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Change is the Only Constant!

With so many changes happening today, our kids will enter a different world when they grow up. At The Manthan School, we strive to ensure that our students are prepared to meet these challenges with utmost confidence, knowledge and experience. The school provides an atmosphere of trust, love, respect and knowledge not just to make the students learn and grasp things in a better way but to make them better human beings too.

CBSE school in Greater Noida West-The Manthan School

The school consists of a super talented staff which understands their role as the second parent of the kids in school. All these things make The Manthan School one of a kind CBSE school in Greater Noida West.

Best schools in Delhi NCR-The Manthan School

Students experience a nurturing and important balance between the head and heart. This kind of environment becomes very necessary especially for the children in their early years. At this age, the students need to be raised in the kindest way possible. Life at The Manthan School is all about nurturing the students for a better and smart life and this is why if you are looking for nursery school admission in Noida, The Manthan School should be considered without any doubt.

Being one of the best schools in Delhi/NCR, The Manthan School provides a place where kids enjoy activities like singing, dancing, playing, learning art and a lot of other activities. The definition of life in The Manthan School is totally different and unique which makes the students take more interest in their education and interests. It is a place where children feel more like their own home and get attention from their teachers, get solutions for their problems and get treated with love.

The Manthan School – Dedicated to Excellence!

Primary school is the first step in every student’s education life. The journey of their education begins with pre-primary and primary schools establishing a strong foundation that can change their performance for the rest of their academic life. All the parents must go through a proper research process before getting their kids admitted to one of the schools. Those years of primary education can act as a turning point for every kid as it is their first experience with teachers, tests, homework and educational learning.

Primary school in noida, pre primary school in noida

The school acts as a second home for the students and for them to feel like home; the teachers need to act accordingly. At The Manthan School, the teachers are polite, sincere and loving which can never make your child feel away from home. The environment of the school is vibrant which ensures that the children are challenged academically, inspired creatively and supported emotionally. The Manthan School is an A-lister Primary school in Noida which is a result of their dedication and sincerity towards the children’s development in the most amazing way. The school is passionate about its work and encourages all the children to be confident, hardworking and ambitious regardless of their background. The school also focuses on the pre-primary education of the children with a classic liberal education, discipline and broad range of extracurricular activities. The school is also one of the best Pre Primary school in Noida and offers children the kind of experience they will always cherish.

Children at The Manthan School are encouraged, praised and taught to be responsible citizens and take an active role in their society. The school aims to create a safe, secure and sustainable learning environment where every child is valued for their own capabilities.

Reason to Send Your Child to Pre-School


Day Care - The Manthan School

Day Care – The Manthan School

With working parents and their hectic schedule kids don’t much time with them. It is very necessary for kids to learn in their growing age, so sending them to pre-school is very necessary. It helps in all round development of child with basic learning and knowledge. There are no of crèche in Noida who provide day school and pre-schooling with all security for your kids. Some reason why it is important to send them to pre -school is necessary are –

  • Me time- After having first kid couples don’t get much time to spend together. They have to keep all their leisure time and hobbies at sake to take good care of their child. If you send your kid to day-schooling he will surely love the environment and you will get time for yourself.
  • Encourages outdoor play- Being a toddler your kid should not become a couch potato doing nothing. Play school helps them to encourage outdoor playing. They become more active when they start going to daycare. Many best schools in Delhi NCR provide day school facility with their schooling.
  • Promotes Social activity- When your kid goes to pre-schooling regularly the start loving the environment. Mixing up with other children makes them more confident and socially active. They will love to be with different type of people without any hesitation in future.
  • Discipline and learning to eat- Kids are very choosy in their early age about what they eat. Pre-schooling helps them to make them more disciplined about their eating habits.

The Manthan School is a CBSE board school in Noida. Teachers here team up to make your child perfect for future challenges with good knowledge and discipline.

Preparing Your Child for Playschool

First day at pre-school for kids can be daunting if parents don’t prepare them for the separation. Parents should make sure that experience of kinder garden or pre-school should be happy for kids from the start. Parents should make the kid prepare for his first day so that he they are comfortable for the new environment. The Manthan School is the best play school in Noida to make the your kids comfortable and happy in early years of learning.

