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The Manthan: A School with a difference

Whenever a family with young children decides to move to a new locality, the question often in the minds of the parents before moving in is whether the new locality has a good school or not? Families moving to Noida thankfully do not have to deal with such a dilemma, thanks to the presence of some excellent schools in the vicinity of different residential societies in Noida.

If you have young children in your family then you need not look beyond Manthan School which is arguably the best CBSE school in Noida and thanks to which nursery school admission in Noida is no longer a strenuous task for worried parents.

A School with a difference

Manthan School is guided by its vision of the four pillars of education

Learning to know

Learning to do

Learning to live together

Learning to be

Thanks to the diverse curriculum of the play school at Manthan, students enhance their social skills through free structured play, develop their gross and fine motor skills through art and craft activities. Personal and social attitudes are groomed as a result of such experiential learning with a deeper understanding and respect for the changing world.

The curriculum is student centric with an emphasis on motor skills, cognitive development, environment and a sense of respect for the self and the environment in which they are in.

The inquiry based approach to learning helps students grow as seekers of knowledge whose journey of learning is a lifelong process.  It is a learning that is based on research, interpretation and communication.

The right environment with The Manthan School

For kids who love to study, any place can be good to learn. But at an early age, it’s very difficult for the parents and the teachers to judge the child’s interest towards anything. Well-designed classrooms and learning spaces are considered to be better for the children to develop their interest in academics as well as learning.


Although, there are many CBSE Board Schools in Noida but choosing the right one can be a tough task. The parents need to be very particular in making this choice as it is not very easy for the young kids to change schools again and again till they find the perfect one.

The Manthan School, being one of the best schools in Greater Noida West offers a happy and welcoming environment which not only gives motivation to the children but makes them positive from inside. The curriculum of the school is designed in a way that every student grasps the concepts in an excellent way. They not only get the opportunity to learn things, but they learn things in the best way possible. Every child likes to have fun and at The Manthan School, we make sure that the children don’t get bored with daily routine.

Not only this, The Manthan School also offers a unique feature known as ‘Subject Studios’. Each studio is designed to focus on the students’ learning style by giving them amazing opportunities to explore themselves. The studios provide opportunity for team work, social interaction, real life problem solving and time concept.

With such a unique, smart and happy concept, who wouldn’t want their children to study in an environment like this? Studying in The Manthan School will not only make your children smart and learned but will also give them wings to fly high.

Manthan a School With International Fame!

Manthan is a fast growing CBSE School in Noida. This is a co-educational, English medium Public School with strong cultural and social values. The school is also known for developing national integration & brotherhood   among children studying in this institution.

CBSE School in NoidaThe school is full with experienced teaching staff & skilled non- teaching staff members who focus on the all-round development of the child. The school also aims at providing holistic education to enhance cognitive & non-cognitive skills in the children.

Manthan is a  top class International School in Noida,  which  focuses on a superior way of teaching through various modern methods like Audio-Visual , smart classes to improve the  knowledge  and analytical skills  among students of various age group on regular basic.

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The school is fully equipped with modern I&T labs, laboratories; well-stocked library with spacious classrooms, for music, arts & craft, open access system, seminar room, activity rooms are some added features of the school. Furthermore, the building of the school is scientifically designed with spacious classrooms and with the latest technology in teaching aids.

CBSE Board School in Noida As a prestigious CBSE Board School in Noida educational institute, the school focuses a lot on producing a strong, healthy, mentally aware & socially well-adjusted human being for the society. Manthan has been a niche for all basic learners. Since the very beginning the institution, has attracted learners for various region for their unique approach and teaching quality with a wide-range opportunities.

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The Manthan School Educating for Better Tomorrow

A school is a place where we learn to live a life. In fact, school plays a big role in making ideal citizens for future. The school is the first to teach how to live and participate in a community. It helps a lot in developing a strong foundation among children of tender age.

Best Play School in Noida

The Manthan School in Noida is among Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR that helps in building a strong career foundation among children with a range of special initiatives. All the school activity has been designed in order to allow children to realize their optimum potential. The school also set a congenial atmosphere to achieve its objective where children would feel this school is their second home.

Keeping pace with the other CBSE Board School  in Noida, the Manthan School is equipped with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art parameters. The school is fully equipped with a learned and committed group of teachers who led the school to a new height through their knowledge and interest to produce countries, top citizen.

best Schools in Delhi NCRThe Manthan School in Noida is known for its quality education and is said to be the Best Play School in Noida. It is also a place where a world class education and career grows and planted with creative and critical thinking in order to meet the global challenges through a challenging curriculum.

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The school has a sound faculty base, avant-garde infrastructure, and resources Manthan has been a niche for all basic learners. The institution, since the very beginning, has attracted learners for their unique approach and a wide range of learning opportunities. The academic vigour here promises excellence in quality education beyond classrooms.

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Reason to Send Your Child to Pre-School


Day Care - The Manthan School

Day Care – The Manthan School

With working parents and their hectic schedule kids don’t much time with them. It is very necessary for kids to learn in their growing age, so sending them to pre-school is very necessary. It helps in all round development of child with basic learning and knowledge. There are no of crèche in Noida who provide day school and pre-schooling with all security for your kids. Some reason why it is important to send them to pre -school is necessary are –

  • Me time- After having first kid couples don’t get much time to spend together. They have to keep all their leisure time and hobbies at sake to take good care of their child. If you send your kid to day-schooling he will surely love the environment and you will get time for yourself.
  • Encourages outdoor play- Being a toddler your kid should not become a couch potato doing nothing. Play school helps them to encourage outdoor playing. They become more active when they start going to daycare. Many best schools in Delhi NCR provide day school facility with their schooling.
  • Promotes Social activity- When your kid goes to pre-schooling regularly the start loving the environment. Mixing up with other children makes them more confident and socially active. They will love to be with different type of people without any hesitation in future.
  • Discipline and learning to eat- Kids are very choosy in their early age about what they eat. Pre-schooling helps them to make them more disciplined about their eating habits.

