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5 Most Important Things To Teach A Child

Kids at a tender age are the very quick learner, they learn something very fast which we can’t imagine. They are so natural pure and free that they don’t have the capacity to judge and know what is good and what is bad so being a parent and teacher it is our responsibility to let them understand the difference between good habits and bad habits.

Therefore, in order to know what are the most important things that you require to instruct your child?

Giving Respect is the root of all good things

Giving Respect to everyone is believed to be the most basic teaching that being a human we learn. Respect is also considered as one of the best traits that are required everywhere. Respect helps in winning the trust and blessing of our elders, so try to teach it from the very beginning and also try to repeat it daily so that other kids may also follow.

Be honest, even if it is painful

Doing mistakes is very much common phenomena in kids, so many times in order to hide themselves from fear of scolding or a punishment kids often tells lies. Therefore being a teacher and friend try to make them comfortable with you so that they become honest and do not tell lies even if it hurts.

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Teach to share

It is very natural for kids that they don’t want to exchange or share the gifts and eatables given to them. They are so attached to the colourful rappers and often cry if someone forcefully snatches from them or ask for it to distribute, but that is just a period to learn or grow. Thus being elder we must teach them this important thing from the very beginning that sharing brings people closer to you and your heart. Teach them the significance of sharing with their friends and siblings or kids who are less fortunate. But do tell that they do not share with strangers because it may create problems.

Teach to share

Tell them not to give up if they fail

Many time the child moral falls if they fail in an exam or not get what they are looking for to be a winner but being a guide for their future growth we all needs to uplift their mindset and try to boost the feeling so that they can try again and be the winner again.  We must make them understand that winning and losing is part of the game and life, but what is more, essential that they try again and participate be the winner next time.

Taking care of themselves

Try to teach your kids to take care of themselves as Mom and Dad won’t always be there to save them.  Being a good parent and teacher it’s a responsibility to instill good habits in your kids so that they came home safely and you become free when they are out of the home.

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Significance of Colour in A Pre-Schoolers Life

Colour plays an important role in the development of child knowledge and understanding. Colour puts a significant impression on the psychology of kids and can influence mood and behaviour, encourage the body and brain and even affect one’s health.

Colour is one of the first ways your preschooler starts differentiating between things that they see. Colours actually speak with the kids. Colour also increases attentiveness and psychological thinking of kids who are very helpful in development of the brain. Manthan is one of the Best Play schools in Noida, which always comes up with an innovative approach to develop child’s brain through their interactive learning.

In primary school, the colourful environment can help in detail orientation toward the concept. Hence it is a very important process of learning that happens with colours. In fact, colours recognition is measured as a milestone in child’s cognitive development. At Manthan, the Nursery Admissions is going to start. So don’t miss this opportunity to give your child the best building ground for their career

Best Play schools in Noida

Why do kids care so much about favourite colours?

Children love looking at colourful for visual effect. That’s why stuffs like Picture, books, toys are used to attract kids towards learning and developing interest towards a particular thing. Colour stimulates the brain body and health. Further it is also believed that the Colourful environment has a positive impact on your child’s psyche.

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Children might change their colours liking from time to time. Some children do have their own choice relate to their favourite possessions. The more kids sticks to one favourite colours, then they are more likely to have a sense of self-belonging.

How to teach colours?

A child experience colours in different ways. As per experts colour helps a lot in cementing the concept in the brain. However, it also exposes a better way of understanding the concept and improving the child experience.

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Pre-School And Its Role In Building Better Childhood Skills

Do you think pre-schools are really important? Yes, definitely because the brain of a child is like a blank paper, whatever you will write they start believing and recognizing that therefore, it is very vital to understand the importance of preschools in developing your child’s mind and career.

Pre-schools lay a strong foundation of child’s brain and in this addition, Manthan is considered as Best Play School in Noida which plays a very crucial role in developing skills among kids of various age groups.

Best Play School in NoidaPre-Schools in India, early home education and communities make a great contribution towards shaping the brain and intelligence of a kid. However, as a parent, no one can provide such atmosphere like Manthan does within its school premises. Having its core competency in the educational field for many years Manthan aims at providing high-quality Pre-School education with exceptional facilities and unique training methodology.

It is also believed that a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development depends on a lot of the primary schools. Play helps children in learning ethics and values of relationship and social skills.

Primary education also helps kids to understand the difference between right and wrong which helps in brighter future. Therefore, enrol your kids to the International School in Noida so that they can develop necessary skills and have a sparkling bright future. It’s time to take right decisions and do something good for your kids.

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Manthan Going Beyond Academics….

Manthan is a school of International fame that believes in going beyond academics. No doubt the main motive is to educate future generation through its proficient academics, but the School explores and nurture the talents with its innovative way learning.

