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Month: June 2019

Curiosity enhances learning ?>

Curiosity enhances learning

Curiosity is the fundamental element which makes learning makes interesting, effective and enjoyable not only in school but also in life. Curiosity is very important as it is a starting point of interest. In simple words, Curiosity is the desire to learn, to understand new things, and to know how they work.It is the expression of the urge to learn and acquire facts and knowledge. It widens student’s mind and opens it to different opinions, different lifestyles and different topics.The…

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21st-century skills for students ?>

21st-century skills for students

The world of work and communication is changing rapidly. The role of today’s school is to prepare learners with the 21st century skills they need to thrive in today’s digital and globalized society. The Manthanschool is one of the best schools in Delhi NCR which provides a world-class education to their students and also, enhance essential skills needed to make their future bright and successful. The skills which are mandatary for each student in the 21st century are: Problem-solving: Students…

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Importance of music education in school ?>

Importance of music education in school

Music is an extremely important subject for all students to learn as it stimulates brain development. Music develops self-discipline and responsibility. The Manthan school is the best play school in Noida Extension which believes that music education improves creativity, critical and abstract thinking skills. Through musical training, students learn to support each other and work towards the common goal. Music also enables the development of emotional intelligence. Students learn to count, keep a steady rhythm, and how to multiply and…

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New education of new era ?>

New education of new era

There was a time not long ago, where education in schools was limited to books, notebook, blackboard, etc but now with technological advancement, the education sector is also developing at a great pace. More and more schools are adopting new technologies like smart classrooms, e-learning and much more to provide the best education to their students. The Manthan School is the school of the 21st century which educate their students to have global perspectives, to be adaptable and open-minded, to…

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