The Manthan School is a CBSE board school in Noida. Teachers here team up to make your child perfect for future challenges with good knowledge and discipline.

Give Your Toddlers The Best Child Care

Your child going to crèche marks a new stage to family life. Parents in the beginning are very doubtful about their kids.

Best Child Care - The Manthan School

Best Child Care – The Manthan School

How the kids will response to the environment change?

Will the kid be able adjust with new people?

How can I choose the right childcare for my child?

A parent worrying about their child is very obvious, but it takes time for kid to adjust in the new environment with the new people. In Noida 70% parents are working, they need day care to look after their kids; crèche in Noida is common these days with all the facilities a child need to develop before going to school.

  • When you decide to send your child at a day care try to make them familiar with the environment.
  • Try to visit the crèche twice or thrice in the beginning, to make your kid comfortable.
  • Many activities and play session are organized by best schools in Delhi NCR, as they operate daycare and pre schools too.
  • Try to communicate and interact with the kid when they come back home about the learning of the day.
  • If your kid is upset visiting the crèche, make it more happening for them by giving them their favorite food, or goodies they love to be with.
  • A happy child can only encourage learning process.

The Manthan School is a CBSE board school in Noida who are trying to provide best pre-schooling and day care for the kids in the healthiest environment of learning.

The Manthan School – Supreme Facilities to The Fore

The Manthan School aims to develop as an international school in Noida on account of supreme facilities. Moreover, it desires to establish a foothold amongst the top 10 schools in Delhi NCR and the best schools in Delhi NCR.

A stimulating ambience is a major advantage associated with the school. Due to the presence of excellent architecture and exceptional faculty, the school desires to develop as the best play school in Noida and day care in Noida.

The Manthan School’s curriculum is developed by experts and it is positioned to be affiliated to the CBSE Board. Further, the institution is focused on providing education necessary for holistic development of a child. This would help in overall development of kids and they will succeed on all frontiers of life.

World class infrastructure and amenities are available to help kids realize their optimum potential. Infrastructure available here includes the following:

  • Fine Art Studio
  • Acting Studio (The Playhouse)
  • Language Studio (The Bookhouse)
  • Composite Lab
  • Music and dance room
  • Customized gymnasium for kids
  • Skates and skittles floor
  • Basketball court

The Manthan School desires to empower children in realms such as academics, sports, language, debates, music, theater and arts & crafts. Check out the school’s facilities for your child’s future prospects.

The Manthan School – Brilliance at its Peak

The Manthan School aims to offer quality education along with helping kids to evolve as excellent human beings. Further, the amazing institution is focused on developing as top 10 schools in Delhi NCR. Child centric programs are major hallmarks practiced by the school’s faculty. It is also poised to be affiliated to the prestigious CBSE Board. Moreover, NCERT guidelines have been followed as development of primary classes’ curriculum is concerned. A stimulating environment and proper emphasis on extra-curricular activities are major reasons of the school’s ever increasing appeal. The Manthan School believes in offering excellent nutrition to the kids for enhancing muscular strength and stamina. Providing brilliant day care facility is another advantage that enhances its stature amongst various schools in Noida. Some excellent amenities associated with the school are explained below: Art and craft The Manthan School offers an immaculate experience as far as its art and craft classes are concerned. It helps in intellectual, social and personal development of kids. These classes also help kids to relate with their immediate surroundings. Music

The Manthan School

The Manthan School

Music is the elixir of life and helps in reviving spirits and facilitates mental and social development in a child. It also helps in developing spatial intelligence and development of spatial-temporal skills. Sports Physical fitness is a major requirement of a child’s life and sports facilities at Manthan help them achieve this objective. By including physical education in the curriculum, the school helps kids achieve stamina and better muscular growth. Dance education is also considered to be an important part of the school’s studies. Cultural attributes can be easily learned through amazing dance forms. The Manthan School is surely witnessing an upsurge as far as the popularity quotient is concerned.

The Manthan School – Exceptional Amenities to the Fore

The Manthan School is focused on developing as one of the best schools in Noida and amongst the top 10 schools in Delhi NCR. A stimulating ambience defines the teaching procedures adopted at the educational institution. Moreover, it aims to create exceptional citizens and the leaders of tomorrow.

The school is poised to be affiliated to the prestigious CBSE board. Moreover, the primary classes’ curriculum is developed with respect to NCERT guidelines. Further, it has also developed state of the art facilities in order to fulfill its desire of evolving as an excellent day care in Noida.

Kids need some extended nutrition and the Manthan School takes care of their varied requirements. Offering healthy food with vital nutrients is a specialty associated with this institution. Furthermore, transport facility is also offered by the school authorities.


The curriculum will provide exceptional facilities to kids for their personal, social and emotional development. Availability of some awesome extra-curricular activities also enhances the school’s standing amongst its competitors. Moreover, the school excels in offering some amazing experiences as far as the science and technology departments are concerned.

Amazing infrastructure is a pivotal hallmark associated with the Manthan School. Availability of an acoustic box offers kids the opportunity to record their concerns and thoughts. The school councilor analyses the child’s requirements and helps in solving his problems. Further, a kid’s heart’s vibrations can be also heard through the sound box.

Some other amenities involve a Chill out zone, Sprinkler Park and Green globe amongst others. The Manthan School offers dance and music lessons along with regular studies. Be a part of this amazing institution and experience a charming ambience.