Preparing Your Child for Playschool

Preparing Your Child for Playschool

Try to boost social confidence of your kid

Don’t make your kid shy in their beginning years. Socialising with the other children is they] key skill which makes play school easy for the kids. You can teach you kid idea of sharing and taking turns before starting his pre-school. Don’t ever except great things in the beginning of play school, every kid suffers in the beginning preparation makes it less daunting. The Manthan School’s day care in Noida assures parents good and healthy environment for their child.

  • Give them time away from you

It will be easier for your kid to settle at play school if you gradually got them used to live alone for sometimes and let them do things on their own. It helps in boosting their confidence and helps in developing habit of living alone.

  • Prepare your kids for potty training

Playschool expect children to be out of nappies before they admitted to play school. Playschool are prepared for occasional accidents. Teach your child to ask their teachers if they are  getting plenty of gentle reminder to go to the toilet.

  • Visit the playschool

While choosing the playschool for your kids, firstly you should visit it without your child. Second time take your child with you and see how they re-act to the environment. You can check out the top 10 best schools in Delhi NCR and prepare your list to visit the schools according to your desired list.

Make your kids comfortable and happy before the first of pre-schooling he will surely love the learning experience without any hesitation and worries.

Give Your Toddlers The Best Child Care

Your child going to crèche marks a new stage to family life. Parents in the beginning are very doubtful about their kids.

Best Child Care - The Manthan School

Best Child Care – The Manthan School

How the kids will response to the environment change?

Will the kid be able adjust with new people?

How can I choose the right childcare for my child?

A parent worrying about their child is very obvious, but it takes time for kid to adjust in the new environment with the new people. In Noida 70% parents are working, they need day care to look after their kids; crèche in Noida is common these days with all the facilities a child need to develop before going to school.

  • When you decide to send your child at a day care try to make them familiar with the environment.
  • Try to visit the crèche twice or thrice in the beginning, to make your kid comfortable.
  • Many activities and play session are organized by best schools in Delhi NCR, as they operate daycare and pre schools too.
  • Try to communicate and interact with the kid when they come back home about the learning of the day.
  • If your kid is upset visiting the crèche, make it more happening for them by giving them their favorite food, or goodies they love to be with.
  • A happy child can only encourage learning process.

The Manthan School is a CBSE board school in Noida who are trying to provide best pre-schooling and day care for the kids in the healthiest environment of learning.

The Manthan School – Supreme Facilities to The Fore

The Manthan School aims to develop as an international school in Noida on account of supreme facilities. Moreover, it desires to establish a foothold amongst the top 10 schools in Delhi NCR and the best schools in Delhi NCR.

A stimulating ambience is a major advantage associated with the school. Due to the presence of excellent architecture and exceptional faculty, the school desires to develop as the best play school in Noida and day care in Noida.

The Manthan School’s curriculum is developed by experts and it is positioned to be affiliated to the CBSE Board. Further, the institution is focused on providing education necessary for holistic development of a child. This would help in overall development of kids and they will succeed on all frontiers of life.

World class infrastructure and amenities are available to help kids realize their optimum potential. Infrastructure available here includes the following:

  • Fine Art Studio
  • Acting Studio (The Playhouse)
  • Language Studio (The Bookhouse)
  • Composite Lab
  • Music and dance room
  • Customized gymnasium for kids
  • Skates and skittles floor
  • Basketball court

The Manthan School desires to empower children in realms such as academics, sports, language, debates, music, theater and arts & crafts. Check out the school’s facilities for your child’s future prospects.

The Manthan School – Fantastic Educational Procedures

The Manthan School aims to evolve as an international school in Noida and help kids utilize their potential to the utmost. Brilliant educational procedures and excellent infrastructure are some of the highlights capable of helping the school establish a foothold amongst top 10 schools in Delhi NCR and best schools in Delhi NCR.

A stimulating learning ambience is a major hallmark associated with the educational institution. The curriculum designed here is positioned to be affiliated to the honorable CBSE board. NCERT guidelines are kept in mind while developing the child centric curriculum for the primary classes. Fascinating services such as nutritional meals, proper care and transport facility can help the school develop as a top notch day care in Noida.

