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The Curriculum Corner

At a recently concluded seminar for teachers, I encountered a new term called the Curriculum Corner. A bit of search on internet yielded interesting results, something which I would like to share with everyone.

Curriculum Corner is a platform for creative people to come together and share their ideas and techniques of delivering academic content in novel ways. This helps the teaching community, in particular, to collaborate and integrate the best ideas, and weave them in their own curriculum to make it more effective. Curriculum Corner acts as a common repository of resources related to different subjects for a wide range of audience. As a teacher, one could find unconventional ways to deliver the content and make it more engaging for the students. Students can also access these corners and use it for a better understanding of the subject-matter.

CBSE School in Noida

I discovered these corners on many popular social media platforms like Face book and Pinterest etc. A Curriculum Corner can be setup in multiple ways, like in a school, within a community or on web for larger access. For example, we can also create such platforms in a physical form in a school by compiling creative ideas of teachers, students and parents and make it available for everyone to use it as per their needs.

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In a constantly evolving world, the ultimate aim of a teacher is to teach their students in the most effective ways and help them realise their own potential. Hence, there is a need to be creative and innovative in their methods of delivering the curriculum, within the existing resources. Curriculum Corner may end this quest for creativity and result in a more enriching teaching and learning experience.

Written By : Anupama Saini

Exploring Education at Every Level

CBSE  School  in NoidaEducation serves various responsibilities like nurturing, training, readying, direction, enlightenment and improvement. However, in its true sense education is the amalgamation of all these together. Manthan is believed to be the most prestigious CBSE  School  in Noida.

At Manthan School, we strive to produce successful young minds empowered with strong analytical skill and foresight. Manthan is Best Schools in Delhi NCR, which provides an effective knowledge base to all students.

Manthan is a new age institution that focuses more on a skills-based education. The School, strongly believe that education is the groundwork for evolution. The school works on all fronts of modern day education in   improving knowledge by breaking all forms of the traditional approach of teaching.

In pursuit of this belief, the school aims to provide education that focuses on holistic development of a child and fosters him/her to be a good human being. As a temple of education we feel highly privileged to promote and provide one the best Primary school in noida, for the future generations of our country.

As a platform to provide the best educational opportunities to children, we have defined new dimension excellence for every sphere of education. Be it academic, , music, dance, drama, sports, literary, debates theatre, arts or crafts, our school is all set to offer world class infrastructure and amenities to them. Over the years, Manthan School has epitomized the concept of a modern educational system and considered as the Best Schools in Delhi NCR.

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CBSE  School  in NoidaFurthermore, Manthan is ready to help the student in understanding the law of nature and facilitate them to understand that all humans are same regardless of race, religion, and region. The school program has been designed to empower each child to understand and realize their own optimum capability.

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