Enhance your learning with technology ?>

Enhance your learning with technology

Technology has made a great impact on every aspect of life. Technology is spreading everywhere around us and it is spreading to schools and education centres to make students ready for the future. It enables students to become better focused empowering them with the skills to understand how to learn best. The Manthanschool is the modern school of this era which is adopting the new approach which involves technology in the school curriculum. The classrooms, computer labs are equipped with…

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The future of education ?>

The future of education

Education is the most important foundation which is to be laid strongly in every child’s young years for a better life and future. Now a days, education is not limited to textbooks and classrooms but expanded in terms of digital education. Digital education is an online learning platform for students and teachers to enhance education delivery and management. Digital learning is extending and creating learning opportunities worldwide. There are many benefits of this learning technology like interactive learning, high engagement…

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The impact of Outdoor learning ?>

The impact of Outdoor learning

Students spend their most of time in classrooms and labs. Students are so occupied with studies and academics that they get considerably less time for outdoor learnings and education. Outdoor learning is as important as academics which makes the child excel in mind and body. Outdoor experiences also enhance social-emotional and leadership skills which is very crucial in life as well as career. Some more benefits of outdoor learning are like increased motivation, builds confidence, boots physical and mental fitness…

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A journey of learning ?>

A journey of learning

Apart from learning and education, there are several things school provide such as school gives an overall structured education and enhances a child’s physical, mental and psychological growth. Apart from academics, a child also learns other important life skills such as teamwork, good manners, unity, sharing, and responsibility, morals and values. Each Child is innocent in his early years and is like sponges that will absorb almost everything that is taught to them. By allowing them to learn in a…

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Every child is talented! ?>

Every child is talented!

School is the place of learning where a child learns to enhance himself in terms of knowledge, morals, values, and education. As school is important for students, in the same way, students are important for school. Without students, school cannot exist. Earlier, all schools provide the same educations and learning and it was easy to enroll your child in any school, but now is the different scenario. Parents don’t want to limit their child to education only but also want…

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“Slow & steady always wins the race!” ?>

“Slow & steady always wins the race!”

Many people believe in providing the finest learning techniques to young brains at the earliest stage possible. This practice can be around enrolling your child with any co-curricular activity or to any subject that he/she should expertise with. Now, the thought is pure and moral towards bringing the ideal development with the child’s learning capacity. But what if the young brains choose their interests by themselves? What if we let them explore & learn with their own capacity? This surely…

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“Education doesn’t restrict till classroom” ?>

“Education doesn’t restrict till classroom”

Books are surely man’s best friend and it does help us to grasp knowledge about the world we live in. But when we move to the real world, our mind and body needs to be in sync so they can perform together and better. Our body needs & deserves equal attention and work for its optimum development so it can work accordingly with our mind. And not only because it helps us to be fit, but physical education also promotes…

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Empower the creative side of your child! ?>

Empower the creative side of your child!

An ideal education system in our nation always emphasizes on bringing the academic side of the whole curriculum so students can shine with their reports. But it’s always better to let them explore the best for themselves be it any subject, art or craft. The reverse action of enforcing any learnings on students always leads to making them more dis-interested towards education. The Manthan school near sector 78 Noida empowers its students with the highest level of education and extra-curricular…

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But, why Manthan? ?>

But, why Manthan?

If any parent is looking for an educational institute for their child, they’ll have a big list to follow down with each project promising the highest level of education. These institutes assure top-notch amenities in place for your child’s academic journey but how do you know if this is what your child needs? What if he/she possess good art skills and could be a great artist or sings well and could be a great singer or is good in academics…

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Learn the art of learning with The Manthan School ?>

Learn the art of learning with The Manthan School

The Manthan School is one of the few pre-primary school in Noida and Delhi/NCR that strives to create an impact in the child’s educational journey with providing distinctive approach towards different learnings. The vision here aims at catering a safe & sound environment which protects children and helps them to be curious enough to explore new aspects. This advance curriculum allows them to explore more and equip a skill set to be life-long learners. This not only aids their skill…

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