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Importance of Giving Rewards to Your Kids in Learning Age

Importance of Giving Rewards to Your Kids in Learning Age - The Manthan School

Importance of Giving Rewards to Your Kids in Learning Age – The Manthan School

Kids need reward for everything they do in their early age. Development age is just as important as the adult age. Kids begin to understand the concept of reward from the age of three. There are many creche in Noida which helps kids to understanding the benefits of performing well. Rewards are kind of perks to kids in their learning age.

  • Try to make rewards fairly immediate, younger kids needs more immediate goals while adult kids believe in long rewards. Incentives can be big or small but it will surely help your child to boost their energy to perform well.
  • Be creative and try to use charts, visuals and drawings to remind young children of their achievements. They will overwhelm to see it and will surely promise to perform well. Top 10 schools in Delhi NCR follows this type of curriculum to boost child performance.
  • Try to set specific goals for your child in early age. Don’t set too many things at a time for your kid, try to make them work one at a time. Normal habits like being nice to elders, eating on time, managing their toys and room can be added in the list to begin the learning.
  • Try to help your kids when they are facing problem to finish a particular goal. Helping kids makes them more confident about completing the goals at time. Best schools in Delhi NCR take help of faculty to help the kids to make them goal conscious and confident.

Reason to Send Your Child to Pre-School


Day Care - The Manthan School

Day Care – The Manthan School

With working parents and their hectic schedule kids don’t much time with them. It is very necessary for kids to learn in their growing age, so sending them to pre-school is very necessary. It helps in all round development of child with basic learning and knowledge. There are no of crèche in Noida who provide day school and pre-schooling with all security for your kids. Some reason why it is important to send them to pre -school is necessary are –

  • Me time- After having first kid couples don’t get much time to spend together. They have to keep all their leisure time and hobbies at sake to take good care of their child. If you send your kid to day-schooling he will surely love the environment and you will get time for yourself.
  • Encourages outdoor play- Being a toddler your kid should not become a couch potato doing nothing. Play school helps them to encourage outdoor playing. They become more active when they start going to daycare. Many best schools in Delhi NCR provide day school facility with their schooling.
  • Promotes Social activity- When your kid goes to pre-schooling regularly the start loving the environment. Mixing up with other children makes them more confident and socially active. They will love to be with different type of people without any hesitation in future.
  • Discipline and learning to eat- Kids are very choosy in their early age about what they eat. Pre-schooling helps them to make them more disciplined about their eating habits.

The Manthan School is a CBSE board school in Noida. Teachers here team up to make your child perfect for future challenges with good knowledge and discipline.

Give Your Toddlers The Best Child Care

Your child going to crèche marks a new stage to family life. Parents in the beginning are very doubtful about their kids.

Best Child Care - The Manthan School

Best Child Care – The Manthan School

How the kids will response to the environment change?

Will the kid be able adjust with new people?

How can I choose the right childcare for my child?

A parent worrying about their child is very obvious, but it takes time for kid to adjust in the new environment with the new people. In Noida 70% parents are working, they need day care to look after their kids; crèche in Noida is common these days with all the facilities a child need to develop before going to school.

  • When you decide to send your child at a day care try to make them familiar with the environment.
  • Try to visit the crèche twice or thrice in the beginning, to make your kid comfortable.
  • Many activities and play session are organized by best schools in Delhi NCR, as they operate daycare and pre schools too.
  • Try to communicate and interact with the kid when they come back home about the learning of the day.
  • If your kid is upset visiting the crèche, make it more happening for them by giving them their favorite food, or goodies they love to be with.
  • A happy child can only encourage learning process.

The Manthan School is a CBSE board school in Noida who are trying to provide best pre-schooling and day care for the kids in the healthiest environment of learning.

The Manthan School – Weaving Stories of Success

The Manthan School is renowned for its transparent policies and wants to establish a foothold as one of the best schools in Noida. Exceptional facilities and brilliant faculty are advantages associated with the institution. Further, it has immense potential to develop as an outstanding day care in Noida.

The school aims to offer quality education to kids and will soon be affiliated to the CBSE board. On account of excellent infrastructure, the school is aiming to evolve as one of the top 10 schools in Delhi NCR and position itself as one of the best schools in Delhi NCR.

The infrastructure of the school is detailed below:

  • Fine Art Studio
  • Acting Studio
  • Language Studio
  • Class Rooms
  • Working walls
  • Composite Lab
  • Music and Dance Room
  • Skates and Skittles Floor
  • Basketball Court
  • Facilities for tennis
  • Table Tennis facilities

Excellent nutrition is offered to the kids at the school. Extended day care service has the potential to develop the institution as a splendid creche in Noida. The school also excels in offering extra – curricular activities related to sports, debates, dance, drama, arts and crafts and music. Aiming to create an ambience where kids can evolve as better human beings; the school aims to set various benchmarks in the educational domain.