Along with academic excellence, the school focuses on various extra-curricular activities. Some of them are detailed below:

  • Art & Craft education: Art and craft has developed as a major part of the school curriculum. It helps in intellectual, personal and social development of kids. Further, children develop love and respect for their natural surroundings.
  • Sports: Various sports practiced at the school help in developing kids’ physical strength and enhance their stamina.
  • Music and Dance education: Music and dance education are important for cultural growth of children. Music helps in developing spatial intelligence and spatial-temporal skills amongst kids. Dance, on the other hand, develops emotional, cognitive and social characteristics in children.

The Manthan School is gaining fame and popularity on account of its progressive outlook and transparent policies. Visit the beautiful institution and witness the amazing aura engulfing it.

The Manthan School – Brilliance at its Peak

The Manthan School aims to offer quality education along with helping kids to evolve as excellent human beings. Further, the amazing institution is focused on developing as top 10 schools in Delhi NCR. Child centric programs are major hallmarks practiced by the school’s faculty. It is also poised to be affiliated to the prestigious CBSE Board. Moreover, NCERT guidelines have been followed as development of primary classes’ curriculum is concerned. A stimulating environment and proper emphasis on extra-curricular activities are major reasons of the school’s ever increasing appeal. The Manthan School believes in offering excellent nutrition to the kids for enhancing muscular strength and stamina. Providing brilliant day care facility is another advantage that enhances its stature amongst various schools in Noida. Some excellent amenities associated with the school are explained below: Art and craft The Manthan School offers an immaculate experience as far as its art and craft classes are concerned. It helps in intellectual, social and personal development of kids. These classes also help kids to relate with their immediate surroundings. Music

The Manthan School

The Manthan School

Music is the elixir of life and helps in reviving spirits and facilitates mental and social development in a child. It also helps in developing spatial intelligence and development of spatial-temporal skills. Sports Physical fitness is a major requirement of a child’s life and sports facilities at Manthan help them achieve this objective. By including physical education in the curriculum, the school helps kids achieve stamina and better muscular growth. Dance education is also considered to be an important part of the school’s studies. Cultural attributes can be easily learned through amazing dance forms. The Manthan School is surely witnessing an upsurge as far as the popularity quotient is concerned.

The Manthan School – Brilliance at its Best

The Manthan School offers an excellent educational ambience and desires to sculpt a niche amongst top 10 schools in Delhi NCR. Effective procedures of imparting knowledge practiced here have the capability to catapult the institution amongst best schools in Delhi NCR.

Focused on developing as a top notch creche in Noida and day care in Noida; the Manthan School offers path-breaking facilities to kids. Moreover, its educational curriculum will soon be affiliated to the prestigious CBSE board. The primary classes’ curriculum is developed with regard to the NCERT guidelines.

The Manthan School desires to create a stimulating learning environment in order to create the leaders of tomorrow. Excellence is the goal highly cherished by the exceptional faculty teaching here. World class infrastructure and amenities are other hallmarks of the institution.

Fascinating services offered by the Manthan School is capable of helping it evolve as an international school in Noida. Furthermore, it desires to empower children in the field of academics and extra – curricular activities.

Day care services provided here include nutritional meals and availability of transport facility along with quality education. Proper emphasis is paid to kids’ education in many domains like art & craft, music and sports amongst others. Tour the amazing school and get habituated with the amazing ambience prevailing here.

The Manthan School – Weaving Stories of Success

The Manthan School is renowned for its transparent policies and wants to establish a foothold as one of the best schools in Noida. Exceptional facilities and brilliant faculty are advantages associated with the institution. Further, it has immense potential to develop as an outstanding day care in Noida.

The school aims to offer quality education to kids and will soon be affiliated to the CBSE board. On account of excellent infrastructure, the school is aiming to evolve as one of the top 10 schools in Delhi NCR and position itself as one of the best schools in Delhi NCR.

The infrastructure of the school is detailed below:

  • Fine Art Studio
  • Acting Studio
  • Language Studio
  • Class Rooms
  • Working walls
  • Composite Lab
  • Music and Dance Room
  • Skates and Skittles Floor
  • Basketball Court
  • Facilities for tennis
  • Table Tennis facilities

Excellent nutrition is offered to the kids at the school. Extended day care service has the potential to develop the institution as a splendid creche in Noida. The school also excels in offering extra – curricular activities related to sports, debates, dance, drama, arts and crafts and music. Aiming to create an ambience where kids can evolve as better human beings; the school aims to set various benchmarks in the educational domain.

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