Dive deep into the ocean of knowledge with The Manthan School ?>

Dive deep into the ocean of knowledge with The Manthan School

Education is one of the most important element that every country has come across for different growth agendas. Being the most vital element for their upcoming future generations, countries have invested double of their budgets in education sector. And one of the best example for this can be our own nation, India. Metro cities have seen a major growth with more informative educational institutes. Delhi/NCR has also been blessed with such an extraordinary educational wonder named The Manthan School. As…

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Why Choose The Manthan For Your Tiny Tots ?>

Why Choose The Manthan For Your Tiny Tots

“Learning is a continuous process”- A human being starts learning the day he is born. We believe primary education is the foundation of a child’s learning. A child’s mind is like a candle, it can be easily moulded; what he learns in his growing years is what stays with him for a lifetime. Parents are our first teachers and therefore they are in search of a school they can trust with their child’s education and upbringing. Choosing a school for…

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Health And Hygiene ?>

Health And Hygiene

Children are more inclined to get sick than adults, this is the major reason that hygiene should be implemented at the utmost level. Most children are not careful about their health and hygiene, which not only creates a problem for them but also to the students sitting with them. There’s a lot more to just washing your hands, taking bath, or brushing teeth, all of this should be instilled at a very early age. A school should not just only…

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Slow and Steady Wins The Race ?>

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

We all must have heard the story of a tortoise and a rabbit where the tortoise wins the race by being slow throughout the race. This applies in real life also. Everyday everybody is running to complete a certain task which is assigned to them, or any of the things that they are required to do. In this life, everybody is running, some do succeed and some do not. There are a lot of people who finds a short cut…

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School- A Second Home ?>

School- A Second Home

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world”. This has been rightly conveyed, thus the parents send their children to school because is not just an institution, it is and should be a home to the children. What is a home? It is a place where you live with your parents, grandparents, siblings etc. Everybody shares the same level of warmth with each other and you feel comfortable there. Teachers…

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First Day at School ?>

First Day at School

The first day of school gives everybody frenzy, isn’t it? Students arrive with mixed emotions; some are excited to come while some are a bit nervous. The secret to success is being patient, and then observing everything that is happening around. The Manthan School, which is a nursery school in Noida, makes it a point for students to have a memorable first day in school. Below are some pointers that can help you in having the perfect first day: 1) The…

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Tips for Revision ?>

Tips for Revision

There won’t be a single time when your parents are not asking if you have completed you revision or whether you have revised thrice. Isn’t it? Revision is the key element of everything. You might have studied a subject just 12 hours ago, but there are a lot of chances that your brain has forgotten it. Your brain definitely needs revision to recapitulate every word in your textbooks. We should never opt for examination without revising the chapters even once. The…

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Ways to Handle Troubled Students ?>

Ways to Handle Troubled Students

We all are familiar with students who cause trouble to one another, who have a habit of poking their nose in someone else’s work. The day when they don’t come, everything in the classroom goes smooth and perfect. Teaching is suddenly more fun, and you can cruise through your lessons without any interruption. I once had a conversation with a teacher who teaches in School near Gaur city. She told me that she had to Google ways to tackle students, because…

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How to Encourage Students to Ask Questions? ?>

How to Encourage Students to Ask Questions?

‘Excuse me, Teacher. Why are marks so important?’ We all want active students in our class. Isn’t it? Active participation leads to better understanding and also better grasping of the subject. When the students ask questions, their doubts are being cleared. If they don’t, then it might hinder on their examinations or unit tests. While opting for the best CBSE School in Noida, we should keep all of these things in mind. Because your child is going to grow bigger, and…

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How to Prepare Students for Exams? ?>

How to Prepare Students for Exams?

Preparing students for their examinations is the most consequential part and it can be pretty challenging too. The teachers not only have limited classroom time but also they have to individually pay attention to every child during this crucial time. Few considerations can be extremely beneficial and can turn an exam preparation into constructive and worthwhile process. The top 10 schools in Noida are very observant of the factors mentioned below: A wise person once said, “Practice makes a man perfect”. So,…

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