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The Manthan School: Your go-to primary school in Noida Extension

Noida extension has emerged as the go-to destination in recent years for anyone who wanted to live in a planned city with all the modern amenities to the boot. Corporate hubs and commercial hubs alike are to be found in Noida extension along with the day-to-day requirements for a complete family environment available at hand. Families shifting to Noida extension have a choice of schools to select from and among those one name that stands out is that of The Manthan School. Taking its name from the divine churning of the ocean, the Manthan School delves deep into the ocean of learning to produce students that are not only good at studies but are also pro-active members of society. Academics is just one part of the educational process in Manthan.  To ensure that your child grows up in a holistic environment where he or she is completely equipped to deal with the demands made in a diverse society, there is equal emphasis on sports, outdoor learning, performing arts and visual arts.

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  The Manthan school is arguably one of the best primary schools in Noida extension and apt for nursery admissions in Noida extension. The admission process is a simple and hassle-free one where parents simply need to fill in an Enquiry form and meet the admission counsellor to know more about the school.

Parenting Tips

Exam time can be really stressful and full of tension for the parents and for the students. While many students are trapped in between all the subjects, many parents fail to understand the mental condition of their children. Their main focus shifts to see the 90% on the report card of their children. At times, when their children need them emotionally, they mark their absence in that department which can later lead to unnecessary tensions, depression and sometimes suicide. It also varies from individual to individual because some kids cannot handle pressure at all which needs to be taken into consideration as well.

Parenting Tips

The Manthan School is one of the best primary schools in Noida Extension which helps the students to focus on the fun activities equally. The school also realizes that every child is talented in their own way and try their best to make their parents understand the same. The way they treat their children, especially during exams is something all the parents must learn. In this article, we will discuss about the tips that every parent should keep in mind for the betterment of their children and family.

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff – Your kids are already too stressed for the exams. Nagging because of small issues will only create more tension for them in this time which is not very good.
  • Talk about exam nerves and realistic expectations – Every parent wants the best for their children but in this ‘want’, they often forget the capability of their children. Not every kid can play basketball equally good and same is the case with academics. It’s better to have realistic expectations from the kids so that they don’t feel burdened under the tension created at home.
  • Help make time for exercise during exam preparation – All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jinni a dull girl. Who would want that? Apart from the regular studies, every kids must be physically involved in some or the other activity. It can be sports, exercise or any other physical workout which makes them feel fresh and fit.
  • Don’t compare your children with others – As said earlier, every child has a different set of capabilities. Comparing every child with yours will not bring any good results, infact it will just bring their moral down which will cause personality development problems.
  • Group study makes learning fun – Not allowing your kids to meet their friends will be so unfair for them. A study shows that friends who study together are able to grasp things pretty easily which also turns out to be less stressful.
  • Don’t discuss a bad paper – Let bygones be bygones. If you child has not been able to attempt the exam well, let it be. We anyway cannot go back in time and change things. Make your present healthy to have a happy future rather than cribbing the past which cannot be changed.
  • Eat together – A family that eats together, stays together. While eating together, it is important to not discuss about studies. Talk about family, laugh, share things and make the most out of that meal time.
  • Do not disconnect internet service during exams – You can advice your kids to use the internet less but just cutting down the connection will just make them want to use it more. It’s better to reduce their internet time rather than just keeping them totally away from it.

All the points mentioned above are not necessarily to be followed during the exam time. If you can follow each and every point mentioned above on regular basis, then this will just make things better. All of the things mentioned above are considered every day in The Manthan School which makes it best play school in Noida Extension.

My Views On Parenting

All of us want to be a good parent and try and imbibe the best values in our child. In our own way we try to coach and guide our child to become a better person. But, is there a best way to do that? Perhaps not.

As each one of us is different, we have our own ways to impart the best knowledge and value. At The Manthan School we also try to do that in a structured way. In this note I am sharing my views on what is effective parenting. My views are a summation of what I have learnt being a mother, observing other parents and reading about how be a good Parent. As Sadhguru says, “There is no one standard rule for all children. Different children may need different levels of attention, expression of love, and toughness. Suppose I was standing in a coconut garden and you ask me, “How much water per plant?” I’d say, “At least 50 liters per plant.” When you go home, if you give 50 liters to your rose plant, it will die. You must see what kind of plant you have in your house and what it needs”. The same will apply to our children as each one is different.

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Give Them ‘True’ Love

People misunderstand that loving their children is to cater to whatever they ask for. Giving them everything they ask for is going too far, isn’t it? When you love, you can do just whatever is needed. When you truly love someone, you are willing to be unpopular and still do what is best for them. At time you have to decide when to say no to the child’s demands.

Don’t Rush Them into Growing Up

It is very important that a child remains a child; there is no hurry to make him into an adult because you can’t reverse it later. When he is a child and he behaves like a child, it’s wonderful. When he becomes an adult and behaves like a child, that’s bad. There is no hurry for a child to become an adult.

Make It a Time to Learn, Not To Teach

When a child comes, unknowingly you laugh, play, sing, crawl under the sofa, and do all those things that you had forgotten to do.

What do you know about life to teach your children? A few survival tricks are the only things you can teach. Please compare yourself with your child and see who is capable of more joy? Your child, isn’t it? If he knows more joy than you, who is better qualified to be a consultant about life, you or him?

When a child comes, it’s time to learn, not teach.

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Provide a Supportive and Loving Atmosphere

If you set an example of fear and anxiety, how can you expect your children to live in joy? They will also learn the same thing. The best thing you can do is to create a joyous and loving atmosphere.

Maintain a Friendly Relationship

Stop imposing yourself on the child and create a strong friendship rather than being a boss. Don’t sit on a pedestal and tell the child what she should do. Place yourself below the child so that it’s easy for them to talk to you.

Avoid Seeking Respect

Love is what you seek with your children, isn’t it? But many parents say, “You must respect me.” Except that you came a few years early, are bigger in body, and you know a few survival tricks, in what way are you a better life than him?

Make Yourself Truly Attractive

If you are genuinely interested in giving your children a good upbringing, you should first transform yourself into a peaceful and loving human being.

A child is influenced by so many things – the TV, neighbors, teachers, school, and a million other things. He will go the way of whatever he finds most attractive. As a parent, you have to make yourself in a way that the most attractive thing he finds is to be with the parents. If you are a joyous, intelligent, and wonderful person, he won’t seek company anywhere else. For anything, he will come and ask you.

If you are genuinely interested in giving your children a good upbringing, you should first transform yourself into a peaceful and loving human being.

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