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Benefits of Art in Child growth

In recent years, the school curriculum has drastically changed from the traditional format of teaching to more on Extra Curricular Activities like arts.

As per some researcher learning beyond class can create a huge impact on improving the visual memory among the kids and very helpful in the development of the next generation of children as they grow up. Manthan is among Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR which always focus on bringing an interactive and innovative approach to help preschool kids through a modern approach to learning.

Learning Arts at preschool has many benefits

Learning arts helps in improving and understanding about what is present in the world. Arts also help in understanding emotion and feelings which can’t be learned through general subject like English, Hindi, Mathematics or Environmental science.

Language Development: Development and understanding of various languages is very important for children at the young age. By the virtue of arts or just talking about it through activities —provides opportunities to learn words for colors, shapes, and actions more quickly.

Decision Making: Arts also helps a lot in getting into the depth of the subject and improves decision-making quality among children. Thus, art education helps in strengthening the concept in improving critical-thinking skills and problem-solving approach.

Visual Learning: Is more important way of learning than ever. Some of the fine examples are drawing, sculpting with clay, threading beads and learning through cartoons are more appealing and easy to understand. The information consists of clues so that kids can guess through this method, it helps them a lot in building and understanding their thought.

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Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR

Cultural Awareness: Cultural Awareness also plays a crucial role in developing kid’s curiosity and improving their memory.  Interpretation of reality and festivals helps children to recognize the concept of what they see.

As children like to take part in the art related activities so that they can increase their artistic skills, enhance their creativity, and develop their emotional, social, skills. However, learning at Manthan one of the known nd best schools in Delhi NCR is a great fun. The teachers and all staffs focus more on building such a coaxial environment  where the child get the free environment  to learn all these things through arts.

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Technology Transforming Classroom Environment

In the present age, every sphere of the world has been touched by technology and education hasn’t been left behind in the process. No doubt the curriculum and theory of traditional education have changed a lot since Victorian times, but how well we and these kids are able to handle these technologies to accelerate the education speed further is still a question for Indian educational system, parents and for educationist.

Best Schools in Delhi NCRThere is no uncertainty, that use of technology has many advantages over the traditional methods of teaching. Recently the school is focusing more on learning through smartboards, videos, Slides, personalized learning programs. In order to give the speed to education Manthan School is considered as one of the Best Schools in Delhi NCR.

The school has initiated much effort to automate processes to increase the efficiency and productivity which is uplifting the standard of primary education. The government too, is encouraging people to participate in Digital India to leverage the use of technology.

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Therefore, how come the school lags behind although the general belief is that the Smart Class  is changing the face of education for the better and is a helpful model of development in the area of tracking of student learning, blended teaching, innovative course and advent of learning apps etc.

As a Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR, the school has taken a new initiative to enhance and discover the different potential among children so that they are prepared to live a better life and make this world a better place.

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Manthan School Making The Roadmap for Your Child Future…

Manthan is a premier Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR, with an intention to create a world -class education.  The school is fully equipped with all the latest facilities of education that is available in the world market. It also possesses a world class campus connected with various modes of transportation facilities. The school provides an international platform with a perfect mix of modern technology, culture, and innovation.

Manthan is one of the top ten schools in Noida that has shown its presence through the platform of education. The school is Best Play School in Noida which provides the most excellent education beyond the traditional form of teaching.

The school offers international facilities with the prime focus on the safety of the children. Moreover, the school is well scrutinized all the time under CCTVs for continuous effective surveillance of the school.

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CBSE Board School NoidaManthan is a CBSE Board School in Noida, believes that the safety, security and well-being of our students are one of the major areas of concern. The school has a state of the art infrastructure, computerized and well ventilated, centrally air conditioned library for its students, which is stocked well with a wide variety of books. These books consist of textbooks, reference books, fiction books (English and Hindi), and books for competitive exams, magazines, General Knowledge books, encyclopedias, biographies, guidance as well as counseling books, and much more. The school library cum resource center is designed to provide and encourage students so that they can obtain the knowledge on a variety of subjects.

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The Manthan School Educating for Better Tomorrow

A school is a place where we learn to live a life. In fact, school plays a big role in making ideal citizens for future. The school is the first to teach how to live and participate in a community. It helps a lot in developing a strong foundation among children of tender age.

Best Play School in Noida

The Manthan School in Noida is among Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR that helps in building a strong career foundation among children with a range of special initiatives. All the school activity has been designed in order to allow children to realize their optimum potential. The school also set a congenial atmosphere to achieve its objective where children would feel this school is their second home.

