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Benefits of Art in Child growth

In recent years, the school curriculum has drastically changed from the traditional format of teaching to more on Extra Curricular Activities like arts.

As per some researcher learning beyond class can create a huge impact on improving the visual memory among the kids and very helpful in the development of the next generation of children as they grow up. Manthan is among Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR which always focus on bringing an interactive and innovative approach to help preschool kids through a modern approach to learning.

Learning Arts at preschool has many benefits

Learning arts helps in improving and understanding about what is present in the world. Arts also help in understanding emotion and feelings which can’t be learned through general subject like English, Hindi, Mathematics or Environmental science.

Language Development: Development and understanding of various languages is very important for children at the young age. By the virtue of arts or just talking about it through activities —provides opportunities to learn words for colors, shapes, and actions more quickly.

Decision Making: Arts also helps a lot in getting into the depth of the subject and improves decision-making quality among children. Thus, art education helps in strengthening the concept in improving critical-thinking skills and problem-solving approach.

Visual Learning: Is more important way of learning than ever. Some of the fine examples are drawing, sculpting with clay, threading beads and learning through cartoons are more appealing and easy to understand. The information consists of clues so that kids can guess through this method, it helps them a lot in building and understanding their thought.

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Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR

Cultural Awareness: Cultural Awareness also plays a crucial role in developing kid’s curiosity and improving their memory.  Interpretation of reality and festivals helps children to recognize the concept of what they see.

As children like to take part in the art related activities so that they can increase their artistic skills, enhance their creativity, and develop their emotional, social, skills. However, learning at Manthan one of the known nd best schools in Delhi NCR is a great fun. The teachers and all staffs focus more on building such a coaxial environment  where the child get the free environment  to learn all these things through arts.

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Technology Transforming Classroom Environment

In the present age, every sphere of the world has been touched by technology and education hasn’t been left behind in the process. No doubt the curriculum and theory of traditional education have changed a lot since Victorian times, but how well we and these kids are able to handle these technologies to accelerate the education speed further is still a question for Indian educational system, parents and for educationist.

Best Schools in Delhi NCRThere is no uncertainty, that use of technology has many advantages over the traditional methods of teaching. Recently the school is focusing more on learning through smartboards, videos, Slides, personalized learning programs. In order to give the speed to education Manthan School is considered as one of the Best Schools in Delhi NCR.

The school has initiated much effort to automate processes to increase the efficiency and productivity which is uplifting the standard of primary education. The government too, is encouraging people to participate in Digital India to leverage the use of technology.

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Therefore, how come the school lags behind although the general belief is that the Smart Class  is changing the face of education for the better and is a helpful model of development in the area of tracking of student learning, blended teaching, innovative course and advent of learning apps etc.

As a Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR, the school has taken a new initiative to enhance and discover the different potential among children so that they are prepared to live a better life and make this world a better place.

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The Right Place For Your Child

Manthan Primary school in Noida is one of the top most progressive schools in the National Capital Region.  Since its inception, the school has made its mark through its tremendous achievements in scholastic domains.

The school has created a benchmark in using effective technology in school education with interactive networking to integrate information communication technology (ICT) with classroom learning.

Primary school in NoidaThrough innovative coursedesign our students gain substantial information and insights with practical exposure. As a Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR, we successfully provide holistic education that encourages students to excel in numerous disciplines, such as academics, music sports, and dramatics. The school also offers superior quality learning experience at our campus in Noida.

The school has highly trained staff and learned faculties for every subject whether it is sports, art, music, drama, and dance. As a Best Schools in Delhi NCR, the School truly personify the concept of a modern educational system.

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Manthan integrates the curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education of India. Additionally, each element of the school is designed to develop the cognitive and affective skills of children, in a fun-loving environment. The Manthan School, strongly believe that education is the groundwork for evolution. In order to achieve this belief, the school aims to provide education that focuses on holistic development of a child and fosters him/her to become a good human being.

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Exploring Education at Every Level

CBSE  School  in NoidaEducation serves various responsibilities like nurturing, training, readying, direction, enlightenment and improvement. However, in its true sense education is the amalgamation of all these together. Manthan is believed to be the most prestigious CBSE  School  in Noida.