Primary school in noidaThe school puts special emphasis on extracurricular activities, which are crucial for the overall growth of the child. Every activity at the Primary school in noida, is centered around the child providing him/her a free atmosphere, which is filled with love and care, so that  an overall development of the child as an individual can be attained. The vision of the school is to deliver appropriate education to improve child’s imagination and knowledge, innate curiosity and help the child achieve excellence.

Manthan is Best Schools in Delhi NCR. It is a new age institution that focuses on a skills-based education which improves student-knowledge and breaks all forms of  traditional approach of teaching.

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Manthan’s core objective is to groom the students in all spheres of life and career at the end of the schooling years. The objective of the school is to help children in understanding the law of nature that helps us to understand that all humans the same regardless of race, religion, and region.

The school also focus on uplifting the overall performance and personality of each student. Manthan Schools in Noida, lays strong foundation among children’s to make them ready for future.

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Deal with Stubborn Kids Intelligently

Raising up kids in presently, is a difficult task and if you have to handle a stubborn child, then this task becomes more challenging. Many play schools in Noida keep children engaged in various learning and playing activities to keep them diverted from the things on which they can be adamant upon.

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Here are few suggestions that can help you in dealing with stubborn children:

  • Do not argue: Talk to your child only when they are calm and composed. Arguing will demoralize them. Try to find out what makes them uncomfortable.
  • Communicate: Spare some good time with your kids. Behave in front of them. Small fighting and argument can put bad impression on their mind.

The Manthan School which is among best Schools in Delhi NCR conducts many children-parent seminar and activities to know, understand and involve with each other in better way.

  • Teach about sharing: Teach your child importance of sharing. Let them understand that sharing their stuff with others will make him social and confident in public.
  • Encourage positive behaviour: Praise your kids whenever they display positive behaviour. Encouraging the positive behaviour will make the kid understand that it is good way to get attention or praises.
  • Be a role model: Parents should be good role models to their children if they want well-behaved children. If you misbehave, kids are likely to adapt that bad behaviour from you.

best Schools in Delhi NCR Understanding special bond of children with their parents, Manthan is among best International school in noida that offers very friendly and homely environment to its children and teaches them good behaviours and etiquettes.

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Improving Communication Skills in Children

Preparing Your Child for Playschool

Preparing Your Child for Playschool

In current scenario every kid is so competitive and intelligent that possessing excellent communication skills has become a necessity. It is recommended that training of communication skills should be inculcated at very early stage of learning so that it becomes very strong in future. Many schools in Noida impart training to their students in communication skills.  As a responsible parent and first teacher to your kids, you can also help your kids in grasping best inter-personal skills.

Let’s have a look at these 5 points as how we can help our kids in improving their communication skills:

  • Be a role model: If you want your kids to possess strong communication skills, make sure you are an example to your kids with effective skills.
  • Make ‘Reading’ a habit: Reading is the most effective habit to improve communication skills. Your kid will learn to imagine, pronounce, and grasp grammar easily with strengthening their vocabulary.
  • Give them time: Whenever you are making an effective communication with your kid, give them time to analyze and understand what they want to say. This will prevent them from stammering. Be a good listener to your kid which will boost their confidence level too.
  • Don’t over correct: Over correcting might make your kid feel inferior and disheartened. Correct them, but with understanding and love.
  • Praise your child: Always praise your kids on their effort for learning. It will boost their confidence and motivate them to learn more and with interest.

School in NoidaTo inculcate such good habits, The Manthan School has not only been named as International School in noida but also listed as one of the best play schools in Noida which helps kids in adapting best communication skills and make them future ready.

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The Manthan School-A Perfect Place for Learn and Grow

What could be a better view than watching your little kids getting up all by themselves every morning and getting ready to rush toward their favourite learning place? One of the prominent schools in noida, The Manthan School has gained this title of ‘my favourite place’ from kids and is working hard to keep its positioning.

International school in noida

Play schools in Noida

Being favourite is not an easy task! The Manthan School has been listed as one of the best international schools in noida and is dedicated to offer best quality education along with homely environment. Motivated to impart best guidance in academics, sports, language, debates, music, dance, drama, theatre, art & craft; The Manthan School offers world class infrastructure and amenities to its children.  With a vision to create happy, safe and learning surrounding for children, The Manthan School believes in bringing out the best from every child, utilize their full potential and prepare them for world beyond.

Play School in Noida

Play Schools in Noida

Apart from imparting best quality education, The Manthan School also guide its children to think and learn outside the box. Listed as one of the best play schools in noida, curriculum of The Manthan School is designed in a way that kids start learning as soon as they step inside the school campus. Right away from assembly, classes, playful and extra-curricular activities, festival celebrations, sports, seminars and cooking classes etc. The Manthan School is trying its best to keep kids engage, participate, think, learn and grow.

Could there be any other reason of not liking such school? At The Manthan School you can leave your child in the safest place with world class learning environment and most importantly a home away from home.

