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The Manthan School: Your go-to primary school in Noida Extension

Noida extension has emerged as the go-to destination in recent years for anyone who wanted to live in a planned city with all the modern amenities to the boot. Corporate hubs and commercial hubs alike are to be found in Noida extension along with the day-to-day requirements for a complete family environment available at hand. Families shifting to Noida extension have a choice of schools to select from and among those one name that stands out is that of The Manthan School. Taking its name from the divine churning of the ocean, the Manthan School delves deep into the ocean of learning to produce students that are not only good at studies but are also pro-active members of society. Academics is just one part of the educational process in Manthan.  To ensure that your child grows up in a holistic environment where he or she is completely equipped to deal with the demands made in a diverse society, there is equal emphasis on sports, outdoor learning, performing arts and visual arts.

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  The Manthan school is arguably one of the best primary schools in Noida extension and apt for nursery admissions in Noida extension. The admission process is a simple and hassle-free one where parents simply need to fill in an Enquiry form and meet the admission counsellor to know more about the school.

The Manthan School – Dedicated to Excellence!

Primary school is the first step in every student’s education life. The journey of their education begins with pre-primary and primary schools establishing a strong foundation that can change their performance for the rest of their academic life. All the parents must go through a proper research process before getting their kids admitted to one of the schools. Those years of primary education can act as a turning point for every kid as it is their first experience with teachers, tests, homework and educational learning.

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The school acts as a second home for the students and for them to feel like home; the teachers need to act accordingly. At The Manthan School, the teachers are polite, sincere and loving which can never make your child feel away from home. The environment of the school is vibrant which ensures that the children are challenged academically, inspired creatively and supported emotionally. The Manthan School is an A-lister Primary school in Noida which is a result of their dedication and sincerity towards the children’s development in the most amazing way. The school is passionate about its work and encourages all the children to be confident, hardworking and ambitious regardless of their background. The school also focuses on the pre-primary education of the children with a classic liberal education, discipline and broad range of extracurricular activities. The school is also one of the best Pre Primary school in Noida and offers children the kind of experience they will always cherish.

Children at The Manthan School are encouraged, praised and taught to be responsible citizens and take an active role in their society. The school aims to create a safe, secure and sustainable learning environment where every child is valued for their own capabilities.

5 Most Important Things To Teach A Child

Kids at a tender age are the very quick learner, they learn something very fast which we can’t imagine. They are so natural pure and free that they don’t have the capacity to judge and know what is good and what is bad so being a parent and teacher it is our responsibility to let them understand the difference between good habits and bad habits.

Therefore, in order to know what are the most important things that you require to instruct your child?

Giving Respect is the root of all good things

Giving Respect to everyone is believed to be the most basic teaching that being a human we learn. Respect is also considered as one of the best traits that are required everywhere. Respect helps in winning the trust and blessing of our elders, so try to teach it from the very beginning and also try to repeat it daily so that other kids may also follow.

Be honest, even if it is painful

Doing mistakes is very much common phenomena in kids, so many times in order to hide themselves from fear of scolding or a punishment kids often tells lies. Therefore being a teacher and friend try to make them comfortable with you so that they become honest and do not tell lies even if it hurts.

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Teach to share

It is very natural for kids that they don’t want to exchange or share the gifts and eatables given to them. They are so attached to the colourful rappers and often cry if someone forcefully snatches from them or ask for it to distribute, but that is just a period to learn or grow. Thus being elder we must teach them this important thing from the very beginning that sharing brings people closer to you and your heart. Teach them the significance of sharing with their friends and siblings or kids who are less fortunate. But do tell that they do not share with strangers because it may create problems.

Teach to share

Tell them not to give up if they fail

Many time the child moral falls if they fail in an exam or not get what they are looking for to be a winner but being a guide for their future growth we all needs to uplift their mindset and try to boost the feeling so that they can try again and be the winner again.  We must make them understand that winning and losing is part of the game and life, but what is more, essential that they try again and participate be the winner next time.

Taking care of themselves

Try to teach your kids to take care of themselves as Mom and Dad won’t always be there to save them.  Being a good parent and teacher it’s a responsibility to instill good habits in your kids so that they came home safely and you become free when they are out of the home.