Keeping pace with the other CBSE Board School  in Noida, the Manthan School is equipped with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art parameters. The school is fully equipped with a learned and committed group of teachers who led the school to a new height through their knowledge and interest to produce countries, top citizen.

best Schools in Delhi NCRThe Manthan School in Noida is known for its quality education and is said to be the Best Play School in Noida. It is also a place where a world class education and career grows and planted with creative and critical thinking in order to meet the global challenges through a challenging curriculum.

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The school has a sound faculty base, avant-garde infrastructure, and resources Manthan has been a niche for all basic learners. The institution, since the very beginning, has attracted learners for their unique approach and a wide range of learning opportunities. The academic vigour here promises excellence in quality education beyond classrooms.

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Importance of Giving Rewards to Your Kids in Learning Age

Importance of Giving Rewards to Your Kids in Learning Age - The Manthan School

Importance of Giving Rewards to Your Kids in Learning Age – The Manthan School

Kids need reward for everything they do in their early age. Development age is just as important as the adult age. Kids begin to understand the concept of reward from the age of three. There are many creche in Noida which helps kids to understanding the benefits of performing well. Rewards are kind of perks to kids in their learning age.

  • Try to make rewards fairly immediate, younger kids needs more immediate goals while adult kids believe in long rewards. Incentives can be big or small but it will surely help your child to boost their energy to perform well.
  • Be creative and try to use charts, visuals and drawings to remind young children of their achievements. They will overwhelm to see it and will surely promise to perform well. Top 10 schools in Delhi NCR follows this type of curriculum to boost child performance.
  • Try to set specific goals for your child in early age. Don’t set too many things at a time for your kid, try to make them work one at a time. Normal habits like being nice to elders, eating on time, managing their toys and room can be added in the list to begin the learning.
  • Try to help your kids when they are facing problem to finish a particular goal. Helping kids makes them more confident about completing the goals at time. Best schools in Delhi NCR take help of faculty to help the kids to make them goal conscious and confident.

Ways to Make Your Child Learning More Fun in Vacations

Kindergarten - The Manthan School

Kindergarten – The Manthan School

After school timings kids are not interested in more studies and home work. Parents need to work hard to make their learning wasteland into learning paradise. They have to tempt them with television, video games and different sports to make them study for a while. But vacation time is the most painful time for parents to make their learning keep going in the vacation so that they don’t forget their lessons and teachingsSchools in Noida try to make vacations more cheerful for kids Vacations are the time which can be used for children to create new hobbies, learn about responsibility and build new skills

  • Clip, cut and paste about your family memories- Try to help you kid to create a scrapbook about family gatherings and trips. It will help your child to know his family well and he can store beautiful memories as a scrapbook. Trip descriptions can also be written which can enhance the knowledge of your child.
  • Keep learning going- Vacation gives long break to study schedule of kids. Parents should try to recall lessons through different activities and playful way so that kids enjoy it while learning. Learning should not be interrupted in vacations
  • Art works- It is a super fun activity for vacation. It is fun, learning and skillful. Play schools in Noida tries to make learning skillful by different activities. Bird feeder activity will make your child close to nature. They can create a attractive bird feeder which art and craft material. You can even give a try to science experiment books which helps a lot in innovation and learning.

Many international schools in Noida manages kids workshop in vacation to continue the learning process in play full way. The Manthan School tries different workshops for kids with camps and sports.

Preparing Your Child for Playschool

First day at pre-school for kids can be daunting if parents don’t prepare them for the separation. Parents should make sure that experience of kinder garden or pre-school should be happy for kids from the start. Parents should make the kid prepare for his first day so that he they are comfortable for the new environment. The Manthan School is the best play school in Noida to make the your kids comfortable and happy in early years of learning.

Preparing Your Child for Playschool

Preparing Your Child for Playschool

Try to boost social confidence of your kid

Don’t make your kid shy in their beginning years. Socialising with the other children is they] key skill which makes play school easy for the kids. You can teach you kid idea of sharing and taking turns before starting his pre-school. Don’t ever except great things in the beginning of play school, every kid suffers in the beginning preparation makes it less daunting. The Manthan School’s day care in Noida assures parents good and healthy environment for their child.

  • Give them time away from you

It will be easier for your kid to settle at play school if you gradually got them used to live alone for sometimes and let them do things on their own. It helps in boosting their confidence and helps in developing habit of living alone.