At Manthan School, we strive to produce successful young minds empowered with strong analytical skill and foresight. Manthan is Best Schools in Delhi NCR, which provides an effective knowledge base to all students.

Manthan is a new age institution that focuses more on a skills-based education. The School, strongly believe that education is the groundwork for evolution. The school works on all fronts of modern day education in   improving knowledge by breaking all forms of the traditional approach of teaching.

In pursuit of this belief, the school aims to provide education that focuses on holistic development of a child and fosters him/her to be a good human being. As a temple of education we feel highly privileged to promote and provide one the best Primary school in noida, for the future generations of our country.

As a platform to provide the best educational opportunities to children, we have defined new dimension excellence for every sphere of education. Be it academic, , music, dance, drama, sports, literary, debates theatre, arts or crafts, our school is all set to offer world class infrastructure and amenities to them. Over the years, Manthan School has epitomized the concept of a modern educational system and considered as the Best Schools in Delhi NCR.

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CBSE  School  in NoidaFurthermore, Manthan is ready to help the student in understanding the law of nature and facilitate them to understand that all humans are same regardless of race, religion, and region. The school program has been designed to empower each child to understand and realize their own optimum capability.

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Manthan a School With International Fame!

Manthan is a fast growing CBSE School in Noida. This is a co-educational, English medium Public School with strong cultural and social values. The school is also known for developing national integration & brotherhood   among children studying in this institution.

CBSE School in NoidaThe school is full with experienced teaching staff & skilled non- teaching staff members who focus on the all-round development of the child. The school also aims at providing holistic education to enhance cognitive & non-cognitive skills in the children.

Manthan is a  top class International School in Noida,  which  focuses on a superior way of teaching through various modern methods like Audio-Visual , smart classes to improve the  knowledge  and analytical skills  among students of various age group on regular basic.

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The school is fully equipped with modern I&T labs, laboratories; well-stocked library with spacious classrooms, for music, arts & craft, open access system, seminar room, activity rooms are some added features of the school. Furthermore, the building of the school is scientifically designed with spacious classrooms and with the latest technology in teaching aids.

CBSE Board School in Noida As a prestigious CBSE Board School in Noida educational institute, the school focuses a lot on producing a strong, healthy, mentally aware & socially well-adjusted human being for the society. Manthan has been a niche for all basic learners. Since the very beginning the institution, has attracted learners for various region for their unique approach and teaching quality with a wide-range opportunities.

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Manthan Going Beyond Academics….

Manthan is a school of International fame that believes in going beyond academics. No doubt the main motive is to educate future generation through its proficient academics, but the School explores and nurture the talents with its innovative way learning.

Primary school in noidaThe school puts special emphasis on extracurricular activities, which are crucial for the overall growth of the child. Every activity at the Primary school in noida, is centered around the child providing him/her a free atmosphere, which is filled with love and care, so that  an overall development of the child as an individual can be attained. The vision of the school is to deliver appropriate education to improve child’s imagination and knowledge, innate curiosity and help the child achieve excellence.

Manthan is Best Schools in Delhi NCR. It is a new age institution that focuses on a skills-based education which improves student-knowledge and breaks all forms of  traditional approach of teaching.

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Manthan’s core objective is to groom the students in all spheres of life and career at the end of the schooling years. The objective of the school is to help children in understanding the law of nature that helps us to understand that all humans the same regardless of race, religion, and region.

The school also focus on uplifting the overall performance and personality of each student. Manthan Schools in Noida, lays strong foundation among children’s to make them ready for future.

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Manthan School Making The Roadmap for Your Child Future…

Manthan is a premier Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR, with an intention to create a world -class education.  The school is fully equipped with all the latest facilities of education that is available in the world market. It also possesses a world class campus connected with various modes of transportation facilities. The school provides an international platform with a perfect mix of modern technology, culture, and innovation.

Manthan is one of the top ten schools in Noida that has shown its presence through the platform of education. The school is Best Play School in Noida which provides the most excellent education beyond the traditional form of teaching.

The school offers international facilities with the prime focus on the safety of the children. Moreover, the school is well scrutinized all the time under CCTVs for continuous effective surveillance of the school.