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Benefits of Art in Child growth

In recent years, the school curriculum has drastically changed from the traditional format of teaching to more on Extra Curricular Activities like arts.

As per some researcher learning beyond class can create a huge impact on improving the visual memory among the kids and very helpful in the development of the next generation of children as they grow up. Manthan is among Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR which always focus on bringing an interactive and innovative approach to help preschool kids through a modern approach to learning.

Learning Arts at preschool has many benefits

Learning arts helps in improving and understanding about what is present in the world. Arts also help in understanding emotion and feelings which can’t be learned through general subject like English, Hindi, Mathematics or Environmental science.

Language Development: Development and understanding of various languages is very important for children at the young age. By the virtue of arts or just talking about it through activities —provides opportunities to learn words for colors, shapes, and actions more quickly.

Decision Making: Arts also helps a lot in getting into the depth of the subject and improves decision-making quality among children. Thus, art education helps in strengthening the concept in improving critical-thinking skills and problem-solving approach.

Visual Learning: Is more important way of learning than ever. Some of the fine examples are drawing, sculpting with clay, threading beads and learning through cartoons are more appealing and easy to understand. The information consists of clues so that kids can guess through this method, it helps them a lot in building and understanding their thought.

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Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR

Cultural Awareness: Cultural Awareness also plays a crucial role in developing kid’s curiosity and improving their memory.  Interpretation of reality and festivals helps children to recognize the concept of what they see.

As children like to take part in the art related activities so that they can increase their artistic skills, enhance their creativity, and develop their emotional, social, skills. However, learning at Manthan one of the known nd best schools in Delhi NCR is a great fun. The teachers and all staffs focus more on building such a coaxial environment  where the child get the free environment  to learn all these things through arts.

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The Right Place For Your Child

Manthan Primary school in Noida is one of the top most progressive schools in the National Capital Region.  Since its inception, the school has made its mark through its tremendous achievements in scholastic domains.

The school has created a benchmark in using effective technology in school education with interactive networking to integrate information communication technology (ICT) with classroom learning.

Primary school in NoidaThrough innovative coursedesign our students gain substantial information and insights with practical exposure. As a Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR, we successfully provide holistic education that encourages students to excel in numerous disciplines, such as academics, music sports, and dramatics. The school also offers superior quality learning experience at our campus in Noida.

The school has highly trained staff and learned faculties for every subject whether it is sports, art, music, drama, and dance. As a Best Schools in Delhi NCR, the School truly personify the concept of a modern educational system.

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Manthan integrates the curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education of India. Additionally, each element of the school is designed to develop the cognitive and affective skills of children, in a fun-loving environment. The Manthan School, strongly believe that education is the groundwork for evolution. In order to achieve this belief, the school aims to provide education that focuses on holistic development of a child and fosters him/her to become a good human being.

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Exploring Education at Every Level

CBSE  School  in NoidaEducation serves various responsibilities like nurturing, training, readying, direction, enlightenment and improvement. However, in its true sense education is the amalgamation of all these together. Manthan is believed to be the most prestigious CBSE  School  in Noida.

At Manthan School, we strive to produce successful young minds empowered with strong analytical skill and foresight. Manthan is Best Schools in Delhi NCR, which provides an effective knowledge base to all students.

Manthan is a new age institution that focuses more on a skills-based education. The School, strongly believe that education is the groundwork for evolution. The school works on all fronts of modern day education in   improving knowledge by breaking all forms of the traditional approach of teaching.

In pursuit of this belief, the school aims to provide education that focuses on holistic development of a child and fosters him/her to be a good human being. As a temple of education we feel highly privileged to promote and provide one the best Primary school in noida, for the future generations of our country.

As a platform to provide the best educational opportunities to children, we have defined new dimension excellence for every sphere of education. Be it academic, , music, dance, drama, sports, literary, debates theatre, arts or crafts, our school is all set to offer world class infrastructure and amenities to them. Over the years, Manthan School has epitomized the concept of a modern educational system and considered as the Best Schools in Delhi NCR.

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CBSE  School  in NoidaFurthermore, Manthan is ready to help the student in understanding the law of nature and facilitate them to understand that all humans are same regardless of race, religion, and region. The school program has been designed to empower each child to understand and realize their own optimum capability.

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