  • Prepare your kids for potty training

Playschool expect children to be out of nappies before they admitted to play school. Playschool are prepared for occasional accidents. Teach your child to ask their teachers if they are  getting plenty of gentle reminder to go to the toilet.

  • Visit the playschool

While choosing the playschool for your kids, firstly you should visit it without your child. Second time take your child with you and see how they re-act to the environment. You can check out the top 10 best schools in Delhi NCR and prepare your list to visit the schools according to your desired list.

Make your kids comfortable and happy before the first of pre-schooling he will surely love the learning experience without any hesitation and worries.

The Manthan School – Supreme Facilities to The Fore

The Manthan School aims to develop as an international school in Noida on account of supreme facilities. Moreover, it desires to establish a foothold amongst the top 10 schools in Delhi NCR and the best schools in Delhi NCR.

A stimulating ambience is a major advantage associated with the school. Due to the presence of excellent architecture and exceptional faculty, the school desires to develop as the best play school in Noida and day care in Noida.

The Manthan School’s curriculum is developed by experts and it is positioned to be affiliated to the CBSE Board. Further, the institution is focused on providing education necessary for holistic development of a child. This would help in overall development of kids and they will succeed on all frontiers of life.

World class infrastructure and amenities are available to help kids realize their optimum potential. Infrastructure available here includes the following:

  • Fine Art Studio
  • Acting Studio (The Playhouse)
  • Language Studio (The Bookhouse)
  • Composite Lab
  • Music and dance room
  • Customized gymnasium for kids
  • Skates and skittles floor
  • Basketball court

The Manthan School desires to empower children in realms such as academics, sports, language, debates, music, theater and arts & crafts. Check out the school’s facilities for your child’s future prospects.

The Manthan School – Fantastic Educational Procedures

The Manthan School aims to evolve as an international school in Noida and help kids utilize their potential to the utmost. Brilliant educational procedures and excellent infrastructure are some of the highlights capable of helping the school establish a foothold amongst top 10 schools in Delhi NCR and best schools in Delhi NCR.

A stimulating learning ambience is a major hallmark associated with the educational institution. The curriculum designed here is positioned to be affiliated to the honorable CBSE board. NCERT guidelines are kept in mind while developing the child centric curriculum for the primary classes. Fascinating services such as nutritional meals, proper care and transport facility can help the school develop as a top notch day care in Noida.

Along with academic excellence, the school focuses on various extra-curricular activities. Some of them are detailed below:

  • Art & Craft education: Art and craft has developed as a major part of the school curriculum. It helps in intellectual, personal and social development of kids. Further, children develop love and respect for their natural surroundings.
  • Sports: Various sports practiced at the school help in developing kids’ physical strength and enhance their stamina.
  • Music and Dance education: Music and dance education are important for cultural growth of children. Music helps in developing spatial intelligence and spatial-temporal skills amongst kids. Dance, on the other hand, develops emotional, cognitive and social characteristics in children.

The Manthan School is gaining fame and popularity on account of its progressive outlook and transparent policies. Visit the beautiful institution and witness the amazing aura engulfing it.

The Manthan School – Brilliance at its Peak

The Manthan School aims to offer quality education along with helping kids to evolve as excellent human beings. Further, the amazing institution is focused on developing as top 10 schools in Delhi NCR. Child centric programs are major hallmarks practiced by the school’s faculty. It is also poised to be affiliated to the prestigious CBSE Board. Moreover, NCERT guidelines have been followed as development of primary classes’ curriculum is concerned. A stimulating environment and proper emphasis on extra-curricular activities are major reasons of the school’s ever increasing appeal. The Manthan School believes in offering excellent nutrition to the kids for enhancing muscular strength and stamina. Providing brilliant day care facility is another advantage that enhances its stature amongst various schools in Noida. Some excellent amenities associated with the school are explained below: Art and craft The Manthan School offers an immaculate experience as far as its art and craft classes are concerned. It helps in intellectual, social and personal development of kids. These classes also help kids to relate with their immediate surroundings. Music

The Manthan School

The Manthan School

Music is the elixir of life and helps in reviving spirits and facilitates mental and social development in a child. It also helps in developing spatial intelligence and development of spatial-temporal skills. Sports Physical fitness is a major requirement of a child’s life and sports facilities at Manthan help them achieve this objective. By including physical education in the curriculum, the school helps kids achieve stamina and better muscular growth. Dance education is also considered to be an important part of the school’s studies. Cultural attributes can be easily learned through amazing dance forms. The Manthan School is surely witnessing an upsurge as far as the popularity quotient is concerned.

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