Month: May 2016

Manthan a School With International Fame!

Manthan is a fast growing CBSE School in Noida. This is a co-educational, English medium Public School with strong cultural and social values. The school is also known for developing national integration & brotherhood   among children studying in this institution.

CBSE School in NoidaThe school is full with experienced teaching staff & skilled non- teaching staff members who focus on the all-round development of the child. The school also aims at providing holistic education to enhance cognitive & non-cognitive skills in the children.

Manthan is a  top class International School in Noida,  which  focuses on a superior way of teaching through various modern methods like Audio-Visual , smart classes to improve the  knowledge  and analytical skills  among students of various age group on regular basic.

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The school is fully equipped with modern I&T labs, laboratories; well-stocked library with spacious classrooms, for music, arts & craft, open access system, seminar room, activity rooms are some added features of the school. Furthermore, the building of the school is scientifically designed with spacious classrooms and with the latest technology in teaching aids.

CBSE Board School in Noida As a prestigious CBSE Board School in Noida educational institute, the school focuses a lot on producing a strong, healthy, mentally aware & socially well-adjusted human being for the society. Manthan has been a niche for all basic learners. Since the very beginning the institution, has attracted learners for various region for their unique approach and teaching quality with a wide-range opportunities.

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Manthan Going Beyond Academics….

Manthan is a school of International fame that believes in going beyond academics. No doubt the main motive is to educate future generation through its proficient academics, but the School explores and nurture the talents with its innovative way learning.

Primary school in noidaThe school puts special emphasis on extracurricular activities, which are crucial for the overall growth of the child. Every activity at the Primary school in noida, is centered around the child providing him/her a free atmosphere, which is filled with love and care, so that  an overall development of the child as an individual can be attained. The vision of the school is to deliver appropriate education to improve child’s imagination and knowledge, innate curiosity and help the child achieve excellence.

Manthan is Best Schools in Delhi NCR. It is a new age institution that focuses on a skills-based education which improves student-knowledge and breaks all forms of  traditional approach of teaching.

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Manthan’s core objective is to groom the students in all spheres of life and career at the end of the schooling years. The objective of the school is to help children in understanding the law of nature that helps us to understand that all humans the same regardless of race, religion, and region.

The school also focus on uplifting the overall performance and personality of each student. Manthan Schools in Noida, lays strong foundation among children’s to make them ready for future.

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