Changing schools can be really exhausting for a child. Although, there are some kids who do not find it very difficult but most of them do not get along with this phase. It can really be a wrenching social and emotional experience for the students. Some children spend only a short time at a school because their parents change jobs on a regular basis and obviously the move is unavoidable. If parents do have a choice about moving them, however, then they should consider the decision carefully.
school phobia

For younger children, leaving their school and playmates behind and moving forward can be extremely difficult to understand. New environment, new friends, new teachers, new classes, new bus and a lot new can be too much to handle for them. Parents have a really important part in this whole situation. Their support, guidance and love can help the children to overcome their fear and nervousness.

The parents should tell the children to be confident and try to make new friends. They should talk to their kids on daily basis to know about their experience in the new school. The kids must learn to have patience because time will overpower every difficulty. Tell the kids that soon they will have a normal life like before with a new group of good friends and teachers. The parents should speak to the new class teacher and explain her/him the whole situation so that she/he can understand their child in a better way. School changing can be a tough process but with proper guidance of the parents, things can be much better for the children.

“Never fear spoiling children by making them too happy. Happiness is the atmosphere in which all good affections grow.”
– Thomas Bray