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Because General Knowledge Education Matters ?>

Because General Knowledge Education Matters

In today’s world, general knowledge is critical for a student’s growth and success. There are various choices available for today’s generation. The students need to learn beyond the classroom and academics. Going beyond academics helps students excel in different areas. Some part of the student’s success depends on how much he or she is learning from the surroundings. General knowledge plays a huge role in the holistic development of students. When it comes to general knowledge, schools focus primarily on…

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Creating a revolution in education ?>

Creating a revolution in education

Digital education is now more of a rule than an exception, given the increased access to technology. Almost every good school in the country now likes to be regarded as a technologically advanced school. Digital education has made this possible. Digital Education solves some very pressing problems facing the Indian education system today. The Manthan School is among the best primary schools in Noida Extension which is equipped with digital classrooms and learning methods to make academics more effective and…

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Educate Children – The Importance of Charity ?>

Educate Children – The Importance of Charity

Teaching kids about giving can be rewarding for both parents and children. Learning about giving and helping others gives kids a feeling of empowerment. We, at The Manthan School, one of the best play schools in noida extension are empowering children with the mindset that ‘we can help and we can make a difference.’ It is not a case of holding lessons in empathy or teaching about charity, but ensuring that these principles are embedded in the education that children…

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Embracing Holistic learning ?>

Embracing Holistic learning

Holistic learning is the modern learning approach method that has been adopted by many schools of this era to enhance the learning experience of the students. This approach is concerned with the development of students’ emotional, social, physical, creative and spiritual potentials on top of their academic and intellectual abilities. In other words, it aims to produce well-rounded students who are not only academically competent but are also capable of forming strong relationships and possess values such as compassion and…

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Importance of Educational Tours ?>

Importance of Educational Tours

When learning is joined by fun, enjoyment, and delight, it quits being difficult and exhausting, and students learn as a piece of their regular growing up procedure, therefore, The Manthan School, among the best schools in Greater Noida West enhances students to build up a comprehension of different social issues around the world and also become increasingly sympathetic and deferential towards different societies just as towards their environment. Educational tours play a vital role in educating students practically and interestingly. The school provides students…

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Leaders aren’t born, they are made ?>

Leaders aren’t born, they are made

Leadership qualities have become a must-have for anyone to succeed in the highly competitive generation. For anyone who wishes to move ahead in their life and career needs to depict good leadership qualities. It is very important now a days, for the schools to foster Leadership skills in the student right from their early years to strengthen the foundation. Leadership skills are a combination of many characteristics and factors that enable a student to streamline and correct their mindset and…

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Benefits of teaching robotics in school ?>

Benefits of teaching robotics in school

In today’s’ technology-driven world, it’s important now more than ever to prepare the students of today for the future. On the other hand, it is also very important for the schools to provide robotics education to their students to ensure that the student should be well equipped with skills needed for a bright career and future. The Manthan School ranks among the best schools in Greater Noida West which have included robotics education in the school curriculum. Teaching robotics to…

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Concept-Based Learning, A Better learning approach ?>

Concept-Based Learning, A Better learning approach

Learning is a life long journey which never ends. Learning should always be fun, interactive, effective and practical. Concept based learning is one of the effective approaches to make student’s mind sharp in creative and analytical thinking. The Manthan School is one of the best schools in Greater Noida West which has integrated concept-based learning in the school curriculum. This learning in contrast to traditional learning focuses on core concepts that foster knowledge and facilitates learning as it makes the student’s…

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Critical Thinking Skills for a successful life ?>

Critical Thinking Skills for a successful life

Without even realising it, we use critical thinking skills in our everyday life which are used in everything from problem solving, following through on goals, and making informed decisions. The earlier the foundation of critical thinking is built the sooner a student can make sense of information through analysis and thinking. Research shows that students who have an early start of cultivating critical thinking skills, they perform better and more creatively in school and later in life. The Manthan School…

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A 360 degree learning environment ?>

A 360 degree learning environment

Noida extension has emerged as a modern lifestyle destination in recent years for anyone who wanted to live in a planned city with all the modern amenities. Corporate hubs, commercial hubs and educational hub alike are to be found in Noida extension along with the day-to-day requirements for a complete family environment available at hand. The infrastructure of this region is so good that this region has become one of the most sought after destination in the NCR. Among many…

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