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CBSE Board School NoidaManthan is a CBSE Board School in Noida, believes that the safety, security and well-being of our students are one of the major areas of concern. The school has a state of the art infrastructure, computerized and well ventilated, centrally air conditioned library for its students, which is stocked well with a wide variety of books. These books consist of textbooks, reference books, fiction books (English and Hindi), and books for competitive exams, magazines, General Knowledge books, encyclopedias, biographies, guidance as well as counseling books, and much more. The school library cum resource center is designed to provide and encourage students so that they can obtain the knowledge on a variety of subjects.

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Importance of Giving Rewards to Your Kids in Learning Age

Importance of Giving Rewards to Your Kids in Learning Age - The Manthan School

Importance of Giving Rewards to Your Kids in Learning Age – The Manthan School

Kids need reward for everything they do in their early age. Development age is just as important as the adult age. Kids begin to understand the concept of reward from the age of three. There are many creche in Noida which helps kids to understanding the benefits of performing well. Rewards are kind of perks to kids in their learning age.

  • Try to make rewards fairly immediate, younger kids needs more immediate goals while adult kids believe in long rewards. Incentives can be big or small but it will surely help your child to boost their energy to perform well.
  • Be creative and try to use charts, visuals and drawings to remind young children of their achievements. They will overwhelm to see it and will surely promise to perform well. Top 10 schools in Delhi NCR follows this type of curriculum to boost child performance.
  • Try to set specific goals for your child in early age. Don’t set too many things at a time for your kid, try to make them work one at a time. Normal habits like being nice to elders, eating on time, managing their toys and room can be added in the list to begin the learning.
  • Try to help your kids when they are facing problem to finish a particular goal. Helping kids makes them more confident about completing the goals at time. Best schools in Delhi NCR take help of faculty to help the kids to make them goal conscious and confident.

Reason to Send Your Child to Pre-School


Day Care - The Manthan School

Day Care – The Manthan School

With working parents and their hectic schedule kids don’t much time with them. It is very necessary for kids to learn in their growing age, so sending them to pre-school is very necessary. It helps in all round development of child with basic learning and knowledge. There are no of crèche in Noida who provide day school and pre-schooling with all security for your kids. Some reason why it is important to send them to pre -school is necessary are –

  • Me time- After having first kid couples don’t get much time to spend together. They have to keep all their leisure time and hobbies at sake to take good care of their child. If you send your kid to day-schooling he will surely love the environment and you will get time for yourself.
  • Encourages outdoor play- Being a toddler your kid should not become a couch potato doing nothing. Play school helps them to encourage outdoor playing. They become more active when they start going to daycare. Many best schools in Delhi NCR provide day school facility with their schooling.
  • Promotes Social activity- When your kid goes to pre-schooling regularly the start loving the environment. Mixing up with other children makes them more confident and socially active. They will love to be with different type of people without any hesitation in future.
  • Discipline and learning to eat- Kids are very choosy in their early age about what they eat. Pre-schooling helps them to make them more disciplined about their eating habits.

The Manthan School is a CBSE board school in Noida. Teachers here team up to make your child perfect for future challenges with good knowledge and discipline.

Give Your Toddlers The Best Child Care

Your child going to crèche marks a new stage to family life. Parents in the beginning are very doubtful about their kids.

Best Child Care - The Manthan School

Best Child Care – The Manthan School

How the kids will response to the environment change?

Will the kid be able adjust with new people?

How can I choose the right childcare for my child?

A parent worrying about their child is very obvious, but it takes time for kid to adjust in the new environment with the new people. In Noida 70% parents are working, they need day care to look after their kids; crèche in Noida is common these days with all the facilities a child need to develop before going to school.

  • When you decide to send your child at a day care try to make them familiar with the environment.
  • Try to visit the crèche twice or thrice in the beginning, to make your kid comfortable.
  • Many activities and play session are organized by best schools in Delhi NCR, as they operate daycare and pre schools too.
  • Try to communicate and interact with the kid when they come back home about the learning of the day.
  • If your kid is upset visiting the crèche, make it more happening for them by giving them their favorite food, or goodies they love to be with.
  • A happy child can only encourage learning process.

The Manthan School is a CBSE board school in Noida who are trying to provide best pre-schooling and day care for the kids in the healthiest environment of learning.

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