Diwali is just around the corner and your preparations must be in full swing. For many of us, Diwali means -crackers, gifts, sweets, lights, noise, and decorations. However, over the recent years, this auspicious day has also turned out to be stressful for both human and animals living on this planet. Have you ever thought how these celebrations harm the environment and nature around?

No doubt thinking about these celebrations makes us happy and full of joy. Here is what happens to your surroundings when you celebrate Diwali with absolute ignorance and unawareness.

It leads to air pollution: The bursting of crackers in any way express joy and happiness, but it is an easy way by which we can pollute our air water and restrict others from breathing some fresh air too.

Air pollution

It leads to noise pollution:

Noise pollution is another problem that arises with such celebration. Apart from the air pollution the bursting of crackers also creates the problem of hearing and can be dangerous for both men and animals and small birds.

It dirties the surroundings:

If you take a look at the ground the morning after bursting crackers then you will feel that this garbage cleaning are really a big headache before the community.

It leads to  various Health issues:

Breathing problems Eye itching body rashes are some of the most common problems that occur during such pollution.

Ways to make Diwali more nature-friendly

Opt for earthen lamps against Chinese light for decoration:

In an aesthetic sense these electric lights add more beauty to your home, but definitely, it consumes more power. The Chinese lights also obstruct Indian Lighting earthen diyas industry to grow and ultimately puts a huge pressure on our pocket. Whereas   these diyas are cheap and look more beautiful for the occasion.

Use organic and eco-friendly Rangoli /accessories:

Diwali Celebration

This Diwali tries to make your house smell well with eco-friendly rangoli or room /accessories which not only increases the aesthetic beauty of your home but also saves lots of money. Further, it is not going to harm anybody.