Month: October 2017

Change is the Only Constant!

With so many changes happening today, our kids will enter a different world when they grow up. At The Manthan School, we strive to ensure that our students are prepared to meet these challenges with utmost confidence, knowledge and experience. The school provides an atmosphere of trust, love, respect and knowledge not just to make the students learn and grasp things in a better way but to make them better human beings too.

CBSE school in Greater Noida West-The Manthan School

The school consists of a super talented staff which understands their role as the second parent of the kids in school. All these things make The Manthan School one of a kind CBSE school in Greater Noida West.

Best schools in Delhi NCR-The Manthan School

Students experience a nurturing and important balance between the head and heart. This kind of environment becomes very necessary especially for the children in their early years. At this age, the students need to be raised in the kindest way possible. Life at The Manthan School is all about nurturing the students for a better and smart life and this is why if you are looking for nursery school admission in Noida, The Manthan School should be considered without any doubt.

Being one of the best schools in Delhi/NCR, The Manthan School provides a place where kids enjoy activities like singing, dancing, playing, learning art and a lot of other activities. The definition of life in The Manthan School is totally different and unique which makes the students take more interest in their education and interests. It is a place where children feel more like their own home and get attention from their teachers, get solutions for their problems and get treated with love.

The Manthan School – Dedicated to Excellence!

Primary school is the first step in every student’s education life. The journey of their education begins with pre-primary and primary schools establishing a strong foundation that can change their performance for the rest of their academic life. All the parents must go through a proper research process before getting their kids admitted to one of the schools. Those years of primary education can act as a turning point for every kid as it is their first experience with teachers, tests, homework and educational learning.

Primary school in noida, pre primary school in noida

The school acts as a second home for the students and for them to feel like home; the teachers need to act accordingly. At The Manthan School, the teachers are polite, sincere and loving which can never make your child feel away from home. The environment of the school is vibrant which ensures that the children are challenged academically, inspired creatively and supported emotionally. The Manthan School is an A-lister Primary school in Noida which is a result of their dedication and sincerity towards the children’s development in the most amazing way. The school is passionate about its work and encourages all the children to be confident, hardworking and ambitious regardless of their background. The school also focuses on the pre-primary education of the children with a classic liberal education, discipline and broad range of extracurricular activities. The school is also one of the best Pre Primary school in Noida and offers children the kind of experience they will always cherish.

Children at The Manthan School are encouraged, praised and taught to be responsible citizens and take an active role in their society. The school aims to create a safe, secure and sustainable learning environment where every child is valued for their own capabilities.