Whenever a family with young children decides to move to a new locality, the question often in the minds of the parents before moving in is whether the new locality has a good school or not? Families moving to Noida thankfully do not have to deal with such a dilemma, thanks to the presence of some excellent schools in the vicinity of different residential societies in Noida.

If you have young children in your family then you need not look beyond Manthan School which is arguably the best CBSE school in Noida and thanks to which nursery school admission in Noida is no longer a strenuous task for worried parents.

A School with a difference

Manthan School is guided by its vision of the four pillars of education

Learning to know

Learning to do

Learning to live together

Learning to be

Thanks to the diverse curriculum of the play school at Manthan, students enhance their social skills through free structured play, develop their gross and fine motor skills through art and craft activities. Personal and social attitudes are groomed as a result of such experiential learning with a deeper understanding and respect for the changing world.

The curriculum is student centric with an emphasis on motor skills, cognitive development, environment and a sense of respect for the self and the environment in which they are in.

The inquiry based approach to learning helps students grow as seekers of knowledge whose journey of learning is a lifelong process.  It is a learning that is based on research, interpretation and communication.