

The journey of a “Manthanite”

The initial years of learning matter the most for any child as it sets a base for the overall development. And thus, it becomes crucial for us to guide the whole education structure in a more interesting and creative way so that students can take interest and explore more. Very few institutes are able to follow the same, but things become a little different & interesting for a “Manthanite”. Ranked amongst top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR, The Manthan School…

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Our children deserve an aesthetic learning experience ?>

Our children deserve an aesthetic learning experience

Students are often surrounded by different arithmetical and printed communications throughout their schooling. During this journey, it is advised to keep children busy with books in order to achieve a decent academic score. But the ideal education system maintains an equal balance between curriculum and co-curricular activities. Ranked amongst top CBSE School in Noida, The Manthan School works towards providing an aesthetic experience through different co-curricular activities. These interests are kept and marked as proper subjects for students to dive…

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Art helps in investigating deeper with knowledge ?>

Art helps in investigating deeper with knowledge

When defining an ideal educational structure, it becomes difficult to debate on which subject is really the most important for your child? Which subject will help your child to build a career with? These are the most common talks, that parents think about while planning an academic journey for their children. But amidst all of this, parents often ignore the most vital element that adds more to their child’s learning, Art. Regarded as the most important activity from ages, Art…

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Always believe in an artistic brain! ?>

Always believe in an artistic brain!

The Manthan School has always carried a different approach when it comes to educating the young minds. An ideal educational institute in our country is expected to keep the same route of emphasizing over academics. And this actually hinders the overall growth of an individual. This pre-primary school in Noida offers a unique curriculum allows your child’s development to maintain an equal balance with mental & physical health. And not only helping children to get involved in new activities &…

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A multi-cultured education system! ?>

A multi-cultured education system!

India has always carried an amalgamation of various cultures with its roots. Its thousand years old history explains how the nation grew where it stands today with its learnings. And when a country works for an overall nation growth, its becomes important to educate the new generation about their culture and tradition. Very few educational institutes focus on guiding the young minds with cultural learnings but educating the same academic structure, running from years. There should be an adequate mix…

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A child’s future is a country’s future ?>

A child’s future is a country’s future

To any event or activity, you take the initial stage of the whole process is the deciding factor of how the final result will look like. And the same is the case with a child’s overall development. The initial years of a child’s learning phase decides what the brain is going to adapt in future. It’s never about subjects we teach, lesson or stories but what the mind likes. Children are often restricted till books with strict routine over academics…

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A school is more than just books ?>

A school is more than just books

Ranked amongst top 10 schools in Delhi NCR, The Manthan School has established a new standard ­of learning structure where children don’t find themselves under academic pressure or tied up with books but more open to learn & explore new subjects. These subjects are not the one we consider in academics, but learnings. Children are exposed to explore various activities which can be sports or any extra-curricular activity like music, theatre or dance. Proper learning and guidance in these initial…

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The “Manthan Mantra” of success. ?>

The “Manthan Mantra” of success.

You might come across many educational institutes in India which are governed by their own structure and have been following the same for years. These institutes primarily focus on academics and keep a heavy impact on books but at the same time this every-going learning method doesn’t maintain an equal balance between learner’s physical and mental health. Ranked amongst one of the finest primary school in noida, The Manthan School knows the importance of how a child needs to be…

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