For a child, preschool is the first involvement in an organized setting with teachers and groups of kids. It’s the phase where as in a child learns how to share and play with his peers.

In order to learn, the kids need care, security and love from the parents and the teachers. In the nursery class, the teachers play a very important role. Since the kids are away from their parents for the first time, it is the responsibility of the parents to conduct them in a manner that they don’t feel their absence in the school. It can be really difficult for the teachers in the initial days as the kids are too young to understand the changing circumstances, but with patience and love, the teachers can make them feel like home.


manthan blogNursery school not only helps the kids to learn and start a new phase of life but also promotes social and emotional development. The kids learn to talk to other people apart from their family and connect with them in a different way. Most importantly, they start making friends, get emotionally attached to them and start getting comfortable around people.

Keeping this entire scenario in mind, the other equally important thing is academics. Proper attention and care in this field is also mandatory for the mental and skillful development of the child. The communication between the teachers and the parents is really important as the latter must be aware of the minute details of the kids.

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The choice of nursery school for your child is the most significant step towards her/his development in every way. Right teachers, proper guidance and homely environment are the basic things you need to keep into consideration before sending your child to a place away from home.