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How and What to Plan for Kids this Winter Vacations

Winter is just around the corner and the fun for kids is about to begin with winter vacations. In vacations kids are always like “I am getting bore” and parents are busy planning things ahead for their kids to make them engage in different activities.

Working Parents Should Put Positive Impact on Their Toddlers

Working Parents Should Put Positive Impact on Their Toddlers

This vacation ditch T.V., gaming, gadgets and cartoons and plan something special for your kids that drills mind and body of your kids. Start creating winter list today and keep few ideas ready for the vacations to keep your kids busy.

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The Manthan School in Noida shares with you some points to prepare your kids for winter vacation-

  • Board games– T.V, tablets, smartphones and ipads have replaced board games. During winter vacations, introduce your child to some fun filled board games like chess, monopoly, Ludo, and carom. Whole family can have fun playing together these board games. Those who are unaware, Monopoly junior game is fun and at the same time teaches counting and using money.
  • Movie time: You can have great family time watching good movies. Know your child’s movie interest and collect them for the vacations. Enjoy these movies with their all time favourite snacks. You can even play some old wedding CDs or birthday CDs for kids and have gala time recognizing everyone in the family.
  • Cook it up: There are number of schools in Noida which organises workshop in school curriculum, but The Manthan School is one of the best international school in Noida which keeps on organizing fun cooking workshops for kids. In winter vacations, let you kid try hands on arranging dinner table and decorating salads. Kids are innovator in childhood; you never know they might create a new recipe.
  • Recording memories: Vacations are the best time to create perfect moment and memories by creating scrapbook and making family tree. Kids will have enjoy sticking photographs and remembering the old memories.
Kindergarten - The Manthan School

Kindergarten – The Manthan School

The Manthan School is one the best play school in Noida which believes in budding your child creatively as well as academically. This winter vacation, make your child more innovative with different ideas and learning.

Have an enjoyable winter vacations…

Ways to Make Your Child Learning More Fun in Vacations

Kindergarten - The Manthan School

Kindergarten – The Manthan School

After school timings kids are not interested in more studies and home work. Parents need to work hard to make their learning wasteland into learning paradise. They have to tempt them with television, video games and different sports to make them study for a while. But vacation time is the most painful time for parents to make their learning keep going in the vacation so that they don’t forget their lessons and teachingsSchools in Noida try to make vacations more cheerful for kids Vacations are the time which can be used for children to create new hobbies, learn about responsibility and build new skills

  • Clip, cut and paste about your family memories- Try to help you kid to create a scrapbook about family gatherings and trips. It will help your child to know his family well and he can store beautiful memories as a scrapbook. Trip descriptions can also be written which can enhance the knowledge of your child.
  • Keep learning going- Vacation gives long break to study schedule of kids. Parents should try to recall lessons through different activities and playful way so that kids enjoy it while learning. Learning should not be interrupted in vacations
  • Art works- It is a super fun activity for vacation. It is fun, learning and skillful. Play schools in Noida tries to make learning skillful by different activities. Bird feeder activity will make your child close to nature. They can create a attractive bird feeder which art and craft material. You can even give a try to science experiment books which helps a lot in innovation and learning.

Many international schools in Noida manages kids workshop in vacation to continue the learning process in play full way. The Manthan School tries different workshops for kids with camps and sports.

Preparing Your Child for Playschool

First day at pre-school for kids can be daunting if parents don’t prepare them for the separation. Parents should make sure that experience of kinder garden or pre-school should be happy for kids from the start. Parents should make the kid prepare for his first day so that he they are comfortable for the new environment. The Manthan School is the best play school in Noida to make the your kids comfortable and happy in early years of learning.

Preparing Your Child for Playschool

Preparing Your Child for Playschool

Try to boost social confidence of your kid

Don’t make your kid shy in their beginning years. Socialising with the other children is they] key skill which makes play school easy for the kids. You can teach you kid idea of sharing and taking turns before starting his pre-school. Don’t ever except great things in the beginning of play school, every kid suffers in the beginning preparation makes it less daunting. The Manthan School’s day care in Noida assures parents good and healthy environment for their child.

  • Give them time away from you

It will be easier for your kid to settle at play school if you gradually got them used to live alone for sometimes and let them do things on their own. It helps in boosting their confidence and helps in developing habit of living alone.

  • Prepare your kids for potty training

Playschool expect children to be out of nappies before they admitted to play school. Playschool are prepared for occasional accidents. Teach your child to ask their teachers if they are  getting plenty of gentle reminder to go to the toilet.

  • Visit the playschool

While choosing the playschool for your kids, firstly you should visit it without your child. Second time take your child with you and see how they re-act to the environment. You can check out the top 10 best schools in Delhi NCR and prepare your list to visit the schools according to your desired list.

Make your kids comfortable and happy before the first of pre-schooling he will surely love the learning experience without any hesitation and worries.

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