Educational Trip To Iskcon Temple

Students from Grade 1-7 visited ISKCON Temple, Noida on the occasion of Janamashtmi. All the students were filled with great excitement as the visit was a part of their study tour. Students and teachers were welcomed by the members of the temple. RadhaKhurds Das (priest) was our guide, he explained the whole life of Lord Krishna by showing the statues and paintings in and around the temple. It was a wonderful sight to see all students and teachers to participate in the Kirtan and then everyone took blessings from the Head Priest and were bid farewell with Prasad. It was indeed an educative and memorable visit as all the students enjoyed and learnt about the life of Lord Krishna.

Fledglings visit to Beejom Farm

The Manthan School organized a farm visit that helped the Fledglings students’ to explore how food is grown and how animals are raised is an ideal way. By learning how a farm works, children experience the natural world in a new way and make a vital connection between the social, ecological, and economic importance of agriculture in their lives. The Fledglings students got an opportunity to experience the countryside and kick their senses into action: seeing, listening, smelling, observing, enjoying! They discovered where our food comes from - and so much more. They have seen farm animals and their habit and habitat. They also enjoyed the food and refreshments there. Visiting a farm was fun and engaging time. One of the best parts was watching children encounter new things

Fledglings visit to vegetable & fruit mart

The students of The Manthan School found a visit to the vegetable and fruit mart an opportunity to grow vocabulary.

Teacher clicked photos of various fruits & vegetables for further exploration back at the classroom. Some learning is best begun outside of the classroom for maximum learning and enjoyment.

Visit to Botanical Garden

Students gathered an enriching, learning experience and gained significant knowledge on the need to preserve the plant species. Students were amazed to see different species of the Cactus family, a rare species of green rose, dog flower and many medicinal plants like the Arjun tree. Children also got to see 70 varieties of fruits. The resource person interestingly shared valuable information on trees and integrated mythical and characters from legendary epics.

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